Whatnot – 02/16/22

Otter Pup and Root BeerGood morning! My son arrived from Kansas on Sunday and believe it or not, the Otter Pup and Root Beer are getting along pretty well. Root Beer is totally at home and jumping on everything, including the TV. The Otter Pup puts her in her place now and then when it looks like she is having too much fun. The pup doesn’t like it when anyone is too happy. I wouldn’t say that the pup is jealous but she did not like it when my husband called Root Beer “BABY” because that is what we call the pup. Lesson learned. 

This week, I am still functioning at less than 100% but every day is much better. Trying to focus on nutrition because I’m pretty weak but to be honest, I am not doing great in that area. Most of the foods I eat are on the “no eat” list for kidney stones. Spinach, nuts and nut butters, beets, almond milk, tofu, etc. I don’t know what to eat and nothing sounds good.

Reading is going a little better for me but man, I am so behind. At least nine books behind. I did download an audio book to try. Perhaps I can listen while taking my walks, although they are pretty short at the moment.

I have not been able to keep up with blog reading but I hope to catch-up next week. I hope you are all doing well and for those of you who checked on me all these weeks, thank you so much. I really appreciated the kind words and encouragement. Have a great week!

8 thoughts on “Whatnot – 02/16/22”

  1. Love that picture and so glad your son is home to regroup and, well, RootBeer and Otter Pup coexisting is good news. Reading will come I’m sure. This month started out good but, not so much anymore. Take care Ti.

  2. So nice that your son is home,taking a deep breath before his next adventure.Glad your starting to really feel better.Have a good day❤️

  3. I didn’t realize E. was done with his Americorps thing. It went so fast! Or, it seemed like no time, from my end. Very cool that the two fuzzies get along well. My son once brought his (rather large) dog for a visit and I was surprised that my cats weren’t more intimidated and the dog didn’t harass them, since my son had told me she was a cat chaser.

    Sorry about the confusing nutrition thing. That must be difficult to balance the kidney needs with the gluten free. I’m glad you’re improving. I’ve been thinking about you. Hope you can figure out some good foods to eat to help you regain your strength.

  4. I hope that Otter Pup is not too territorial to Root Beer. Adjusting to new animals is a tough one. It took the two dogs in this house about 6 months or so, and they still have moments where one says that’s enough of you. LOL The joys of merging two households.

    I hope that the walks are helping regain some strength for you.

  5. Surgery recovery is just so long! I am glad to hear you are feeling better each day and understand how nutrition really affects how we feel. I didn’t realize those were foods you shouldn’t eat if you’ve had a kidney stone! Good luck finding foods that sound good and will work for you.

    And, so nice to have your son home!

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