Whatnot – 09/29/21

getty-8Hello, again! Normally the week flies by for me but this week is dragging just a tad. Anyone else? 

For today’s post I am sharing some photos from my recent trip to the Getty Center. The photo you see at the top here, is the view from the center itself. We still have haze from smoke but that cluster of buildings you see is downtown Los Angeles. As you can see, the day was beautiful and it was breezy on top of the hill. Very refreshing. 

Although the museum had timed entry and low capacity, some of the galleries were still packed which is why many of my photos are off to the side. Especially the Van Gogh. Here are just some random shots and a few fave pieces. 

It felt really good to be taking some art in. After hobbling around for two hours on my torn meniscus though, I could barely make it back to the shuttle. I tried to get The Hub to wheel me around in a wheelchair but he wasn’t up for the task. My daughter suggested via FaceTime that I wheel myself around using my ARMS. I laughed at that. My son suggested I amputate my leg. See how the humor works in my family?

Needless to say, I need more outings like this. 

I am still waiting for My Heart is a Chainsaw to come in from the library for RIP. I don’t think it will ever come in. I am at the top of three lists but the wait pattern seems stalled. I’ve moved on. I think I will read Reese’s latest pick L.A. Weather since that came in from the library quickly. It won’t work for RIP but I have to keep the reading flowing or I will for sure hit a wall. 

L.A. Weather

The Otter Pup is giving me side eye these days because I am not able to take her for her walkies. The Hub has been taking her but she is throwing me some serious shade. Won’t read with me, won’t let me tuck her in for bed, etc.  Me trying not to step on her is what caused my injury so you’d think she’d be grateful! 

I don’t like to be down for anything so I’ve been very antsy. Jittery. Feeling as if I need to be doing 100 things. My daughter’s birthday is coming up and it feels weird to not have her here. Her friend is flying out to see her though. Very sweet. I don’t know, my mind is spinning. I need to get outside again, soon. 

Have a good week!


13 thoughts on “Whatnot – 09/29/21”

  1. Sorry to hear that your healing process is not going well. Your family’s humor sounds like ours. Just what would have been said around here. 🙂

    I hope you get that book for RIP; it sounds like a good one.

    I need to plan a trip to your area so I can check out that museum! OF course, can’t happen right now..

    Have a great rest of the week, and I agree, this week has been dragging.

  2. Not being able to walk the dog and do all your normal stuff is a total drag. Definitely get outside, even if it’s just in the back garden.

    My daughter’s birthday if Friday and I know how it feels to be away for the event; it’s no fun. I hope she has a wonderful time with friends!

  3. Lovely pics – glad you were able to get out (although with some pain). You need the scooter like when people break an ankle while it heels:) LA Weather is on my list but not a top priority – I’ll wait my turn. Boy your dog holds grudges – I thought only cats did that. Hope the rest of the week is pleasant.

  4. Your husband wouldn’t push you? Shame! Wait until he almost trips over Chloe and injures his knee! Your family sounds like me and my kids. We’re always cracking each other up.

  5. Owwww you poor thing, I’m so sorry you’re in pain. But glad you got to do an outing — I miss people-watching almost as much as going places and doing things. I’ll keep a good thought for you to heal quickly. ❤

    1. Oh, thank you. I was doing well but then took a short walk and now it’s back to square one. Hey, the pup likes to watch people too. We took her to the harbor and she had a good time looking at all the dogs and humans going by.

  6. Sorry you are not able to do your usual walks, hope the pain passes soon. L.A. Weather looks interesting – hope you enjoy it!

    These pups, I tell ya, so ungrateful! They just want their naps, their food, and their walks, LOL! Mine gets so annoyed if she is ever kept waiting.

  7. Thanks for the photos at the Getty museum …. really lovely view & art. We still hope to go there sometime …. perhaps in November? It’s great you were able to go …. though your knee sounds painful. Take a rest.

  8. It’s been ages since I’ve been in an art museum! All those years we visited my husband’s mother in L.A., we never went to the Getty. I’ve been to several in London and New York, as well as a couple in Nebraska, Kansas and Texas, but the Getty looks like one I need to visit. Oh, I’ve also been to the Norton Simon in Pasadena many years ago. I love art! The Impressionists are my favorite.

    Hope your knee is improving!

    1. I still haven’t been to the Getty Villa in Malibu but I’ve been to the Getty Center a few times. It’s stunning. You must go. The views are amazing and the architecture, if you are into that, is quite impressive.

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