Sunday Matters: Welcome, October

Sunday Matters

Good morning! And just like that, we are in October. Isn’t it unreal? I am pulling out my Halloween viewing list and setting that DVR to record.

Freeform 31 Nights of Halloween

Right Now:

Headed to student ministry in a bit. Grabbing coffee and a quick bite first. It got warm again. We had a few nice days of cooler weather but it’s hot again and has been a little windy. Wind and heat do not mix in dry, dry, Southern California.

This Week:

No word on work yet. People must be very busy. I will just continue to plug along from home unless I hear otherwise.

My daughter’s bday is this week. It will be weird to not have her here but she has all kinds of fun planned.

I’m starting to organize my planner for the upcoming year. Right now, not much to add to it. I like it that way, actually.


I am finishing up (hopefully) The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewel. My review should post this week. I thought I’d have it up last Friday but I never got to it.

I finally got My Heart is a Chainsaw and it is weird. It’s just like the “final girl” season of American Horror Story, the one about the 80s camp slasher. I mean, very much like it. I waited forever for the book to come in so I will finish it but right now I am conflicted over it.


We started American Horror Story: Part 2. Looks to be an “alien” theme. I am here for it.

Have to work in my Hocus Pocus viewing. I only watched that movie for the first time two years ago but I really think it’s fun. It’s now a fave.

Grateful for:

  • My knee continues to improve. Maybe in a week I can take the pup for a short walk.
  • My daughter was awarded a COVID relief grant at school. $1000 we were not expecting. Very grateful. She can use it.

Have a wonderful Sunday. I am starting to feel like it’s Crock Pot season but now that I am vegetarian and gluten free, it will take some experimenting. Chili and cornbread sounds really good.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Welcome, October”

  1. I use my Instant Pot more often these days but some GF and veg soups we like are Pasta e Fagioli (without the meat and using GF pasta); Minestrone; different varieties of Lentil Soup; and of course, the aforementioned chili.

    1. I do not own an Instant Pot yet. I don’t think I’d use it much. Maybe I would.

      It’s cool here in the morning so I am all for soups and chili and then noon hits and it’s 95 and I am over it. LOL.

  2. I’m watching for your thoughts on that Lisa Jewell book. I’ve got it on hold at the library, but have no idea when it will come in. Glad your girl got some financial help and hope her birthday goes well. And Hocus Pocus – I love that movie! Really love it. I must make a note to watch it again this month. Seems like it’s on the schedule you shared a few or more than few times! Ha!

  3. A $1,000 grant and a birthday? Sounds like it’s all going well for her.

    I don’t usually watch Halloween TV/movies, but I like the list you posted and may try to fit some of them in.

    Glad your knee is improving. I managed to break (or bruise really badly) one of my baby toes. It is swollen and purple and hurts. But, it will heal with time.

    1. Broken toes are so painful but there really isn’t much to do for them besides tape them up. You realize how much those toes do when you take a step though.

  4. That’s a good list of movies this month. I’m not much into Halloween and with our house under renovation, we probably won’t spend much time putting up any Halloween decor.

    Glad to hear the knee is improving. Your pup is going to be excited to return to walks with you.

    Happy birthday to your daughter!

  5. Oh dear, I’ve been away from the blog for a couple of weeks and somehow missed that you hurt your knee! Hope it continues to improve and you can walk that pup soon!

    Glad you mentioned a planner for next year. It is that time… and I need to get one soon.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter. That grant is a gift she wasn’t even expecting!

    1. It’s hard to keep me down, apparently. I rest, the knee gets better then I do too much and it goes back to square one. Today, swollen again so the pup is just staring at me.

  6. The movies for Halloween month seem fun. I can’t believe it’s October. I’m just now hearing about the oil spill in Orange County … UGH this sounds devastating for the beaches and wildlife there. As if one more disaster was needed. We plan to be there in Nov. It just ticks me.
    We have had a couple crock pot meals here .. perfect for cooler temps. Hope you have a good week

  7. Wow, what a lovely birthday gift from school. 🙂 I’m glad she’s doing well but it will be weird that she’s away at school for her birthday. I hope you find a way to celebrate. I’m glad your knee is improving. I think my daughter overdid it learning handstands with her friend — her wrist is bothering her. I’m hoping that limiting her use of it will make it feel better, since I think it is just a sprain.

    We haven’t watched any Halloween movies but Hocus Pocus is on my list every year. My daughter has held onto her DVD since Christmas to watch it this October. I can’t wait.

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