Whatnot – 07/14/21

flowersGood morning. This week is chugging along nicely. I took Monday off which was very nice. I took a little stroll around some of my old teen haunts, hit a bookstore, had a nice lunch which included a super greens salad with sunflower seeds. I love seeds on a salad. The flowers at left were seen on my walkabout. It’s been hot and a little humid but not totally unpleasant. These flowers seemed to love it. 

The pup and I took a little break from walking. Shorter walks since it was so hot but with the recent cloud cover we ramped back up again. She is the happiest little pup when she gets a long walk in. I do better with some activity under my belt as well. I never thought those words would come out of my mouth but these days it’s true. 

The last 10% of Shoulder Season is taking me a little bit of time to get through. I hope to have the review up this Friday so there’s my motivation. It’s interesting and good but not riveting and there are so many books catching my eye. 

My house is in a bit of a shambles. The boy is packing here and there for his departure to Kansas on Thursday but he’s taking some of my daughter’s things for her college move-in and that stuff is all over the place and not fully decided on yet. I like to have things in order so I am a little discombobulated at the moment. For example, there is a cast iron skillet on top of my dryer and it’s been there for a week. 

Is the summer panning out to be the summer you expected? Besides the heat, it doesn’t really feel like summer to me. 

16 thoughts on “Whatnot – 07/14/21”

  1. Those yellow hibiscus are so pretty. I don’t recall seeing that color before. So tomorrow is the big drive for your son. I hope he is happy in Kansas. Shoulder Season is one I plan to read before summer’s end. I read about 30 pages and put it aside but, hope to return. Hope the rest of the week goes smoothly for you and the family.

    1. I was liking Shoulder Season enough but then it hit a weird spot in the story and seemed to be missing a transition piece. My copy is a review copy so really, there could be something missing.

      I hope he likes Kansas enough to at least finish the year 🙂

  2. Those are gorgeous Hibiscus and they do love heat. Good luck and safe driving for your son as he treks to Kansas. I hope you are back to some semblance of order soon, but that might be a bit with all the moves.

    I am glad to hear that you are reading and on track with that and the walks. Activity does seem to help bolster moods

    1. We had another nice, long walk today but then we came home and the pup was acting weird. I looked at her and she had FLEAS. She does not normally have fleas. Flea dip done. She is not happy.

  3. Love the hibiscus. I’ve tried to grow them and failed but I know they enjoy heat. Maybe they’re not fond of our soil; I don’t recall seeing them around here, at least not often.

    Safe travels to your son. Hope he loves Kansas. Tell him to make sure he learns what to do in the event of a tornado warning (and know the difference between a watch and a warning). Kansas is in Tornado Alley, at least parts of it. I grew up in Tornado Alley.

    Hope you enjoy the empty nest when both are away. I missed my kids and going to their activities when they fled the nest but at least the younger of my two stayed close to home so he came back on weekends. That helped a bit.

    1. Supposedly, his AmeriCorps supervisor has reviewed the tornado stuff with him. The shelter he is to go to is 1 block away. This is entirely new for him.

      1. That’s great! And, terrific that they have a shelter he will know to go to in the event of dangerous storms. I figured being a Californian it would be very new. We have both tornadoes and hurricanes, down here (and sometimes hurricanes that produce tornadoes) so I’ve spent my entire life paying attention to weather. Anyway, I hope he has a fabulous time. I know I told you we have an AmeriCorps training center, here, and I know someone who used to work for them as a counselor (The Former Guy apparently had them all fired). I think it will be a great experience for him.

        1. I’ve overheard some of the zoom onboarding meetings and they seem very supportive and organized. I really don’t know much about AmeriCorps so this will be interesting.

  4. I’ve seen Shoulder Season popping up everywhere. I’m still not sure if I want to read it. This is the one about the Playboy bunny? I hope your son enjoys his time in Kansas. There’s a t-shirt that says “Kansas. It’s not so bad.” Always make me laugh when I see it around!

  5. Oooh, what a beautiful hibiscus! When we lived in Nebraska, I would always get a couple and put them in pots out on our deck. They did quite well in the summer heat.

    I’ve been enjoying our cool, sunny weather, getting outside for a daily walk, but today I’m hopping back on my Peloton. While I love RV travel, I tend to gain a few lbs from good food and beer!

    I hope you can get your house back in order soon. I get stressed if there’s too much clutter and things haven’t been put away in their designated spots. We got a new truck this past weekend, so we spent most of Sunday cleaning out one side of the garage. I hauled 5 boxes to the Goodwill and am ready to start tackling the attic and closets. Spring cleaning in July?! 😉

    1. My son just left about two hours ago and his room is already put back in order and I am taking care of laundry and putting the bathroom back in order too. Feels good.

      A new truck. How wonderful!

      We are having another tolerable summer day. Will be a pleasant 86 or so.

  6. I like how you transitioned from cast iron skillet to panning out. And glad you are out of the fire, at least for now, in terms of the heat. As for how the summer is panning out, it’s too hot for me, but it always is. I prefer spring and fall to summer and winter.

  7. Beautiful flower, I love those two colors!

    We’re in our rainy season and it’s been hot, humid, and rainy with thunderstorms almost daily.

    I like everything in it’s place too.

    Kids leaving home is sad and takes a while to get used to. I wish him well!

    Good luck

  8. Those look like hibiscus flowers. I’m wishing your son a fun & safe trip to Kansas. Quite an adventure to start anew, but he is young and has everything in front of him. The summer so far has been different … these northwest heatwaves … that are hitting us too — are unusual for this part of the world … and now the fires & smoke have arrived. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be grey skies thru late July and August … argh!

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