Whatnot – Week 29

Morning coffee in the backyard.Hello, friends! How are you doing? I’ve been doing these “whatnot” posts for almost 30 weeks now. At the 30 week mark I am going to title them by date. Now that we are moving back to being fully open, the week number in the title makes the year seem so darn long. Just letting you know ahead of time. 

This week my area of Southern California is experiencing a heat wave. Yesterday was 109 and today it’s supposed to be close to that at 107. I feel for my daughter! Campers arrived this week and she will spend a large portion of her time outside and by the pool. Since there is an official heat advisory and the UV numbers are quite high, I hope the city keeps them largely indoors and in the shade. 

Tonight  my book club meets in-person and outside to discuss Go Tell It On the Mountain. I really enjoyed the writing. 

My son is home for a month or so. The one added benefit to him being home is he enjoys home projects. He has already installed a new ceiling fan on my patio and he took all my rusted plant racks and painted them. You can see his work below. 

Painted plant racks/shelving.

As for reading, I finished Summer Darlings and the review is scheduled for this Friday. My review for  Go Tell It On The Mountain should be up on Monday. I am now actively reading The Last Thing He Told Me and my next 10 Books of Summer Book, Before She Disappeared

With more people in the house, I really need to figure out some quick easy meals to make. We have been eating out a lot lately. I would love to take some time today to plan that out so I can hit the market and prepare some meals for the week. 

Our dental appointments are early Saturday morning and then after that we don’t really have anything big planned. Father’s Day is up in the air. Not sure what we will do for that yet. It is nice that both kids are here for that though. 

Is it super hot where you are yet? I am still a pleasant person at 105 temps but when it goes over that I get a little short-tempered. I am not a fan of bugs either and with the heat, we get our fair share. To get our walk in before it gets hot the pup and I have to head out at 7:30am. I do love how crisp the air is then. 

Give me an update on you. What are you reading or watching? We saw In the Heights and it was quite good. A feel-good movie. 

19 thoughts on “Whatnot – Week 29”

  1. I love that your son loves home projects!! I love them too but I am not as handy so I just end with lists and lists of ideas and stare sadly at them. We are still in the high-80s here and I grumble about that as well. Still, other than for gardening work, I don’t really step out much and I’m looking at a long/permanent remote work arrangement (yay!) so I may not even need to step out much. I guess the downside is going to be that I won’t be very nice-tempered on hot days.

    1. We will be headed back to campus at some point but there are issues the unions are trying to address. Some won’t come back unless vaccines are mandatory, others won’t come back with a mask. Some refuse all of it. I am quite happy working from home. I can do everything here. I really don’t feel the itch to return at all.

  2. I need to borrow your son…lol 🙂 I have zero time for the projects I want to do. too much swim team time.

    I have been reading a collection of very strange sonnets. I hope to have a review next week.

    Haven’t watched anything lately, but I am so tired that’s probably why. I fall asleep the minute the TV is on. We did watch one episode of Loki as you know and so far it is OK.

    1. It’s bizarre. He has this thing for light bulbs and has changed many of ours out already. It’s weird to walk into a room and have a completely different lighting experience. He needs to keep busy, I guess.

    1. For sure! And usually, usually it’s based off of comments I’ve made in the past. Like, I really need a new ceiling fan in that space and then bam, I have a new fan. He’s only here for a little while so gotta take advantage of that.

  3. How nice to have your son home to visit. And he’s handy. Very good.
    Here in S.W. Florida it is hot and very humid. No sun out today and rain scheduled for later in the day brings the high temp to only 88.
    Saturday is my last day working the bookstore and I am ready to do my own thing. It is a great feeling.

  4. We are also having the heat wave, but since we’re further north and on the coast it’s only been upper 80s, which is WAY better than 109!

    I love that your son does home projects when he’s done, how sweet of him.

    I have The Last Thing He Told Me on my list for this summer so look forward to seeing what you think of it.

  5. I don’t envy your temps right now, here is has been glorious, sunny high 70 breezes. I wish we had a handy guy around here these days – it’s getting to the dangerous stage for me to climb ladders and move heavy stuff like I used to. The hub is beyond that ability as well. E did such a nice job on your outside plant racks.

    I saw where 39% of people working from home during pandemic are refusing to return to offices etc and instead are looking for other jobs. My son hopes he can continue remote at least 2-3 days a week.

    1. 105 degrees today, supposedly and a flex alert issued for later today. Edison is not going to be very popular if they shut down power during this heatwave.

      My son is handy but last night I came home to dirt everywhere because he used the power washer on the house but then took off for an Oreo shake. I spent all morning cleaning up the dirt on the ground.

      California is experiencing a labor crisis. Everyone is hiring but no one wants to work. It’s unreal.

  6. I’ve been slowly catching up on all of your posts. We’ve been on the road for the past two weeks and I’ve missed having time to visit my favorite blogs! Yes, it’s hot, isn’t it? We stayed in Riverside (Rancho Jurupa Regional Park) last week and it was pretty warm and Escondido was hot, but nothing like Lone Pine, which hit 105 today! We only get about 10-15 degrees cooler in the RV, so you know we’re looking forward to getting to some higher elevations! I survived driving through LA and thought of you as we drove along those busy freeways. I sure don’t miss Southern California traffic!

    You must be enjoying having your son home for a bit. Sorry about his mattress fiasco. I’m glad I wasn’t behind him when it flew off his car! 😉

    Haven’t read much since we hit the road on the 1st. I’m in the middle of a good mystery (Deborah Crombie’s series), but I’m too tired at the end of the day (either driving the rv or visiting with family) to read more than a page. Maybe next week when we settle in for longer stays at the campgrounds. Speaking of which, I hope your daughter is enjoying her job and that it isn’t too miserably hot.

    Take care, Ti. I’m glad you have a plan for the big move to Missouri. Just having a plan must be a load off your mind.

    1. California summers are really beginning to get to me. Too hot, too dry and people all around have short fuses because of it. Tonight, an Edison flex alert.

      Yes. It’s very nice to have my son home for a little while before his move. My daughter is having a time with the heat and the other day she got stung by a bee in the pool but she loves to be outside. Only week one with campers and every day the group changes because some signed up for two days, three days, etc.

      I’ve been following the pics you’ve shared on Instagram and everything looks lovely. I can imagine the heat in the RV though.

  7. I don’t know why I’m feeling the heat so much this year. May was a wet mess, with over 16 inches of rain in one month, and then June has been scorching. We got up into the high 90s several days last week. We do have a lovely cooling breeze, though.

    Tell your son that he is welcome to stay here as long as he likes. We have several projects that need doing…

    1. Climate change is real. Every year in California the summer gets worse. The drought conditions are worse. It’s so sad! I was walking today at 7am and dying already. Tonight the power company is issuing an alert which basically means we could be without power. Today was supposed to be better but it is still going to be over 105.

  8. It’s been hot here too. Not too unusual, but we had so much rain in May and early June and the soil is still releasing the moisture. So, high humidity along with the upper 90’s. I feel your pain with the heat. Ha! My walks are getting earlier and earlier too. Take care and enjoy that new porch ceiling fan!

    1. It’s not that unusual for us either but we usually ease into the 110 degree temps. I am worried that this means we will have more 120 degree temps like we did two years ago.

  9. Hey Ti, it sounds too hot there! Yikes. It’s been very windy about 2 months here … and today is 75 degrees – which is comfy. We got back from our trip to the mountains which was nice. Now just getting the yard & house back together. It’s nice that your son is so handy around the house! I could hire him, ha. I’m considering whether to go to the SoCal beach in August to see my folks & siblings. Hmm. We’ll see …

    1. SoCal in August is dreadful EXCEPT by the beach! I say make the trip. Most everything is wide open now. It feels very weird to be honest. Last night at church no one wore masks. They did going in but then took them off. I followed suit but only because we were the only ones in front and tucked away.

      I would really love to paint my kitchen cabinets but although my son is handy if it’s a project takes some time to complete, he loses interest pretty fast.

      Heat. Too hot here, too soon. It was miserable taking the pup out for a walk at 7am and having it be 82 degrees.

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