Sunday Matters: All Things Summer

Sunday Matters

According to the calendar it’s not officially summer but when it gets hot here and the schools are out, I call it summer. What does “summer” bring to mind? For me:

  • Cold watermelon! My son does not like watermelon. Who is this kid?
  • Sun tea. I don’t do it often but when I do, it’s just so good. I need a good sun tea pitcher.
  • Pool days. We do not own a pool or have access to a community pool but when I am near a pool with a book in hand, I’m pretty happy.
  • Beach days. It’s not a beach day to me without a tuna salad sandwich. My newly vegetarian self has not found a good replacement for this. My friend’s mom used to make us the best tuna salad piled onto buttered whole grain bread. Served with Pringles.
  • BBQs/cookouts.
  • Big blockbuster movies. Will we have any this summer?
  • Summer reading, of course.

What do you think of when you hear the word summer?

Right Now:

After a chaotic college move-out for my son, where the bed flew off his car and ripped the roof rack off in the process, he did eventually make it here. Our mornings will be a little different now although I have no idea why since no one wakes up until after 11am these days. I wake at 5 a.m. ALL THE TIME which is an hour later than I used to when I went in to work.

This Week:

My book club meets this week in-person and outside.

We have dental appointments this Saturday. Cleanings. I don’t know if I ever mentioned it but my dentist is not close to us but I’ve been going to that office for 30+ years! Since it’s a drive, we schedule our cleanings on the weekend and go together. We usually grab lunch afterward.


I must put my summer reading aside to get to Go Tell It On The Mountain which we are discussing for my club meeting this Wednesday.


My son wants me to watch the Loki series on Disney Plus. He also has us watching Barry on Netflix. Still have one more episode of Marcella to watch on Netflix. In my opinion, it tanked towards the end and then I lost interest. We will finish it but I am not very motivated to do so.

Grateful for:

  • Friends who listen to me blather on about all of my worries and concerns. Truly, you are so valuable and I appreciate you.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a wonderful week!

17 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: All Things Summer”

  1. I was blessed with a friend who had a pool growing up…such great memories. Tuna had to be on toasted bread.
    Your son’s journey home had my heart pounding. So glad he is home and safe. Not sure about the mattress!
    Enjoy the sun. Let summer do its thing!

    1. Without the rack, he was forced to dump the mattress at the landfill. It was new but there wasn’t a way to secure it and he still had a three hour drive ahead of him.

      Pool time. I remember when my kids had swimming lessons. Loved to sit with a book and be surrounded by those happy sounds of splashing and laughter.

  2. Summer: curtains blowing in the breeze. I didn’t need any curtains in this house as it’s very private, but I hang them on certain windows just to enjoy seeing them when the windows are open in summer.

    Summer: “swimming” in saltwater. The ocean is warm enough here for only about eight weeks, but we try to make it at least a couple of times. I grew up by the Great Lakes and didn’t appreciate the difference between fresh- and salt-water swimming. I love the ocean – I can feel it healing me in every way when I wade in.

  3. How can someone not like watermelon? Haha. I love watermelon in the summer. Right now, I am just hoping summer will mean I will see a lightening of work, but time will tell. Drowning and near-drowning calls go way up though, which is something I never look forward to.

    Your poor son! I am sorry that happened to him–and the bed. I am glad he is okay, at least.

    I hope your dentist visits go well. I usually schedule my daughter’s and mine on the same day. We see the same dentist. My husband goes to a completely different office, however, since he can only go on Saturdays.

    I hope you have a great week, Ti.

    1. There is the watermelon salad with watermelon, mint, big chunks of Feta and a balsamic drizzle that I’ve been waiting to make for two years now. This is the year.

  4. What a whirlwind beginning to the summer for you! What do I think of when I think “summer”…? Walks, reading, hot, sitting in my garden, travel. I’ll get to do all of those except travel. Oh, and lemonade.

    1. Oh yes. Lemonade. The kids had strawberry basil lemonade at this Italian restaurant we went to last night and it was very refreshing.

  5. What an awful experience for your son! Moving is no fun, but I’m sure that made it worse… and having to buy a new mattress, too. My idea of summer is changing now that we live in Florida – hurricane prep, visiting family in NY, hanging out on the CT shore, reading in my favorite zero gravity lounge chair, and a lobster roll or two!

    1. A zero gravity lounge chair sounds pretty special right now. I’ve been sitting at this dining room table for work for well over a year and my back has had it.

      Yes, the mattress debacle was very unfortunate but could have been made a lot worse.

  6. I was glad no one was hurt by the mattress debacle, but it was still not fun.
    We started watching Loki this weekend. I still have to finish the Star Wars Bad Batch animation. We’ve been away from the TV and at the pool — swim team will do that.

  7. Summer: Green; butterflies; swimming; bicycle riding; heat; mosquitoes; hurricanes; picnics; iced tea; fresh tomatoes; rock hunting; reading.

    (Some of those aren’t that positive, are they?)

    My brother-in-law is our dentist, and he cares for our teeth for free. He is also the best dentist in the world.

    “Friends make the good times better and the hard times easier.”

    1. Mosquitoes are not good but definitely remind me of summer. I get eaten alive even when I put the toxic deet filled spray on. Some say it’s because of my extreme anemia.

      We do not have hurricanes but my weather app just alerted me to 20 minutes of drizzle coming soon. Could it actually happen? It’s so darn dry and 104 today.

  8. Oh man, that car ride sounds terrifying. I am glad he got back safely!

    I like the idea of summer more than summer itself. The heat, the humidity, ugh – not my thing, but beach trips, more outdoor fun, happy people, almost all kinds of activities, the food, the grilling — all this I love!

    I want to watch the Loki series as well. He’s probably my favorite villain in the Marvel Universe – both fun to watch and oh so frustrating other times.

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