Whatnot – Week 20

The ocean and rocks.
Beach shot taken by my son. San Luis Obispo, probably Pismo.

Good morning! The photo you see on the left is a shot that my son took. I suspect it’s Pismo Beach. I snagged it for my phone’s wallpaper. You can see why he enjoys living there. He has beaches very close to him and he will often head there for some dinner and a nice walk. I’ve been missing the beach lately. It’s not far from me, about a 75 minute drive but I do not like sand. Ha. I prefer to hang out on a pier, enjoy a nice meal and catch the views that way.

I was hoping this past weekend to drive to the coast but errands got in the way. Fun errands. I was looking for more plant pots and a couple more plants for the house. What I totally forgot to get was a flower bowl thingy for the front porch. I wanted to add a little color there as it’s all green plants at the moment. I totally forgot though!

How has your mood been lately? I have not seen it written anywhere but I’ve been very weepy ever since I got my first shot. I see no mention anywhere of side effects involving mood but I never get weepy. It’s totally bizarre and not a welcome feeling. As everything blooms here the last thing you want to feel is like a dark cloud is hanging over you. Each day it lessens which makes me think it’s vaccine related. So strange.

In my other post I asked for some TV show suggestions and you guys really came through. I have a nice list to choose from now. Stephen King spoke of THEM on Amazon Prime and said it was terrifying. He says a lot of things and endorses a lot of shows and books so I don’t always take his word for it but let me tell you, this show is pretty wild and very scary in the way the movie Get Out was scary. My husband and I are fully into it and the weird music, sometimes a high pitched violin sound, has been affecting my dog. There is a story line with the dog so I’ve Googled all over to see if that was intentional. No mention of that anywhere but my pup can’t be in the same room while we watch it or we have to turn it down when music kicks in. Be warned.

I am reading The Green Mile for a read-along. I’ve read it before but remember nothing about it. I am using the reading schedule provided but I may push through it just to be done. It doesn’t fit in well with my other reading. Do you read more than one book at a time? I always have at least two going, sometimes three.

Speaking of which, I need to pick my next read. I would like to read The Push but it hasn’t come in for me yet. Northern Spy just came in for me and it’s Reese’s current club pick. Looks good. Is anyone reading it now?

16 thoughts on “Whatnot – Week 20”

  1. I love that picture and it looks like it could have been taken here in RI or MA as well:) I find the ocean so calming to my spirit but, the older Ive gotten I don’t enjoy the whole sand, sweat in summer feel. Late Sept, early Oct or early June is great here.

    I was wondering if some of your weepy feeling is also from your daughter being college-bound soon and maybe the vaccine has heightened that? I’ve been feeling so tired lately but, I think I might just be in a bit of funk-it happens. Well, hopefully some nice walks will help. I’m reading Sanatorium but feeling like-warm about it 20 chapters in.
    I need to check out Northern Spy.

    1. I am so anxious over the actual move. The logistics. Drive or fly? How to get all her stuff there. That stuff. It’s a 22 hour drive and it doesn’t look like my husband can leave work for that long. I’m sure all that swirling around in my head is adding to the mood for sure.

      The Sanitorium picks up. I just wish she had spent more time on the actual place which seemed so interesting to me.

      1. When my husband’s grandson started college at U of WI this year (their from NYC) they flew down, rented a car there and bought what he needed in WI – cheaper than in the city too, I’m sure). Just a thought.

        1. Flying and then renting a car is definitely one of the options. I wish they would tell us what the move-in day is. It’s staggered for COVID. Also, all her instruments like her guitar, keyboard, etc. Shipping them would be costly and I’d worry about damage but taking them with you flying is the same issue.

  2. I love the photo!

    I want to plant a few Croton Plants in the front of my house, and a friend gave me some 9 o’clock seeds but I don’t know what color they are. I’d like to get a plant stand to put beside the front door too.

    I walk up and down the pier once in a while but I always walk up and down the beach and let the waves crash into my legs. It’s one of the most calming thing in the world to me. The sand doesn’t bother me, I just use the feet showers they have by the parking lot.

    I’ve been looking for read-along to join. I wish I’d known about the one for The Green Mile.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    1. I do like to walk along the water’s edge. Out here, there is a tar issue with oil spills from decades ago that still affect the sand and you end up with tar on your clothes, your skin, etc. Rinsing doesn’t do it. It’s rather gross. If I could walk along the shore and then fly to the car that would be ideal. Haha. I am losing it.

      The Green Mile read along is good and it’s a good group but they all raced ahead of me. I followed the reading schedule but I think three are done now.

        1. I liked Part 3 a lot. It’s so funny how I remember nothing about the series. I suppose Coffey’s healing touch is why he was holding those girls.

  3. My side effect, which I haven’t Googled, is super vivid dreams since I got vaccinated. Sorry you are feeling weepy; I got more that way as I hit perimenopause (not sure how to spell that).

  4. Part of the weepyness could be a sense of relief at beginning the vaccine process, perhaps. I hope it passes for you soon.

    Sounds like you are doing well with TV and reading. I have only watched Secrets of Sulphur Springs on Disney with my daughter, but that’s not really an adult show. LOL

    I am reading poetry all month. I hope to mix in some fiction next month.

  5. RE: Sand. I’m SO curious about those beach towel/blankets that supposedly stay super-sand free! But I really do NOT need another go-to-beach towel. I have a million towels. And no beach near! LOL. Sorry you are weepy, I had the brain fog after my second. I think I’m through it (One week out, one more week to go and I can feel a bit more free)

    1. While I am on the actual beach, I don’t mind the sand so much but it sticks to me like glue and it ends up in my car. My seats are black leather and they have perforations which was the dumbest design. I nearly always have to take a vacuum to the seats to get those grains out of the holes. Plus, the tar I mentioned. California beaches are known for tar due to the numerous oil spills. Some happened decades ago and the tar is still present.

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