Review: The Husband’s Secret

The Husband's Secret

The Husband’s Secret
By Liane Moriarty
Berkley, 9780451490049, 2017, 496pp.

The Short of It:

Liane Moriarty has become one of my favorite authors. I discovered her books during the pandemic. She knows how to grab my attention and The Husband’s Secret delivered just what I needed.

The Rest of It:

As with many of her books, Moriarty’s stories often incorporate many characters and story lines that come together nicely but there is usually a main thread to pull you in and in The Husband’s Secret, Cecilia  finds an envelope that is addressed to her, written in her husband’s hand. The instructions on the envelope ask that it be opened in the event of his death. His death? She wants desperately to read it, but when she mentions the letter to her husband John-Paul, who is very much alive, he begs her not to. Inside of that envelope is a secret he’s been keeping that will forever change their lives.

What I really enjoy about these novels is that Moriarty always manages to include the neighborhood in the story. The other characters are neighbors or friends or people you see at the school drop off. Their lives seem on the surface to be pretty perfect, but they are presented with challenges and not-so-pretty moments. Definitely not the shiny, sparkly moments captured on say, Instagram.

In addition to Cecilia’s plight above, we have Tess and Will who are happily married, or so they thought, until Tess’s cousin admits to being in love with her husband. We also have Rachel, a women who has had to deal with the grief of her daughter’s murder. A murder that was never solved and now her only son is taking his wife and son out of the country and Rachel will be without the distraction of her darling grandson, Jacob. How will she cope?

The Husband’s Secret was a satisfying read. The characters are so well-drawn and as a reader, you get the feeling that you are listening to a private moment between two people and I just love that. I think I have about three Moriarty novels left for me to read but so far, this is one of my favorites.

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15 thoughts on “Review: The Husband’s Secret”

  1. My SIL loved this one and although I own a couple of her books for some reason, I only read one, What Alice Forgot, as it had been a book group pick a few years ago. Someday I will remedy that.

    1. During the early days of the shutdown, I picked up her most popular, probably due to the show, Big Little Lies. It was SO much like my PTA/PTO days. Something struck me about it. I then just kept reading. Alice was good but took a little time for me to appreciate it. This one took right off for me.

  2. I just read my review of this and I couldn’t recall what the secret is! (I do tend to write the most vague reviews! it’s my fear of giving any spoilers.) Thankfully, your review here jogged my memory. I gave it 4 stars but it is not my favorite of Moriarty’s. Have you read What Alice Forgot? (it has a pie scene. LOL)

    1. Yes! I’ve read What Alice Forgot! It was also good. I have Nine Perfect Strangers, Three Wishes, The Hypnotist’s Love Story left for me to read although I think the last two are quite old. I heard that her first books were so so.

  3. Big Little Lies is the only Moriarty novel I’ve read, but I want to read more. Actually have this one on my kindle – a daily deal just prior to the pandemic. I’d forgotten all about it until your post reminded me!

    1. Moriarty has become one of my favorite authors. Her books appear to be chick lit but they are totally not. This one is very good and you will read it in a day or two. Whip it out!

  4. I’ve only read two books by this author, but I enjoyed both of them. I also like how she includes the neighbors, other adults at drop off, etc. It makes it feel real.

  5. Have read quite a lot of Moriarity. Liked them all quite a lot, except for Nine Perfect Strangers which was disappointing and. DNF for me.

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