Whatnot – Week 18


Last week my What Not post included a piece on suburbia and how it fascinates me. I told you all about the cul-de-sac at the end of my street and how they opened it up to gain access to the main road. The photo above was taken at the end of my street where the cul-de-sac was. There is now a long road heading down to that main road there. Look at all of the homes they built! Sadly, there are many developments like this one all over our city.

In other news, my reading continues on but the changes with WordPress have caused me to stumble a little when scheduling my posts. I am going to take some time today to figure it all out. I spent a long, long time editing my Sunday post last weekend because the new WP editor turned all my images into giant sized ones regardless of their original size. Fun! Totally not.

As you saw from my previous post, my daughter made her college decision. Still waiting on my son’s decision. Acceptances have been coming in but the offers aren’t quite what’s needed. Still so many decisions to be made all around. 

My daughter went back to school on Monday. She will be there two days a week for classes, one day for rehearsal and then the rest online. Next week is spring break for her so the timing is interesting. I suppose they wanted to test things out. If anyone travels out of California for break they have been asked to quarantine but it won’t happen. Everything appears to be open here at full capacity which is not how it’s supposed to be. I won’t lie, it feels good to see these businesses open and making up for lost time but I sure don’t want to slide backward again. 

What are your plans for Easter? I will cook a meal for Sunday but we will probably hit Saturday’s Easter service. It’s not the same as going on Easter but the crowds will be huge for Easter. No one is coming over, obviously but tomorrow my husband gets his first shot so that’s a step in the right direction. 

I will end with this question. The weather is showing signs of summer here. Does your reading tastes change with the weather? If so, what are you moving towards now? Mine don’t really but I didn’t read at all this past weekend and I think it’s because it was just so nice out and I spent a lot of time outside. However, I am reading a really good book right now, We Begin At The End by Chris Whitaker. I hope to finish it today so I can get the review posted next week. 

9 thoughts on “Whatnot – Week 18”

  1. Amazing how much development there is in towns across America. I grew up in a small town, but to go back to it now, it is so much more populated than it was before. So much development. It was good to see them take an old mill and create apartments out of it about 10 years ago. The town didn’t have much need for apartments when I was young.

    I haven’t been reading much beyond poetry, but I’ve been busy with activities for the online book festival. Trying to drum up Poetic Book Tours business and execute that well, and keep up with the day job and writing creatively. I am probably spread too thin, but I like to be busy.

    I do have the new Karen White book, which is WWII, so I hope to start reading that fiction title soon.

  2. Yeah, no one is going to quarantine and many will lie or not share that they went out of state. Sad that’s the state but there’s only so much you can enforce without getting into the question of personal freedom. It’s also why we have struggled to contain the virus. I guess that’s why regardless of what people do, the social distancing and masks are being strongly encouraged and/or enforced.

    I had a really good experience when I went into my local knitting shop. The door was locked (to control how many people were in the building) so I rang in, and the owner came out. She wore her gloves and then offered me hand sanitizer. I thanked her a million times for taking care of her clients. One can either be very offended by what she did or be happy that our health matters. Would be awesome if there were more people like her, and then we could have slowed the virus a lot.

    Fingers crossed for your son’s school decision!

    1. Your knitting shop is like the used bookstore by me. They take temps at the door and offer gloves. Keep occupancy low too. The only time it’s too much is when there is a sale because the line gets so long since they only allow 15 at a time.

  3. That looks like a pretty busy road cut through your area. We don’y have an special plans for Easter this year but, the grandchildren will be doing an outdoor egg hunt. Glad you are enjoying We Begin at The End – I really liked it.

  4. I am so worried that with vaccinations people will think it’s ok to unmask and go back to the way we were pre-pandemic.

    Easter? It always sneaks up on me and then I do nothing. Just another Sunday in our house.

    Our District also had students come back for 2 days before spring break. The thinking was, if they open and then there is another surge, we stay in person. Clever, right? It turns out it was a good dry run for teachers to figure out the tech of simultaneous teaching.

    1. I can’t tell what the vaccination numbers are where I live. Many are anti-vaxxers but everyone seems to be living life like there is no virus. I love their way of thinking, if I haven’t caught it yet then I am immune. Hope so.

  5. I think I’m still using Classic Editor for WordPress but I’m not really a techno person so not sure what I’m doing. I just don’t take the time to really get into all the website building aspects. Hmm if I only did. I think my reading does change a bit with the seasons but not much. I do like to read more thrillers or action plots in the summer. Good for deck reading. My reading has been slow lately!

    1. I have a custom domain but use the free version of WordPress and the mandatory switch to block editor caused so many problems. I was digging around and found a version of the classic editor I can use but it’s still different.

      It’s like summer here. My reading tastes don’t usually change with the weather but I am so distracted at the moment. I need something riveting.

  6. I wish I could be of more help with your reading. My reading has been slow this year, with only one series that I have been reading. But my reading doesn’t change with seasons. I pretty much read crime fiction, no matter the season. I try nonfiction from time to time, but usually don’t fare too well with it.

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