Sunday Matters: A Visit with the Eldest

Sunday Matters

Yesterday we met my son in Solvang. We four (the pup joined us) met him there because it’s about an hour away from him. They have shops, restaurants and Danish bakeries galore! They also have a quaint little book shop. It was so good to see him. Editing note: WordPress got rid of the Classic Editor and the Block editor leaves a lot to be desired. Images and things may be out of whack.

Brother and Sis
The pup in a wooden shoe!

Right Now:

Church and youth group. Possibly a quick lunch afterward and then a long walk for the pup.

This Week:

We are leading up to Easter aren’t we? My daughter requested a typical ham dinner, like we always have. I am now vegetarian so I will do all that and then make myself a tiny Salisbury Steak made out of Impossible Burger meat. The recipe is here but it has a ton of ingredients. I am going to just use it as a guide. All the sides should go well with my addition.

This week I will shop for all the ingredients. Last Easter our Honeybaked Ham meal barely arrived in time. It was such a weird, sad time. No church services. Nobody outside. The delivery guy was way late, it was delivered Saturday at 9pm. Then I worried because the ham was not cold. It was fine but this year will be quite different.

I have a day off from work this week for Cesar Chavez day. If I can help it, I plan to do nothing on Wednesday. Just read and lounge around. Maybe make a special dinner, the kind that cooks all day long.

I’ve got nothing else going on this week.

College Decision:

She will be attending Missouri State University this fall for their BFA in Musical Theatre program.

Missouri State Acceptance Photo
Emma will be a Bear at MSU!

So many things contributed to this. I can’t even tell you. All I can say is that you want your kids to be treated well and you want to know that wherever they go, they are wanted and will be cared for and that she will get the best training she can get. That’s what it came down to. Yay!


I finished The New Neighbors. I should have that review up soon.

I am about to pick up this beauty which was delivered to my door this past week. Thank you Henry Holt!

We Begin At The End

And then, Care and Melissa announced this read-along. #The GreenMileAlong begins in April. I went online and found an ebook version that has all the installments so I am ready to go!



I am finishing up WandaVision and then my son wants us to watch Barry.

Our Netflix plan still has a DVD option attached to it which was grandfathered in. It’s good for those movies that aren’t streaming. I had The Big Chill set to arrive but my daughter was playing the song Maniac the other day and it occurred to me that she has never seen Flashdance! So, we have that coming in instead.

Grateful for:

  • The upcoming Easter services. We will probably attend the Saturday before because of potential crowds but it’s not Easter without a church service.
  • The Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service has announced that the federal income tax filing due date for individuals for the 2020 tax year will be automatically extended from April 15, 2021, to May 17, 2021. We already filed but we ended up owing quite a bit more than last year. Not a fan of that but yay for not having to pay it to soon.

Are you reading anything really good right now? Will you be joining this Stephen King read with us? I’ve read The Green Mile before but it was when it first came out so a re-read is welcomed.

29 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: A Visit with the Eldest”

  1. What a great pic of your son and daughter but, not to be outdone by Otter Pup and the wooden shoe LOL Congrats, once again to your daughter, I’m sure she will be successful. I really loved We Begin at the End! Have a good week.

    1. The Otter Pup was so traumatized by the crowds at Solvang. I could have really used one of those dog strollers. Many small dog owners had them because the risk of getting trampled was great. We toted her around but then ended up getting into the car to just drive around. Really high numbers for a pandemic.

  2. Congrats on your daughters college pick! College is such an exciting time of life. I am hoping to finish up The Paris Library today, which I am enjoying. Next up is The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, it is a rainy day here- perfect for reading!!

    1. That Hannah book has been catching my eye. I haven’t read her before but I keep hearing comparisons to The Grapes of Wrath which is an all-time fave of mine.

  3. Missouri State is just a couple of hours from my house! I hope your daughter loves it there. I have heard they have a wonderful music program — my daughter’s orchestra teacher mentioned it.

    The WP Block editor enrages me, lol. I googled a way to still use the Classic editor admin page, but I’m not sure how long that will last. Ugh!

    1. I googled a workaround too but I’m not seeing those options for me to choose from. Tell me what you know!!

      Also, I hope she loves Missouri too. We thought it would be NY or PA so it’s all new to us.

        1. You are correct. I have to have an upgraded account to get the plug in but I did find the classic editor buried in a menu so I am using it now but the display is still a little different but usable. For now, I can make do. Nothing like a change like this to derail you.

    1. A touristy but adorable Danish town but it was horrendously crowded due to spring break. Everyone wore masks but we cut it short because of the crowds.

  4. I am so excited for your daughter and her college decision (but she’ll be far away!). That’s so awesome; I hope she is happy.

    I love that you got a picture of the pup in a clog. How have I never noticed the large shoe in Solvang?!

    1. Oh!! And I got fudge from that shop!! Rocky Road. Delish!

      That clog has been there for decades!! They just painted it again.

  5. I love the pic of otter pup! I am so glad that your daughter has made the best choice for her training and her. She will be a little bit father away from you, and I hope you’re ready for that.

    I hope you have a great day off. After catching up on blogs, I’m off to writing land for today since I took the day off.

    1. I am not ready for her to be so far away but New York, Massachusetts or Pennsylvania would have been father. Colorado was an option but the program wasn’t right.

  6. That’s a great photo of your kids! Huge congratulations to your daughter… the decision-making process is so hard, but it sounds like she made a decision based on what is most important. It must be such a relief that the process is complete. Now all the planning and prep for the move begins. I don’t think we’ll be attending Easter services again. It’s open with limited capacity, but I’m still nervous about indoor gatherings. 😦

    1. I am a little anxious about the move-in process. We did it for my son but he was three hours away. We all drove up in two separate cars and it was a full day and then we drove back. This will be quite different.

  7. Congratulations to your daughter. Missouri is beautiful country. We used to camp there a lot when I was a kid. Lots of springs and hills.

    Gosh, I completely forgot about Easter dinner! I haven’t ordered anything curbside for it. I need to get busy.

    How fun to have a DVD option attached to Netflix. It offers lots more options.

  8. Hope your daughter loves Missouri. I have Missouri ancestry that goes at least as far back as the Civil War, including one of those families you hear about with two brothers who fought on opposite sides.

    Oh, Easter. I hadn’t even thought about it. Last Easter was so strange with most of the world being shut down but I think the concert by Andrea Bocelli was one of the most moving, meaningful Easter experiences of my life. So beautiful. The scenes of empty cities around the world were kind of shocking.

    1. I agree and later we found out that Bocelli had COVID while performing in that concert. I remember thinking he looked a little unwell but he sounded so beautiful. Always does. It was so weird that year.

  9. Congratulations to your daughter!! It’s so amazing to have that decision made right?

    I had forgotten how crowded Solvang can be but then I visited there when crowds weren’t much of a problem. We wanted to go somewhere for Spring break but fear of the crowds kept us home.

    Enjoy the readalong. I love the idea of reading a book like The Green Mile but I’m not sure the book is for me so I’ll be cheering from the sidelines.

  10. Glad you had a good visit with your son. (Go, Dodgers!) And congrats to your daughter. I’ll bet she’s excited! She should be able to fly in and out from either Saint Louis or Kansas City when she wants to come home for visits.

    I’m eager to hear your thoughts on We Begin at the End. It’s getting so much press right now!

  11. Congratulations to your daughter, I bet she’s so excited! I LOVE that photo of the pup in the wooden shoe, so cute!

    I tried upgrading my blog last week because it was recommended when I logged in and it caused my blog to go all whacky. Besides the Classic editor disappearing (I DO NOT like the block editor AT ALL) it messed up my header and sidebars which I loved and I am not happy at all. I fixed it the best I can with a new header etc. but I want my blog back to the way it looked before. Grrrr…

    1. I have a custom domain that I buy but I use the free WordPress version. When they ditched the classic editor I was offered the chance to upgrade to Business class but that is $300 a year. Uh, no. I will make do but what a pain.

      And thank you for the congratulations for my daughter’s decision. She is very happy. And that wooden clog. Had to do it. People were laughing but when I left everyone with a dog was doing it too. LOL.

  12. Wow ! I’m just thrilled for your daughter & your family. MSU it is! I don’t think I’ve ever been to the state but if the program will treat her right then that will be wonderful. It’s very exciting. Will she be able to attend in person by the fall?? I hope everyone will be able to get the vaccine by then. How proud you must be of both your kids. I too want to read We Begin at the End. It’s on my list.

    1. Missouri State is in-person now, low capacity and they are performing with masks and distanced. Should be in-person this fall too unless there is a huge shift in cases. Yes, most should be vaccinated by then. She is eligible 4/15 but so is everyone so there might be a wait. My hub got his #1 shot last night, no reactions and not even a sore arm. Mine is 4/6. Can’t come soon enough. My daughter is back on campus now three days a week so I just want to get that shot.

      I’m saying this in caps because you must read it but FIND A COPY OF WE BEGIN AT THE END AND READ IT. It’s just so good. So many wonderful characters. My review posts on Monday and no spoilers.

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