Whatnot – Week 14

The Otter Pup

The pup is looking very dramatic here but she wanted to say Hello! She is a funny character. I do not know how she will be once we return to work and school. She has spent so much time with us this past year. They are saying now that our high schools will return to in-person learning on 3/22. It seems a little unrealistic but it could happen. We chose a hybrid model so two days on campus and the rest remote.

As far as reading goes, I continue to fly through books. It’s great because I am reading everything I want to read, both review copies and highly anticipated books. It’s a good balance. I am putting a lot of thought into what to read next and isn’t that half the fun?

I did finally make a trip to the bookstore but you know what? I didn’t buy anything. I saw many books that caught my eye but I had them on my Kindle already and unless I know a book is a keeper, I don’t usually purchase a hard copy.

This post was supposed to be up yesterday but guess what? Your friend here forgot what day it was. Occupational hazard when you work from home and every single day blurs into the next. Sometime this week I have to hit the market and I am dreading it. I do not enjoy it at all but all the staples need to be restocked. I guess that will be my big day out! Sarcasm.

What movies have you seen lately that you can recommend? I’ve been watching TV but haven’t seen any movies really besides a Hallmark Christmas movie that I saw recently. Yep! I broke out the Hallmark movies because I was feeling meh and needed some joy. Those movies always do the trick. I watched The Most Wonderful Time of the Year with Henry Winkler and it was so charming.

Anyway, that’s it from me. My review of The Sanatorium posts tomorrow! Stop by if you’ve been curious about it.

26 thoughts on “Whatnot – Week 14”

  1. Texas is ready to completely drop the use of masks and social distancing, according to our governor. We only had 7,593 new cases of coronavirus yesterday. I genuinely think our governor wants to kill us all.

    I want so much to go out, to get my hair cut, to go to a bookstore, to eat outside at a restaurant. We were just considering those things.

    1. Don’t you think that dropping the mask mandate is just to divert everyone’s attention away from the power grid issues and everything else? He is on crack. Sorry.

  2. Your pup is adorable. Have fun shopping (sarcasm)(but really, hope it goes fast and germ-free!) My library is about to open for browsing and I am giddy to go look at a shelf and choose some more poetry.

    1. If I go on my lunch break, I usually have some luck.

      Our libraries have been closed this entire time and won’t be open for awhile. I do hit this used bookstore by me now and then. More fun to browse there than a big box store but I’ve been itching to go to this indie I found a couple of months ago but it’s a drive. They have a bookstore cat, Paiges. LOL.

  3. I have going to the market on the same day and time every week so that I don’t have to think about it (Saturdays at 9:00am). It’s also a quiet time so I encounter fewer people.

    It’s funny when I book appointments now and the office asks if I’ll be in town. Really? Where the heck would I go?!

    1. Many of my coworkers are currently working from lake houses or out of state. I guess no one can assume we are home even though most are.

  4. I’m on a roll with my reading, too. Getting to ebooks that I bought a long time ago, as well as a lot of backlist titles in my bookcase. We’ll see how it goes once the weather improves and we start camping again. I don’t read nearly as much when we’re on the road.

    Don’t feel badly about not know what day it is. I’m retired and I never know the day or date! Also, this past year has been a big blur of days.

    The only movie we’ve watched recently is Nomadland. The book was better, but Frances McDormand is outstanding, as always. We just finished the new Perry Mason series and have started Fortitude. We typically watch something every night.

    1. I love McDormand. She’s quite good. I will check it out.

      In my head I always think I will read if I am outside. As a youth leader I’ve gone to summer camp a few times and I always pack my Kindle or a stack of books and I never read a word. Too much going on.

  5. The pup looks so happy. I’m really missing in person bookstore visits but, happy with our library curbside system. We can make appts. to go inside but I don’t bother. Glad your March reading is going well. I finished one I started in Feb. (no review) but I was busy doing our taxes etc but filed today so now hopefully, back to reading. Are you going to read the new S. King one? Think it’s maybe YA but I reserved it from library.

    1. I wasn’t going to read that King book but the decided to request it anyway. I did like his other pulp fiction one. Forgot the name. Oh Joyland.

  6. I can’t think of any movies off the top of my head. But I’ll do a little bit of research. Let me start with a question, what streaming services do you have? That will help me narrow down some possibilities for you.

        1. I forgot all about Coming to America 2! Also, the new Godzilla movie comes out soon on HBO Max. Free trial?

          On Hulu I’d be interested in Palm Springs and wouldn’t mind a rewatch of Dead Poet’s Society. Nomadland is looking good too. Thank you!

  7. My reading is off to a great start this year, too! Not sure what will happen as things ease back into “normal”. The last movie we watched was Nomadland on hulu (thanks to our daughter sharing he password). we enjoyed it, but it seemed so different from the book. It focused more on one character rather than the big picture issue. Your pup will have a hus adjustment when everyone goes back to work and regular routines.

    1. You are the second person to mention Nomadland. I will check it out. I did not read the book so I will have nothing to compare it to.

      The pup. We aren’t sure yet where the girl will go for college but we are already talking about move-in scenarios and how someone will need to stay with the pup. She gets so depressed when we leave her for a short vet appt. I thought my son might be home during that time but with his grad school apps he will probably be gone too! I am thinking too far ahead and making myself crazy.

  8. I think we all need a little joy these days and Hallmark provides a happy factor that other things don’t. I have been reading but not as much as I would like. Kids here are going back the week of 3/15 but we’re staying virtual. I don’t like the numbers and the teachers are being turned away from vaccine centers…it might get better with J&J out but we’ll see. I’m taking a wait and see approach.

    1. I watched another Hallmark movie the other night and it was great. Some are definitely better than others. I recorded a slew of them before Christmas but Christmas didn’t feel like Christmas so I never watched them. Trying to clear my DVR now.

  9. We’ve started rewatching the Star Wars movies. My two teens have finally taken an interest in them (thanks to the Mandalorian!). I like them so-so, some more than others. I suppose they’re important from a pop culture standpoint!

    1. I’d like to see all of the Star Wars movies in chronological order. I know I missed a couple of the ones that were shot later.

  10. We enjoyed Nomadland, McDormand is great, love her! I agree, book was better. We also enjoyed Minari, it won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Fim. Did I mention this to you? It’s on Prime, but you need to pay extra for now. Our daughter works for A24, the production company. I can remember the date, but not always what I have told people. I also read two great books. The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle and The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue.
    Both on the chunkster side, but move quickly. Now reading Miss Benson’s Beetle, it makes me smile and shake my head.

    1. I want to see Minari but didn’t know you have to pay extra for it.

      I loved Miss Benson. I hope you love it too. It’s ridiculous at times but made me smile and laugh and you can’t help loving those women. Addie is on my list.

  11. Haha, the number of times my colleagues and I got our days mixed up at work and would be surprised that it’s a different day today and then couldn’t remember what happened the previous day – lol! No one has forgotten Friday yet though – that day always wins!

    Your pup is adorable! I know it’s going to be hard for our furry babies to deal with our return to work/school.

    1. My pup has always liked her sleepy alone time but she has become accustomed to that early morning walk. When I go back to work, whenever that will be, if it’s my normal routine I will be leaving the house at 5am. Way too early for her to take a walk.

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