Sunday Matters: And So It Goes

Sunday Matters

This weekend we moved my son back to San Luis Obispo to begin his new job. He loves that town and is happy to be back with friends but the couch surfing until his rented room is ready has me concerned. He’s young so hopefully, resilient.

San Luis Obispo
San Luis Obispo
Photo: SF Chronicle

Right Now:

It’s Father’s Day so we hope to celebrate with a meal out but it will probably be enjoyed in the car. I am not that comfortable with public spaces after my hair appointment last week. Some protocols were overlooked. I will leave it at that.

This Week:

It’s a busy week. For real. My daughter has a dance assessment on Wednesday in preparation for pre-screens. Also on Wednesday is a “team night” for student ministry. It will be on Zoom.

Daughter has a dental appointment on Thursday. It’s been rescheduled three times. I have book club this same night and she also has a Tap class. I think my book club is meeting in person. Have to confirm.

My husband and I have dental appointments on Saturday.

See what I mean about a busy week? It’s like going from zero to sixty. I didn’t mean to have all these things scheduled for this week it just worked out that way.


I picked up The Dutch House by Ann Patchett for my book discussion. I didn’t realize how fast that meeting was coming up so I had to put down my other book. The Dutch House is quite readable. I fell right into it.


You all won’t believe it but I finally watched The Princess Bride. For years people have been trying to get me to watch it. I was really stressed out one day and decided to watch half on my lunch break and watch the other half the following day. It was cute, funny, amusing… don’t quite get the cult following it has but I think it’s one of those films that grows on you over time. Inigo Montoya was my favorite character followed by the giant. Forget his name.

Still haven’t settled on a crime show to watch but I saw a Coben subtitled series called The Woods. It’s Polish but all of the other Coben shows have been so good, so I think we’ll check it out on Netflix soon.

Grateful for:

  • The fact that I do not live in Tulsa
  • My son getting a job but sad that he won’t be with us over the summer and for his birthday
  • Reading! If only I could focus. I posted my summer list this past week of what I plan to read so check it out if you haven’t

What will you be doing for July 4th? Sadly, our city decided to go ahead with the big fireworks extravaganza even though our numbers continue to go up. Plus, our pup is not a fan although she is just fine as long as we are home and we do plan to stay home. We’ll cook something I’m sure and maybe watch Jaws. Okay, maybe not as the DVD player just died.

22 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: And So It Goes”

  1. Our family LOVES the Princess Bride, we have watched MANY times and we all know many line by heart. I believe I am one of the ones that said you need to see it, so thanks for watching. It’s a movie that works for kids as well as adults.
    I tried the Dutch House but it wasn’t working for me, which was disappointing as I am an Ann Patchett fan. Will definitely have to give it another try.
    We start Phase 3 on Tuesday, but still pretty much staying at home. I suppose we will have to re enter the real world sometime soon.
    It must be hard to have your son go off again, but great that he has a good job opportunity.
    I have just started When We Were Vikings by Andrew David MacDonald, it has grabbed me yet, hoping that will happen soon or it will be a DNF.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. I think The Princess Bride is one of those movies that grows on you the more you see it. Have you read the book?

      I am pretty depressed over my son going back. I am super happy that he has a good job and they even offered him full time hours over the summer. He was having such a hard time finding work again after being forced to move home due to COVID but I felt such relief when he came home. Worrying about him there all by himself, because his roommates left was too much in light of the pandemic. It will take a few days to get used to him not being around again. The pup is still waiting by his door.

  2. No July 4 plans here, mostly to avoid the crowds. I have a medical appointment Monday morning and hope that at least at a clinic they will be really careful. I hope your son enjoys his time back in SLO and that your daughter’s dance assessment goes well.

    1. SLO was nice. So many gorgeous beach towns but two of them were so crowded. Dance Assessment was cancelled because the coach that was assigned to us, was kind of flaky and kept changing dates. It was an assessment which required a video submission so the changing dates was annoying. I am still trying to get a refund for it. The owner of the coaching company wanted to assign another coach and we could end up doing that later. We will try to use her current dance teacher for now. Looks like most of the auditions will be online because all the schools are beginning to announce COVID impact changes.

      1. The online audition process is going to be frustrating, I’m sure. And how annoying that a “professional” flaked and had to be cancelled. This process is stressful enough for kids, they don’t need the adults to be inconsistent.

  3. I loved The Princess Bride, especially the humor.

    The only plan for the 4th of July is getting to meet my great granddaughter. If she waits that long…

    My dog and 2 cats don’t like fireworks at all either. Poor animals!

  4. It’s been a quiet week here. Cases are on the rise and our activities are on the decline again. No July 4th plans for us either… events here on the island have been cancelled. We’ll probably just grill at home and, hopefully my FIL and SIL can join us.

    1. Cases on the rise here too. When we took my son back to the Central Coast I could not believe how crowded the beach towns were. Granted, it WAS Father’s Day so maybe more people were out but I wore my mask outside because you could not maintain distance with that many people around you.

  5. I don’t know if our city is doing the big get-together fireworks this year. They are celebrating the holiday differently for sure and don’t mention anything about fireworks (whether on or off). Anyways, we’re going to stay home and celebrate my birthday (the fireworks are done almost always on the penultimate day in my city – on my birthday). I’ll miss the extra cause for celebration this year, but meh – not been one for crowds ever.

    Your week sounds too busy. Other than the kids’ appointments and grocery shopping, we have not been going out at all. Some of my appointments are due soon so I need to schedule those in.

  6. I don’t understand the cult following for Princess Bride, either, but I’m the minority on that one. 🙂

    I am glad that your son is embracing his life in a town he loves, and i hope that he stays safe. Good luck to your daughter, though I should probably say “break a leg.”

    I’m not ready for normal, but I think the one day a week swim practice outdoors is enough for us right now, though maybe an outdoor patio dinner would be nice in a few weeks if numbers continue their downward trend in our county.

  7. At my latest manicure, she did not follow certain protocols either. And now, I feel horrible. It could be allergies; we are dogsitting for a neighbor, and the dog has long, fluffy fur AND is blowing his winter coat right now. It could be exhaustion from working so hard over the past week to get the house ready for its market debut this Friday. But you know my mind is going to COVID-19. My family banished me to an empty room, even though the realtor comes to take pictures tomorrow and there is still a lot of little stuff to do.

    For July 4th, we are supposed to be in Pittsburgh visiting Jim’s two oldest siblings and his oldest niece, who just had her first child. I don’t know if there will be a big to-do or not. No one seems to have any plans other than we are going there for a week and that’s about it. Holly and I are preparing for us to go there and sit around staring at each other. It seems to be what always happens.

    Your son will be fine. Couch surfing seems to be what they do best at that age. It’s definitely a lot easier for them to do it than for us!

    Merde to your daughter! (It’s a dance thing just as “Break a leg” is a theater thing.) I’m sure she will be fine.

    Holly has a two-week break before the summer session starts. We are still waiting to hear about rescheduled competitions, but if the timing holds, we face that in mid-July too. Crazy how everyone wants everything to go back to normal!

  8. Our dog is not a fan of fireworks either. Haven’t heard if the city is doing their display, but they are allowing sales as usual and the four days, July 1st through the 4th, and those early days where people don’t obey the rules, are agony for our dog.

    I’m glad I’m not in Tulsa now as well, but I did enjoy it, mostly, for the 11 years I lived there before moving to the Kansas City area.

    I’m not big on eating inside establishments yet myself. I’ve ordered out food, but I don’t want to be inside a restaurant.

    I’ve seen The Dutch House all over the place, so it must be one that is resonating with a lot of people right now, I’m glad you are enjoying it.

  9. San Luis Obispo is so pretty. I’m glad your son likes it there. Hopefully he can get back into things … will his new job be in person or virtual? I’m surprised they’re having the fireworks where you are …. seems crazy. Hope your book discussion of The Dutch House goes well …. not sure the mothers are that great in that story, ha. take care.

    1. My son’s job is in-person which is why he had to move back. It’s a luxury hotel. Quite nice and brand new. It had opened right before the quarantine and then had to shut down so it’s like starting fresh. He is working the front desk and was offered full time hours on his first day so he’s happy about that. Occupancy is low right now because of COVID and the fact that they are new and don’t have a reputation yet. Today is his third day and so far, so good.

      The Dutch House. The mothers… mixed feelings about the one mom. Loving the writing though. I love stories where the house is a character. You know what I mean?

      And the fireworks… now the city is saying people have to stay in their cars to view them. That won’t happen.

        1. Yes! The Haunting of Hill House gave me the same feeling. We discussed The Dutch House last night during our club meeting and it was interesting to hear the differing opinions about the house itself. To me, the sense of place that a home provides, is often a reminder of what once was. Bittersweet sometimes. Such a good discussion.

          1. How cool that you have an active book club meeting. Book discussion, when everyone has read the book, can be so much fun.

            I agree with your thoughts about home. I’m really glad that my parents moved to this state several years ago and that I don’t have to travel to see them anymore, but I still miss the home we grew up in not being in the family anymore.

  10. Texas set records for the last two days in numbers of cases. My town has been going crazy since things started opening up. Do people think the virus has gone away? Or do they think they are invulnerable? Or do they just not care? Frustrated.

    I listened to Dutch House on audio at the recommendation of Kathy at Bermuda Onion (I think). Tom Hanks read the book. And, well, Tom Hanks.

    1. Read by Tom Hanks? I can only imagine that being wonderful.

      The virus is spiking all over the place and so is stupidity. So many are still calling it a sham. What’s causing the spikes? Stupidity. Plain and simple.

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