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Whatnot – Week 3

Chloe in her Christmas sweater.
The Otter Pup stole that wrap from Rudolph in case you recognize it.

Look who’s here to bring you a little Christmas cheer! The Otter Pup!! Many of you know we call her that because when she was rescued as a puppy, she spent so much time on her back begging for belly rubs that she resembled an otter. Her formal name is Chloe. You can find her on Instagram!

Chloe isn’t too happy with me at the moment because she had to get her shots yesterday. She is a little sore and I think she thought she was going to the park when I took her which she quickly realized was not the case. Dogs are so smart. We tried a new vet because her old vet suddenly wants to charge for an exam when one is not needed. We walked into a place and got her shots done in five minutes but even though the place is new she STILL knew it was a doctor’s office.

It’s midweek and I finally feel like the stress and anxiety I’ve been carrying around is beginning to wane. I find that I do not tolerate minor irritants all that well now. My threshold was much higher before but now one or two things go south and I am ready to stick my head in a hole like an ostrich. Anyone else feel like that?

We watched A Charlie Brown Christmas the other night and I guess I never paid attention to the details before but what Charlie Brown says about Christmas really hits home this year. Applies to 2020 perfectly!

I have a work Zoom party tonight, a Zoom Happy Hour for book club on Thursday, dental appointments and then I hope we can visit a new park this weekend. My city has a plethora of parks and we decided a couple of weeks ago that we’d pile the pup into the car and visit each one. Some have been really quite nice with walking trails and the like.  I wasn’t much of an outdoorsy person before COVID but I am now. I have to be outside each day. The pup does not complain!

Well, I’ve gone on too much. I hope you are finding some happiness in the little things because it’s too easy these days to slip down into depression. Plus, it’s getting colder now. Just be good to yourself and give yourself permission to do things differently this year. I am using 2020 as a free pass to get out of a lot of things that I am just not up to doing and that’s okay.

Keep reading. Light a nice fire or a favorite candle and stay cozy.

Whatnot – Week 2

My neighborhood.

This photo is deceiving because it looks rather pleasant and nice but it was taken during a lull in the hellish winds we’ve been experiencing. Everything is bone dry. We haven’t see a drop of rain since May. Brush fires are always a threat these days. One took off right behind my husband’s work the other night but no buildings were affected.

I hope you don’t mind these random posts. I feel the need to stay connected even when I have no reviews to post. I am still reading Parable of the Sower but I must finish it today. It’s taking me far too long to get through. In fact, I am going to declare here for all the land to hear that it will be finished today!

How are you spending your time these days? I am still going for my walks with the pup. She’s a funny girl. The other day it was windy and cold and I tried to take her out. We had to come back not five minutes after we left because of falling tree branches. Boy! Did she give me the stink eye all day long! Plus, she ignored me the next day too. Yesterday was the first time she ran up to me to go for walkies in a few days. I guess she forgives me now.

I’ve been watching a lot of old TV too like Newhart and Adam 12. I need nostalgia to take my mind off our shutdown. I haven’t spent much time in the yard because of all the wind. I did just wash my car out of sheer boredom though.

I hope you are all well and finding ways to be happy.