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Review: Big Driver (Audio)

Big Driver (audio)Big Driver (audio)
Written by Stephen King
Read by Jessica Hecht
(Simon & Schuster Audio | ISBN 9781442383746 | October 2014 )

The Short of It:

The kind of story you drop everything for. The kids can go hungry, but you’ve got to finish your read. You know the type I am talking about.

The Rest of It:

This little novella was actually part of a collection, originally published in Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King in 2010.  But in case you haven’t noticed, King is on the popularity train right now. Many of his books and short stories have been adapted for film or TV or are in the works to be adapted soon and he has another new novel coming out this November, Revival.  I have some fun scheduled for that one.

Tess Thorne, a thirty-something mystery writer who lives at home with her cat, runs into a little bit of car trouble on her way home from a book signing. What she encounters is horrifying and every woman’s worst nightmare.

The story is riveting and at times, brutal. I listened to it on my way home from work, and every time I pulled into my driveway I walked into the house with my ear buds firmly attached because it was so hard to stop listening! King’s story is not that unique but there are things about it that creep you out. One, the main character creates voices for those around her, her cat, the librarian and the person she is most afraid of.

These imaginary conversations are very disturbing. More so, because Jessica Hecht’s interpretation is downright chilling. I can’t say that I enjoyed her speaking voice all of the time. Sometimes, the main character, who is supposed to be a thirty-something, sounds like an 80 year-old woman and that’s not just because of what the character goes through. Because of that, at times, I didn’t feel that her reading was true to the character.

King includes all the classic “King” stuff that keeps you coming back for more. The weird little sayings, “It likes you, and you like it.” Said, over and over until you feel like you are on the brink of losing it. The strange mannerisms and yes, the zinger cuss words here and there, coming out of the main character’s mouth. Lends the story a crassness that keeps you on the edge of your seat because you don’t know what the main character is capable of. Is Tess losing it? Holding it together? Giving up? Your heart will beat out of your chest until you know for sure.

This also counts as a R.I.P read.

Peril the Second

As I mentioned above, so many King projects being translated for TV or the big screen. This is no exception. Big Driver is airing tonight, October 18th on Lifetime. Here is a little preview and if you miss tonight’s showing, you can catch it on Sunday, 10/19.

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The Sunday Salon: Thinking about Summer


It’s a beautiful day in So Cal. It’s about 72 degrees and gorgeous! I’ve been visiting blogs and from the looks of it, many of you are thinking about Summer and putting your reading lists together. I am not quite there yet. We had some funky weather which sort of delayed that feeling for me, but now that it’s sunny again and all the stores are pushing their outdoor stuff, I’m started to get excited about it.

But, do I have a Summer reading list yet? Uh…no. However, I normally pick some heavier reads for Summer so it may take awhile for me to come up with my list.

On to other things…

I haven’t shared photos of the Otter Pup lately so here are a few along with a brief update. She’s still doing great. We love her to pieces. She’s gained 2 lbs. since we adopted her and weighs in at a hefty (ha!) 7 lbs. She is quite the personality. Chloé knows her name now but comes to “Baby” which makes me think that is what her previous owner called her. She’s about 8 months old now.

Chloe getting a tan

Here she is getting a suntan. With her blond highlights and her Hollywood tan, she fits right into the California lifestyle. See that smile? Each time you click on the photo it should get bigger. I love her little pouty mouth.

The Sunday Salon

Today is a lazy day. I ran one errand (can’t seem to escape them) and then later we are hitting my MIL’s for a BBQ. My nephew is home from Afghanistan for a short visit so we’ll visit with him a bit. Until that time though, I plan to hang out with the book I’m reading, The Raising. I rolled my eyes by page 58, but now I am pretty into it.

Oh, and while flipping channels I stumbled across an AbFab marathon. I love that show, so I’ll have to sneak a few peeks at it in between reading. What are you doing today?