Sunday Matters: The Heat Can Go Away Now

Sunday Matters

We had some lovely weather between May and July but last week we hit (116) and more of the same this week along with the fires have made the air quality absolute muck. Look at that sky. What color IS it?

Right Now:

I’ve got nothing huge planned today. We will typically pile into the car and just drive somewhere. Anywhere. I spend the entire week at home working so a change of scenery is usually in order but we have driven everywhere and driving far away doesn’t make sense if you can’t do much when you get there. I am dying to go to a museum but they are all closed right now.

This Week:

I don’t have anything scheduled for this week and I am going to just sit back and enjoy it. Yes, I have work but after this week all the appointments that this time of year brings with it, are beginning to make an appearance on the calendar again. Speaking of which, it’s time to consider planners for 2021 but I don’t see that Passion Planner has any coming out! I hope they do. Usually by now they make a big cover reveal announcement but I’ve seen nothing. I sent them a message but so far, no reply.


I finished and reviewed The End of the Day by Bill Clegg. It was not a win for me. However, I am currently reading The Vanishing Half and loving it. That completes my summer reading list!

Soon, hopefully, the RIP Challenge will begin and then I joined this September read-along so there is something to look forward to.


I’ve not been watching much TV but I did watch some of the Democratic National Convention and it left me feeling hopeful.

The one thing I have been watching is baseball! Me! My husband has been glued to the set because he missed sports so much and since it’s been on in the background, I have been getting into it. I will sit there with my book but I understand the game a lot more now. I also catch myself counting how many times they touch their face. I can’t help it.

Grateful for:

  • Dolly Parton announced a new Christmas album that is coming out in October! I am so there for it. I love Dolly.
  • Hallmark Christmas shows. I guess I have been watching something. I had some recorded from last year because I discovered them so late but they are truly, wonderful to watch during a pandemic. So warm and inviting.

Have you shifted to a fall mindset yet? Our weather prevents it but as soon as school starts, I always think of fall. I don’t go out often but when I do, I see fall everywhere in the stores. I like it.

15 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: The Heat Can Go Away Now”

  1. The DNC was so inspiring; so well done. I generally love baseball but the Red Sox have a terrible team this year as they traded all their good players – in retrospect, with the virus and no fans, probably a good year to get rid of big buck players and rebuild with younger less expensive ones.

    Enjoy your week.

  2. 116 heat is brutal. I did feel 112 degrees before I left Redlands. Now I’m back in Canada in quarantine where it’s not so hot. Sorry about the gray smoky skies there, ugh! Feels like you can barely breathe. Perhaps you should drive to the beach. I had one last OC beach day — last Sunday which was nice … just to go in the Ocean. Congrats on finishing your summer list, very good! I too plan to read the Vanishing Half. enjoy your week.

    1. We have another heat wave predicted for this week but honestly, this is the norm here. We usually get another blast of heat late September too. I still like to think of it as fall though.

  3. I also felt hopeful after watching bits of the DNC. And, I am tired of the heat, humidity, and gross/unhealthy air quality. We are stuck at home, but at least before this week we could sit outside. Ugh.

    1. We had a tiny breeze yesterday but it was enough to turn the sky a weak blue color. Not the horrible putty color we have had all week long. And it’s supposed to be hot again this week. I thought we were going to get a break.

  4. I feel like summer was a big bust for us. It’s the one time of year we get to go on a vacation somewhere, but with all the uncertainty at my hubby’s work he’s been reluctant to take a week off. So we’re just doing short trips and weekend things. I took a week off for my birthday, which was nice to spend a week with my daughter doing whatever without work being around. She enjoyed the time, which we spent a lot of at the pool.

    I hope the fires get contained…it’s been too crazy writing about all the disasters this year for work. 😦 I wish 2020 would just give us a break already.

    I haven’t been reading much, but I am watching Hallmark with my daughter. That’s been our feel-good release. We’re watching Mysteries at the moment — Aurora Teagarden, etc.

    1. If I really sit down to consider 2020, I have to say that it could be a lot worse for me. I am still able to work from home. Online school seems to be ok. No one has gotten the dang virus. You know, that kind of stuff. The political garbage is bringing me down though.

  5. I enjoyed Appointment in Samarra for the writing. Need to read more by that author. Nope, not in a fall frame of mind at all, although we’ve had a couple days that were cool enough to go outside and one day we had a window open for hours!!! Shocking! We occasionally get hundred-teen heat but not this year, thank goodness. I feel for you. Back in my youngest son’s HS days, he had to go out and march in that kind of heat and then follow it up immediately with swim practice. It was the band practice that was worrying. A lot of parents tried to get it moved to morning but they were adamant about not wanting to do that, so we just got used to having paramedics occasionally show up to resuscitate the overheated kids. I’m going to take off the week from politics. Might get offline in a sec and just stay off, maybe do IG and nothing else. Hope you have a good week!

    1. When I was a cheerleader in high school it was the same way. We had hell week all summer long, which is ironic… hell “week” not months. Haha. But we would always faint from the heat.

      I would like to stay away from politics but I know I am gonna tune in at some point for the circus that is happening tonight.

  6. Just found out that R.I.P. is happening (Yay!!!) and I’m looking forward to participating in that.

    116 sounds like a punishment, not a weather forecast. Ugh. I cannot even imagine.

    1. Yay!! So happy to hear that RIP is happening! I am getting my list ready now. 116 feels like I am standing in an oven. Seriously.

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