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Sunday Matters: Hello, October

Sunday Matters

What a week! All I want to do is watch Hallmark Christmas movies, read something really good and just escape from reality for a little while. I have Monday off so this is looking like a plan that could actually happen.

Right Now:

I am trying to make my Sundays a little more relaxing by doing my errands on Friday night or Saturday during the day. That said, my day is pretty open to do what I want.

My church began services again. I have seen some videos of events recently and some people are not wearing masks although my church requires it. I seriously do not know why these people cannot wear the damn mask. I would like to attend a service but not if people are still gallivanting around without one. That means online is my only option at the moment.

This Week:

Monday off. I would like to do something because my daughter is off from school too but many places are still closed down in some way. I’ve not been feeling too great or we’d go to the beach or something but it’s a trek and I have to have supplies. Ha! Books, snacks, the like. When you aren’t feeling great you don’t want to haul all that stuff around.

The rest of the week is pretty wide open. I am going to put in for more vacation time at work, work on setting up my new 2021 planner, and do a little more meal planning in my meal journal.

Also, and I hate this part but I may look into some online exercise routine or begin walking again. I cannot for the life of me lose this pandemic pudge and it’s probably one reason why my stomach is bothering me. Could be an ulcer in the works. I hope not because it took a year to get rid of the last one.


I reviewed The Sun Down Motel this past week and loved it. It counted for the R.I.P Challenge too which is nice. Look at your girl and her challenges!! Summer, done. R.I.P., going well.

Right now, I am reading Wendy Walker’s Don’t Look For Me. I am really into it at the moment. Also reading The Testaments for a book discussion. It’s been a long time since I’ve read The Handmaid’s Tale but I really don’t want to read it again before this next book.


The Walking Dead finale from last season is tonight. They had to postpone due to COVID and to be honest, I don’t even remember the last episode and actually care little about it. I’ll watch it just to wrap it up but this might be it for me. Poor writing for the past two years does not make a hit show and with everything going on I have no patience for poor writing.

The Haunting of Bly Manor comes out October 9 on Netflix. It’s part of The Haunting of Hill House series but a totally different story and characters from what I can gather. I’ll watch! Hope it’s good.

Grateful for:

  • Friends who work in financial aid and are happy to answer my FAFSA questions. Filling it out for #2 this year! Those who know, know.
  • Cool mornings and good coffee, together.
  • Tacos.

Oh! I was happy to hear that Dolly Parton has a Christmas musical coming out right before Thanksgiving (11/22) on Netflix. I really like her and what she stands for. Something to look forward to, for sure.

Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square
Credit: Netflix

I have moments where I feel very hopeful about things and right now is one of them. I hope you have a really good week.

Sunday Matters: Hope

Sunday Matters

We have entered very dark waters but let us not lose hope. Every day I wake with a sense of dread but by mid-day, I am fighting, spitting mad over the state of our country. There are many good people out there and I believe that good will triumph over bad. We have to believe that.

I have a few friends who are on the fence about voting. This is no longer Democrat vs. Republican. Heck, here’s some trivia for you. I used to be a Republican. I digress. Anyway, some are considering not voting. Not voting equates to a vote for the current administration. There are some issues that I feel need attention but I can’t turn a blind eye to how this current administration treats people in general. The name-calling, hiding behind religion when it fits the agenda, the lies, and backing QAnon conspiracy theories takes the cake. Oh, and I didn’t even mention the pandemic.

Think about that.

Right Now:

If I can get everyone up early enough, I am hoping to hit a new breakfast spot that my daughter found on Instagram. Later today, my youth group meets for frozen yogurt (outside, masks and distanced).

This Week:

Not much planned. I have been slowly going through my garage which has become a dumping ground for the unwanted. I made some progress last week and hope to continue this week.

Because I am over the max for vacation time, I have this Friday and the following Monday off which I completely forgot about. I also have to put in more requests for time off for the holidays. A good problem to have. Of course, now that my son is in school and working full time I am not sure what Thanksgiving and Christmas will be like for him. Not sure he will be able to come home.


I fell into a little slump this past week so not much reading done. I will be reading Don’t Look For Me if I can pull my eyes away from the news.


Still watching Ratched on Netflix and it is good. It’s so beautifully shot and even though it’s a little much, it is exactly what you need if you want to be entertained.

I have seen a few of you mention The Home Edit. I love to organize and streamline so that may be my next show to watch.

Grateful for:

  • My son’s house that he is renting with his classmates was tented this weekend for termites. So grateful that the hotel he works at gave him a discounted rate so he’d have a place to go for three days.
  • The sunlight streaming through my window. After those smoky skies, I am soaking up every drop of sunshine I can.
  • Arnold Palmers. Because of the COVID 15 I gained, I have not been having wine so now and then I will enjoy an Arnold Palmer and the one I enjoy is low sugar. Nothing screams end of summer like a good iced tea / lemonade drink.

What has kept you busy these days? I started a notebook filled with easy dinner ideas so that when I go to the market I can just pick a few and shop accordingly. I tried it this past weekend and it worked great. Less stress.

Have a good week!