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Sunday Matters: Out of the Fog and into Fall

Sunday Matters

The past week was a blur. It was a combination of a full schedule, fun stuff (homecoming, volleyball tournament) but also me wading through the fog of pain meds (long story).

Right Now:

I decided to switch things up a little so I went to church last Thursday and this morning my life group and I will be serving a meal to a group of seniors at the senior home. Apparently, there is no meal service for them on the weekends?? What?

Later tonight, my teen group and I will be attending a concert in honor of Freedom Sunday, a global effort to end human trafficking. The stories alone will rip your heart right out of your chest. It needs to stop.

This Week:

We are waiting to see if The Girl gets a callback for The Music Man. There is a volleyball game and a dental appointment. Ugh. I really just want to hang out on my couch and read. I’ve got zero energy these days.

Still trying to figure out what is tearing up our backyard. I am reading a book where creatures come out to destroy everything so of course, I am envisioning very large creatures ripping up my lawn.


I am really into Bird Box by Josh Malerman. It came out a couple of years ago but I don’t remember seeing it. It’s RIVETING. These “creatures” take over the population but they are only a threat if you SEE them, so those who have survived spend their lives blindfolded. Crazy, right? I am half way done with it and I haven’t been able to put it down.

Read Along:

I think one person has officially signed-up for my read along and two unofficially. How can that be??? It’s King people! It starts on Tuesday! You can’t possibly allow me to read it by myself.


I finally saw IT! It wasn’t scary. Reminded me a lot of Stand by Me and Stranger Things. It was very good.

I am totally into American Horror Story: Cult even though it’s getting some not-so-great reviews. It’s just wild. Anything goes and even when I feel as if the creators are toying with us, I don’t care. It’s been the perfect distraction to everything going on in the world. Which is weird because it’s about everything going on in the world.


I baked some chicken one night ahead of the night I actually planned to eat it. That seemed to work out well because I don’t typically have time to bake things the night of. Too busy driving The Girl to where she needs to go. I need a little chauffeur hat. But, the chicken was so good. Just top with a high quality bottle of Caesar dressing and bake.

I also made spaghetti with chopped mushrooms and marinara.

We also had leftover chili which of course was better as leftovers.

For some reason I am craving a veggie burger.

Grateful for:

Good coffee. Coffee is no longer a beverage, is it? It’s a thing. A lifestyle. Once in awhile I will purchase coffee from a shop but not often. Mostly, I make it myself and I make it nice and strong with lots of cream and a dash of cardamon or cinnamon.

By the way, I saw two houses fully decorated for Halloween and according to the ads, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back (does it even leave?) so I guess the season has changed.

What is your favorite fall activity? Mine happens to be walking on the beach at sunset. It’s cold, but you bundle up and it’s just nice. You?


Sunday Matters: Fall is Almost Here

Sunday Matters

It has cooled down lots around here. We’ve had beautiful 85 degree days and the prettiest skies. I even lit a candle the other day! It feels so good to have cooler weather. I am also so glad that the weather in this country has calmed down a little.  I was so worried when Irma hit but I think I’ve touched base with most of you and the majority of you came out of it okay. I know this was not the case with all of you so I pray that the clean-up and rebuilding goes smoothly.

Right Now:

Just lounging around for a minute and then it’s laundry and all the other stuff I need to do. Some of which will be taken up by dress shopping for homecoming!

This Week:

Music Man auditions are this week. That’s always fun. My life group meets on Tuesday. There are volleyball games and pictures and homecoming at the end of the week.

Guess what? My son was accepted into Disney’s College Program! He leaves in January for at least one semester. If you are not familiar with it, he will be working at Disney World Orlando and taking classes as part of the program. He is very excited. He needed a little good news and he got it.


I finished My Absolute Darling and it was a real kick in the gut. Not like A Little Life but similar in how brutal the story is. I keep using “brutal” to describe it but that is truly the word that my mind spits out over and over again.

I just started Bird Box for RIP XII and The Lathe of Heaven for book club.

Don’t forget that King’s new book comes out later this month! Join me for the read along. Click the button below for info:


  • Fear the Walking Dead (it seems to have gotten boring again)
  • American Horror Story: Cult (it’s full of clowns and if the main character continues to scream and cry all the time, I am going to lose it).

I feel like watching a comedy classic but not sure which one. Maybe Some Like it Hot.


It’s not even remotely cold but chili sounds good. The question is, will I actually make some? You know what also sounds good? Apple pie. You can make a meal out if that, right?

Grateful for:

I’ve expanded my volunteer hours to include a new area of need and it’s been good. Really good. My goal this year was to connect more with people and this opportunity certainly allows me to do that.

What about you? Tell me what’s been going on in your life.