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The Sunday Salon: Reading & More Reading

Invisible Book Cover

It’s been a rather lazy weekend for me (thank goodness). I spent all of yesterday reading Strangers at the Feast and boy, was it good. I managed to stay up half the night reading it so I am dragging a bit this morning.

Next up? Invisible by Paul Auster. It’s my book club pick for next month so I’m hoping it’s discussion worthy. I also received Auster’s new book, Sunset Park which looks really, really good.

Of course, there are a slew of books that I must read within the next few weeks and then there are the books that I want to read just for fun. It’s the story of my life.

Later today though, I will take a break from reading and hit a friend’s house for a BBQ and some swimming. What are you doing today?


Reading Quirks

Do you have any reading quirks?

I do.

Mine doesn’t really have anything to do with the environment. I can read in noisy places without any issues and I have been known to read with very little lighting. No, for me the quirkiness comes from the story itself and if the author has done his or her job, then the characters speak to me and I will typically have something to say in reply.

Yep. I talk to the characters when they are really well drawn. I am usually not aware that I am doing it but my kids and sometimes The Hub (when not taken hostage by the TV) have been known to bring it to my attention.

This happened recently with Labor Day by Joyce Maynard. The story revolves around a questionable character and all throughout the book, I kept hearing him say, “Hey Ti, I’m a good guy.” His actions spoke volumes. Another blogger mentioned to me that she didn’t care for the book because of its creep factor. I get what she is saying. In a normal situation I’d feel the same way, but that character was so well written (in my opinion) that he spoke to me. And everything that out of his mouth was good.

I think there are probably a lot of readers that do this while reading a book. Am I right? But do you do it afterward too? I finished the book a couple of days ago and I am still talking to Frank. The same can be said for King’s The Stand. I’ve been talking to Trashcan Man quite a bit lately and I’m sure I’ll talk to him a bit once I’m done.

Does the ability to hear a character automatically equal success? No. Lots of things have to come together for me to love a book, but I am always amused by the idea of a character coming to life on the page.

I’m sort of like that kid from the movie The Sixth Sense, only he sees dead people and I see (and talk) to people who don’t exist in real life. Could be worse. Heck, I could even call it a “talent” if I stretch the imagination a bit.

What’s your reading quirk?