Whatnot – 10/27/21

Minimal fall decor. Good morning! How’s it going? I am still plugging along and doing okay but as the holidays approach it feels a little weird. Thanksgiving will be really strange for us this year without the kids here. Still looking forward to the time off though. 

Today is a full day of work and then the Halloween Party for student ministry is tonight. It is 80’s themed and will be a good time.

I reviewed The Stowaway this past Monday. It was quite enjoyable given that it’s a about a serial killer running amok on a ship. A killer who targets children, no less. That book put a little hiccup in my reading because once you fly through a book like that, you want to keep the train going and I picked up Dune. Hard stop. My plan was to read it “quickly” so I can then watch the movie. Most of you have told me to just watch the movie. I will continue on for a bit to see how it goes.

We are anxiously awaiting our turn for the booster shot. We are due in November. I believe the Moderna booster was just approved for the under 65 age bracket. Trying to get my daughter and son to schedule theirs. Have you gotten yours?

This Friday night we will watch the original Halloween movie and then Saturday night Halloween II. Last Friday we saw the new one, Halloween Kills. I liked it! It has some surprises in it but out of all the movies this one has the highest kill count. It was almost comical how many are killed in this one. Michael was not happy.

Do you have plans for this weekend? Any Halloween parties? We will hand out candy for Halloween and that’s about it. I bought less candy this year. If we run out, I will just turn the lights off. Thirty dollars for a bag of candy is a bit ridiculous. In pre-Covid years we would go through five giant bags. This year, I bought two.

Have a great rest of the week!

15 thoughts on “Whatnot – 10/27/21”

  1. $30 for a bag of candy??😳 and in the Chicagoland area they are predicting record amounts of kids to go out.
    Hope you get your booster. I got the pfizer with no reactions.
    My daughter is loving stowaway. Im not a fan of the show that guy is on so I’ll have to think about it . From his show to murdering children he is all over the place
    I usually put up Thanksgiving turkeys etc to give it its due but this year I think I’m jumping straight to the tree. Very excited for Christmas
    Have fun at Halloween. I say keep the $30 bag for yourself and shut the lights off

    1. The cost of candy here has gone up every year but this $30 tag hit me where it hurts. The kids in my neighborhood are plentiful and we were practically the only house to hand out candy last year so we are looking forward to seeing the kids enjoy themselves but I draw the line at two bags this year.

      I like your idea of going straight to Christmas.

  2. I’m looking to get my parents and brother scheduled for their boosters. They need them. We watched Goosebumps last night, so we’re having a good time revisiting our favorite movies.

    A new neighbor is hosting a Halloween walk-through this weekend, so we may go to that with all its ghouls and scary things. I haven’t bought candy yet….we don’t usually get many kids, but this year with others participating, we may get more than usual, plus covid made kids miss the experience. We do have a Halloween brunch with our daughter’s bestie on Sunday.

    1. Our city has so many walkthroughs this year. I kind of want to visit a few of them but haven’t yet and probably won’t now.

  3. No Halloweening for me this year. I haven’t even gone to the pumpkin patch, which I think I need to remedy.

  4. We never have any trick-or-treaters even in non COVID times which is fine with me:) I’m getting my Moderna booster on Friday at noon. My daughter originally had J&J but got Moderna Booster yesterday. She’s just tired with a stiff neck? Good luck booking appointments. Right now there are an abundance of appts. at every CVS in the area.

    1. Pre-covid we have hundreds of trick or treaters. Vans and busses drop kids off at the beginning of my street. I’ve been known to beg my neighbor friends for their leftover candy because we always, always run out.

  5. $30 for one bag of candy is crazy! This weekend is the state cross country meet that two of my girls are running in. That’s about all the excitement I can handle! I think Halloween will be very low key as we recover from that.

    1. This candy was at Walmart too because Sam’s Club was out of the large bags of candy. That is really high for Walmart. Last year we spent $24 per bag.

  6. We don’t get trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood, so no candy here. I actually forgot that Halloween is this weekend! 🙂

    My husband is getting his booster (Moderna) today, as well as his flu shot. My mom gets her booster tomorrow. I’ll probably get my booster in a couple of weeks since we’re going to be traveling again and I don’t want to have a reaction and not be able to drive. I really was quite unwell the day after my 2nd shot.

    How’s your knee feeling?

    1. Oddly enough, I was on my feet for many hours last night and today the knee is less swollen. But I feel it coming back. It’s honestly a real pain. I feel like I am missing all this great walking weather.

  7. I bought 2 bags of candy. I lived in the country for 27 years and never had a trick or treater in all those years. Now I live in town and only have a handful. When I was growing up my mom had around 300 every year.

    Nobody in my family has gotten their booster shot yet.

  8. My husband accidentally washed his vaccination card, so now we are waiting for the booster until the replacement arrives. If it doesn’t get here by next week, we may go ahead and try to schedule the booster anyway.

    Thanksgiving is different without the kids. It’s always lovely to invite others to join us now, though.

    1. This is one instance where I’d be okay with a chip in my body. A chip with my vaccine info. That card is too fragile and although I have an electronic version some still ask for the card.

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