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Sunday Matters: It’s Time

Sunday Matters

How was Halloween for everyone? We noticed a marked difference in the amount of kids we saw but honestly, there was also a palpable need for normalcy so we handed out candy, safely, and not anywhere near as much as we normally do but 2020 is a bust and whatever we can do to make things somewhat enjoyable, without jeopardizing people’s health, we will do with the best intentions.

But guys, it’s time!! Election Day is almost here and I am ready for it. On election night, I may watch through spread hands, and chew every nail off my fingers but please God, please… let 2020 end well.

Right Now:

I would really like to go out for a good breakfast. The Girl sleeps in so probably won’t happen. Plus, the time change!

Later, a Zoom meeting with my youth group. Zoom fatigue is a thing. They spend hours on Zoom for school but we don’t have many options. The church is trying to stagger groups so that we can meet in person but meeting outside is not great as it’s chilly at night now.

This Week:

This week is all about the election because I can’t imagine us knowing anything until days later. I want to make a really good meal Tuesday night, mostly for distraction but hey, food is comforting and I know it shouldn’t be but I will take comfort where I can get it. Chinese food sounds really good at the moment but cooking it can be time consuming. Maybe takeout? Will probably be busy that night.


I reviewed Don’t Look For Me and One By One last week. My reviews of Invisible Girl and Leave the World Behind post this week. I am finishing the last few pages of You Can’t Catch Me by Catherine McKenzie and then may dive into one of my review copies, The Sprawl by Jason Diamond and I am still working on  that King book, Lisey’s Story.


The Haunting of Bly Manor has been pretty good.

Grateful for:

  • The sun. Not the blazing summer sun but the sun that’s been showing its face these past few days. It feel so good on the skin.
  • Succulents. I went to a new succulent nursery the other day and picked up two new plants for my garden. Some of those plants were $300 but my $15 plants are cute too.
  • Days off. I took last Friday off so my weekend was extended by a little bit. I cleaned the patio furniture, planted my new plants, read TWO books. It was glorious.

Okay everyone, tell me how you are spending Election Night. Watching? Not watching? Will there be food? Drink? Give me the details. I would like to enjoy a stiff cocktail while watching.

Sunday Matters: Boo!

Sunday Matters

We had a beautiful Saturday. We spent some if it in the small town of Ojai and then went to the beach on a whim. The view. Absolutely gorgeous. This was taken without filters right before dusk. The rain was on its way and it was a mild 70 degrees.

After our lovely day, we had a rough night. The Otter Pup was not feeling well. She barfed on my phone, got spooked by a balloon in the backyard but we didn’t know this at the time and then right after my son got home at 3 a.m. from work, someone threw a pumpkin through my neighbor’s rear car window and completely destroyed it. It was about to rain so my son and the Hub helped to cover it up but can you believe that?

So…we had no sleep. Who could sleep after that?

Right Now:

It’s late. I seriously did not have time to post this until now so I am in my room trying to get this posted.

But earlier…

We had church this morning and then went to my MIL’s house for lunch and a little football. Then, The Teen and I left for the middle-school ministry’s Halloween party. I have so much fun with those students.

Happy Halloween

This Week:

My neighborhood gets into Halloween so even though it’s a school night, I’m sure we’ll have lots of trick-or-treaters. We’ve had rain off and off for the past few days so if it rains that might affect how things go. Maybe.

Halloween is a work day for us too so we’ll be fighting traffic to get home. I hand the candy out with The Otter Pup and then The Hub usually follows The Teen and her friend around while they go from house to house.

Thursday is book club but my church is having a worship experience so I may attend that instead. Haven’t decided yet.


I am almost done with Summer of Night by Dan Simmons.  I am supposed to be reading a book about witches for book club. Even though it’s certainly the right time of year for it, I haven’t started it yet and we meet this Thursday.


I am still watching The Walking Dead although last week’s premiere really upset me. I know viewers always say “if so and so goes, we riot” but seriously, that is how I feel right now! But yeah, I’ll still be watching tonight.

American Horror Story has gone off the rails. It’s bloody and messy and funny at the same time. Where are they going with this story?


Not a thing. Haha. For Halloween, we will make Trader Joe’s pizzas and eat little snacks here and there.

Grateful for:

That beach day we had. I really needed it.

I have to catch up on all your posts from this weekend but I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you all have a great Halloween!