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Fall Tracking – Week 5

This is my street this morning. It’s a cold 50 degrees and it’s 10am. It’s pretty early for us to get a cold snap. We typically don’t see temps like this before mid-December. But look at that sky!

Last night, I brought all my succulents in. I wasn’t sure they could handle the 30 degree night. Some are in fixed planters so I covered those. I would hate to lose them to a freeze. I know certain types can take the cold but I have no idea what I have. I just pick plants that speak to me.

This crisp weather has me thinking about the Thanksgiving meal. I have a notebook that I keep JUST for Thanksgiving. Most of the dishes we enjoy are family faves that we always make but I will add one “new to us” dish for us to try. Last year, it was a baked sweet potato dish and it was not good. Kind of liked scalloped potatoes but with sweet potatoes. It was soupy and kind of weird. I’d rather just have a sweet potato with butter and cinnamon.

I always stress about the pies because I need to use a gluten free crust but this year, I am just going to use the Trader Joe’s GF crusts. They are decent. I won’t spend $28 on a GF pie from Whole Foods like I did last year, plus it was just okay.

Have you started to plan for the holidays? I know it will be hard for some, as their loved ones may not be able to visit due to COVID but do try to celebrate a little. This year was rough and we all deserve it.

Fall Tracking – Week 3

As you can see, the sky is bright blue and the trees have not changed much. Not a cloud in the sky because the day before, we had wind gusts clocked at 95 mph in some places.

My house is just to the left of this road. You can see my mailbox. I was out and about with the pup and then had to beat it out of there because of a car driving way too fast. It doesn’t look like fall so much but it FEELS like we’ve turned a corner for weather. I think Halloween will be brisk.

We picked up one pumpkin! No one will be here for carving really but you have to have at least one pumpkin for it to be called Halloween. I will carve it myself!