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Week 2 – Fall Tracking

It’s week 2 of me tracking fall here in Southern California. I do believe that there is some red appearing on that little tree there.

On a side note, I was pretty upset to see the carnage left behind by the raccoons this morning. They tear up our yard every year for a few days until they realize there are no grubs in the lawn. It’s infuriating to have a sea of green grass, be completely dug up by these guys! If you look carefully, you can tell where I tried to turn the soil back over with my shovel. Just to the right though, deep holes. Those little bastards!

The weather this week took a turn for some nice, cooler temps. It was 80 degrees yesterday and when I took the pup for a walk this morning it was a cool 50.

I see that some parts of the country already have snow. What kind of weather are you enjoying right now?

Fall – 10/13/20

Fall in California – It’s going to be 102 degrees today!

I saw someone else do this on Facebook. One photo a week to represent the ever-changing season. I may not post the same photo every week but you’ll get a good idea of why Californians have to “create” their own seasons with decor and the like.

This is part my backyard. That small tree blew in and then grew so quickly. Last year it turned a spectacular shade of red. Let’s see if it happens again this year.