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Sunday Matters: Oh, What to Say?

Sunday Matters

I’m in a weird mood. I can feel fall edging summer out and it feels glorious but then school started and we are back to having homework “conversations”, driving you-know-who back and forth and your basic running around. Plus, I usually have my garage all organized by now. I tend to use summer for that but it didn’t happen this year. I like to have it all squared away before the Halloween stuff comes out. I’ll work on it.

The other night though, my uncle and his wife were visiting Vegas and headed our way for dinner. That was a very nice visit and it broke up the week in a good way. My weeks can be so routine sometimes.

Right Now:

Today is a slightly different schedule for us because youth group is not meeting so we can all attend a beach baptism event at one of the local beaches. I’m all for going to the beach and some of our students will be baptized so it will be a good celebration.

This Week:

The Girl tries out for volleyball this Monday and Tuesday. The first game is 8/22 and I need to know if I should reschedule her orthodontist appointment or not. This last minute stuff gets to me.


Honestly, I have not been reading this week. I’ve carried my books all over the place thinking I’d read them but nope. I am stuck on one book and it’s affecting my reading overall. I need to ditch it or push through it so I can move on.


I feel like watching horror movies. Does that mean the R.I.P event is about to start soon?


I’ve made a lot of things with rice. Chicken with rice, chicken pineapple bacon sausage with rice, tacos with rice. It’s just easy and it’s what I can make when my daughter takes all my greens to make a smoothie.

Grateful for:

Cooler weather. It really hasn’t been cooler during the day but it’s been cool in the morning and I can tell that soon it will be fall and this oppressive heat will be leaving us.

On another note, the Otter Pup has developed a fear of flies. Has anyone else dealt with a fly phobia? I know this is a result of the bees flying out of our chimney last year but these are flies and she is terrified and quaking in her boots. If one gets in the house, we all have to drop what we are doing to take care of it or she will not stop shaking. Any ideas?


I’ve Been Off the Grid a Little…

…not intentionally, but when there is a show in the works I go into this weird, alternate reality where nothing gets cooked, nothing gets read and the house is less than clean. Like that? Less than clean. Imagine show shoes peppered throughout the house, costume pieces all over the place, things where they shouldn’t be. I do not have OCD but clutter gets me every time.

However, that is all behind us now until the next show. Grease went well. It was strange to hear young people come around a corner saying “I need a cigarette” but they really did… a prop cigarette. I handed out many this past weekend. The Girl did well with her part of the duet but her mic went out. That’s live theatre for you.

School starts this week so we had back-to-school prep to do along with registration. I have a bin of school supplies in the garage so we will probably raid that as we have not been able to shop.

On Friday my uncle is coming out to visit with his wife and we will all head out for dinner. Looking forward to that.

Sometime soon, I plan to prep for the King “Sleeping Beauties” read along. The book comes out September 26! I seriously cannot wait. It’s 700+ pages!

Sleeping Beauties

Is anyone excited for fall to hit? I feel it in the air and I hope this year I can enjoy it.