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Review: The Lonely Hearts Hotel

The Lonely Hearts Hotel

The Lonely Hearts Hotel
By Heather O’Neill
Riverhead Books, Hardcover, 9780735213739, February 7, 2017, 400pp.

The Short of It:

Something magical lurks within these characters but they can’t quite escape their past.

The Rest of It:

Two babies are left to be raised in an orphanage in 1914. As they grow older, it’s obvious that they each possess their own, unique talents. Pierrot & Rose are sent to perform all over town while the orphanage benefits from these performances but when Pierrot is adopted after enduring years of sexual abuse at the hands of one of the nuns, Rose is left wondering why he’s left her without a word about where he’s gone.

The story follows Pierrot and Rose as they move into adulthood and unfortunately, the lives they lead are not easy ones. The story is quite dark but there is a fanciful feel to it which makes the story somewhat easier to read. They each find themselves doing whatever is needed in order to survive. For Pierrot, that’s stealing and for Rose that’s prostitution and pornography. In her mind, performance is always front and center. Her dreams of starting her own company begin and falter. She’s really a lost soul but just hasn’t realized it yet.

I’ve said to a few others that this book reminds me of The Night Circus and it does, in that it has clowns and dancers and haunting piano music playing out in the background. Visually, the author did a great job of setting the stage. However, it’s a very sad story. Rose’s desperation to be rich and famous eclipses nearly everything else. Pierrot’s love for Rose is so great that he makes the ultimate sacrifice for her.

I enjoyed The Lonely Hearts Hotel but there were moments where I wasn’t sure where the author was going with the story. Rose, is cold-hearted in my opinion and too full of herself which made the last third of the book hard to finish. There was quite a bit of back and forth and at some point, I felt as if the author wanted more of the fanciful, pretend world that the characters enjoyed when they were younger but that it was difficult to work it back into the story.

Some parts I enjoyed immensely but I did have some mixed feelings about Rose. I recommend this book to readers who like the dark, tragic side of love with a bit of whimsy thrown in.

Source: Review copy provided by the publisher.
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Sunday Matters: Working for the Weekend

Sunday Matters

I feel as if I work all week just to get to the weekend. I would love for them to be a little longer but I’ll take what I can get! This weekend was pretty good. Not a lot going on. I got to browse the bookstore. I got to eat some yummy food. Oh, and I had a moment to put the house in order. I cannot stand when things pile up.

Right Now:

Just sitting here with my coffee. I should be writing out bills but who the heck wants to do that? No one.

This Week:

The beginning of the week will be the same old stuff but this weekend I am attending a leader retreat. I wasn’t able to attend last year’s event so this will be my first time. Because of my neck injury, which is finally healing, I won’t be able to do the crazy stuff like obstacle courses, swinging on ropes, etc. I am secretly glad about that.


This is the part that is supposed to change weekly but hey, I did finish a book. Mark the calendar!! I really want to pick up the Murakami I have but I have a book in front of it. Maybe I will pick it up anyway.


Same stuff. I need some new shows. I did watch another episode of Black Mirror. That show is depressing as hell. If you need a pick-me-up do not watch that show but if you want to sit there staring at the screen with your mouth hanging open, and don’t care how you feel afterward, then go ahead and watch it.


Not making it yet but I saw a picture of BBQ’s brisket so now I want brisket. Brisket and mashed potatoes and maple carrots? Yes. Please.

Grateful for:

I’ve been watching my food intake and the Noom app has been a real help. Easy to use. Free. Keeps me honest. I’m grateful to have it with me at all times. Much easier than writing it out which would get boring fast.

That is all I have. What are you doing this weekend?