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Sunday Matters: One Down

Sunday Matters

Did you all make it through Halloween okay? My neighborhood wasn’t into it this year but we had so many kids walking up to the house that I lost count. I asked them where they were from and most were from 20-30 miles away and came in a van pool or bus!

One major holiday down. Already.

Right Now:

Just sitting here pondering my life. The Girl made a club team for volleyball so even though her high school season just ended, we now enter club season. We were not anticipating this for a lot of reasons but here we are.

This Week:

I don’t have much going on this week. My usual stuff and nothing extra which is nice. I shall bask in the glory while I can.


I finished and reviewed Little Fires Everywhere. It was so good. I also finished Lab Girl but need to review it. I am about to start Keep Her Safe by Sophie Hannah and The Ghost at the Table by Suzanne Berne.


American Horror Story is all over the place but also kind of good. I can’t stop watching because it always pushes the boundaries and this season is no exception.

The Walking Dead is really getting on my nerves. The story has gone south but I am not ready to give up on it. I’ve given it too much time. WAY too much of my time to give up now.

I introduced my son to Some Like it Hot. I LOVE Marilyn Monroe’s “Sugar” and Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon are so funny.


I don’t feel like making anything and I am not in the mood for anything. Pretty soon, it will be time to buy the turkey but until then I can see myself eating cereal.

Grateful for:

Weekends. I  know I’ve mentioned them before but I don’t think I could live without them.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, what’s the one dish you look forward to?  Believe it or not, I love brussels sprouts. I roast them with balsamic vinegar, some bacon and at the end a little brown sugar and honey.


Review: Little Fires Everywhere

Little Fires Everywhere

Little Fires Everywhere
By Celeste Ng
Penguin Press, Hardcover, 9780735224292, September 12, 2017, 352pp.

The Short of It:

The essence of motherhood can be shown in so many ways, a photograph of a mother holding a child, a mother gazing through a window at a child who is no longer hers, a mother’s contempt for her own daughter. All these things come together in this beautifully told story.

The Rest of It:

The story opens with Izzy burning down her house. From the moment of conception, Mrs. Richardson knew that this child would be different from her other children and as Izzy grows into a young woman, Mrs. Richardson wonders if she will ever have a relationship with her that isn’t wrought with frustration and worry.

Izzy doesn’t get along with anyone in her family but does get along with Mia and her daughter, Pearl. Mia and Pearl are renters of a little apartment owned by Izzy’s family. Although they are renters, Pearl is more a part of the family than Izzy is, always hanging out at the main house with the other kids. Mia, a photographer by trade, makes ends meet by taking odd jobs and eating leftover takeout but she has a way with Izzy and even Izzy is surprised by this.

There are many stories within this novel as each character finds his or her way but ultimately, it’s a story about motherhood and what it means to be a family. As these characters interact with each other and their story lines begin to cross, secrets are revealed and they are forced to look closely at themselves in the mirror. We find out why Izzy burns the house down and somehow we can relate.

I really loved this beautifully written novel and it will most definitely be on my list of faves at the end of the year. Everything came together so beautifully. Not perfectly tied-up with a bow but realistically and with hope. I plowed through those final pages and then read the last page over and over again.

Have you read it? If not, I highly recommend it.

Source: Review copy provided by the publisher.
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