Sunday Matters: One Down

Sunday Matters

Did you all make it through Halloween okay? My neighborhood wasn’t into it this year but we had so many kids walking up to the house that I lost count. I asked them where they were from and most were from 20-30 miles away and came in a van pool or bus!

One major holiday down. Already.

Right Now:

Just sitting here pondering my life. The Girl made a club team for volleyball so even though her high school season just ended, we now enter club season. We were not anticipating this for a lot of reasons but here we are.

This Week:

I don’t have much going on this week. My usual stuff and nothing extra which is nice. I shall bask in the glory while I can.


I finished and reviewed Little Fires Everywhere. It was so good. I also finished Lab Girl but need to review it. I am about to start Keep Her Safe by Sophie Hannah and The Ghost at the Table by Suzanne Berne.


American Horror Story is all over the place but also kind of good. I can’t stop watching because it always pushes the boundaries and this season is no exception.

The Walking Dead is really getting on my nerves. The story has gone south but I am not ready to give up on it. I’ve given it too much time. WAY too much of my time to give up now.

I introduced my son to Some Like it Hot. I LOVE Marilyn Monroe’s “Sugar” and Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon are so funny.


I don’t feel like making anything and I am not in the mood for anything. Pretty soon, it will be time to buy the turkey but until then I can see myself eating cereal.

Grateful for:

Weekends. I  know I’ve mentioned them before but I don’t think I could live without them.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, what’s the one dish you look forward to?  Believe it or not, I love brussels sprouts. I roast them with balsamic vinegar, some bacon and at the end a little brown sugar and honey.

26 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: One Down”

  1. Your recipe for making brussel sprouts delish sounds appealing. I found a recipe online – using bacon and crushed walnuts, adding the leaves of the brussel sprouts, not the whole bud, just as many as are easy to peel off. Tried it without the nuts, and it was quite good. I also used ham instead of bacon. Didn’t taste like sprouts at all.

  2. I eat cereal for dinner once in a while. I love Brussels Sprouts too, it’s one of my top 3 favorite vegetables.

    I finished all of Gilmore Girls, starting on This Is Us today.

  3. My daughter loves Brussels sprouts. I like them too, but the rest of the family only tolerates them. Your recipe sounds amazing! I finished two books this weeks… don’t even remember the last time that happened. Hope my wait for Little Fires Everywhere isn’t too much longer. Have a good week!

  4. I think this year I am making Brussel Sprouts Au Gratin…but I love stuffing, too! I loved Little Fires Everywhere…I can’t believe I didn’t read her first book! Cereal until Thanksgiving is appealing in a weird way.

  5. I don’t like it, but every year, I have to see the can of cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. It’s just not Thanksgiving without it. But I do like pumpkin pie and has to be pie, not cheesecakes or some other variation.

    1. I read somewhere that the can shape is iconic and that consumers would not buy it in another form if say they packaged it in a seam free way. Weird huh? I have to have both on the table. My entire family likes canned but I like relish made with fresh cranberries and jalapenos and orange zest.

  6. Your brussel sprouts sound amazing! I am quite fond of them in most forms — I just saute them with salt and sumac, and they’re delish. I’ve been told that it’s possible to cook brussel sprouts en masse and freeze them in small batches, but I have not actually attempted to do it yet.

    So glad you had trick-or-treaters even though your neighborhood kiddos weren’t as into it this year. I never have any, although I continue to hopefully buy candy every year. One time I’m going to have a trick-or-treater or two and it’s going to be great.

    1. I’ve frozen sprouts before but they don’t taste the same. They are easy enough to cook up fresh when I want them. There was one year where there was a shortage and my batch was small and hard and crappy. LOL.

  7. Ti, we are of like mind – I just ate cereal for dinner 🙂 Halloween was actually pretty quiet this year – we had one group of trick or treaters and that was it – crazy! TWD for some reason is not impressing me this season. I might skip it tonight and just watch Ride with Norman Reedus instead. I am already thinking of what to cook for Thanksgiving. My fave dish is mashed potatoes and gravy. Brussel sprouts are a close second 🙂 I love your recipe and may have to use this year. Hope you have a great week!!

    1. I make a good gluten free gravy from scratch so I am able to enjoy mashed potatoes and gravy too. I have so many fave sides though and they all end up on the table. LOL.

  8. Club volleyball. How much travel will THAT involve?

    OMG. You are just now showing your son Some Like it Hot? Have you watched Arsenic and Old Lace yet with your kids? That is another awesome old movie. Cary Grant is hilarious in that one, and the supporting cast is equally marvelous.

    My kids are not really into the Thanksgiving meal, so I don’t know what we will be making. I do know it will not involve Brussels sprouts. That is one vegetable that I have not convinced them to eat quite yet.

    Enjoy your relatively calm week!

    1. She didn’t try out for the full travel team. She is on a limited travel team so most of her tournaments will be about an hour away but with traffic more like 90 min away. We have a lot of conflicts though which I just sent to the coach. It’s not a lot considering how many times they meet but typing it out felt like a lot.

      My kids are ALL about the Thanksgiving meal. The Girl can cook it on her own she has helped so many times. However, this year my son is working two seasonal jobs and I think he will not be able to enjoy the meal on the actual day.

  9. Hi Ti, no to brussel sprouts but yes to mashed potatoes and good cranberry sauce! We haven’t started this season’s Walking Dead and I wonder if we’re done with it. Our interest has waned to even start it again. We have it taped but not sure we’ll do it again. So many seasons we’ve watched too. What do you think? I would watch the next season of crazy Homeland if that ever became available to us — up here. Enjoy your week. PS. more volleyball? thought that was over for awhile

    1. Honestly, TWD this season is just not good. I can’t recommend it but if it picks up or something happens to change my opinion of it, then I will let you know.

      I thought we were done with volleyball too until summer camp but to make JV it’s almost a requirement to do club ball off season.

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