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Words, Words, Words

Everyone is moving right into the new year and here I am feeling as if I have a scratch in my vinyl. My mind is skipping all over the place so I thought it best to at least check in.

Many of you have come up with your One Word for the year. I am toying with words in the back of my mind but none of them are right and many of them are strange (in my opinion) but seem to fit the mood. Like BEAUTY. I  mean, what the heck is that about? Right now, I have a notepad by my bed and when one hits me, I jot it down. Maybe I will have one before February. Maybe not.

I’ve got some reviews written and they they will post this week. I feel good about this because I’ve been all droopy and uninteresting for almost a month now. Reading is great though. Lots of reading.


Production week for Joseph is just a couple of weeks away. It will be the third time for my son and the second time for my daughter. It’s a great show. We all enjoy it. They should be professionals by now. He is playing Pharaoh and she is an Adoring Girl.

I keep hearing about Hidden Figures the movie but I just learned about the book. Has anyone read it?”

Also, I need to buy my copy of Ulysses because there is an informal read-along starting in February. Wish me luck because I’ve tried to read it before and uh, it didn’t go so well.

That’s it. Fill me in on what’s going on with you because I’ve missed you.