Sunday Matters: The End to a Very Busy Week

Sunday Matters

Wow!! What a week! My church hosted their very first Revival. It was three nights of worship and teaching and student ministry met beforehand for food and fun. I tell ya, it was transformative but man, I am wiped out.

Right Now:

Heading to church now to hang with the students. The Hub is working all three services on the security team so we will take separate cars and meet up later.

Later this afternoon the Halloween decorations will go up outside! If I can get The Hub to take them down from the attic. Sending me up on a ladder is not a good idea.

This Week:

This week should be a lot more manageable. I don’t have much scheduled. The only thing I need to do is plan for my little get-together on 10/18. It’s a dessert night and I am selecting the desserts now.

I need to buy some fall outfits. I HATE to shop for clothes but lately it’s been necessary since I am back in the office part of the week. I’ve been buying pieces here and there and it’s beginning to add up to something.

Son update, after getting laid off he has received a job offer! He will be working with youth and event programming. It pays more than what he was making at the museum and the benefits are better. Win.


Not much, honestly. The new King book is screaming for my attention but some personal stuff has pulled me away from reading, yet again.


I never did see Hocus Pocus 2 because the night we had planned to watch it The Hub decided to fix a toilet.

Grateful for:

  • Ice. Without details, I managed to injure my good leg.
  • This pup. She is a good little nurse.

Have a great week!

14 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: The End to a Very Busy Week”

  1. SO happy ypur son has found another job; hope it is an easy commute too. Sorry about your good leg being not-so-good- right now:( My knees were good for month but starting to act up again.

    I think you will really like Fairy Tale; I thought it was so well done. I started The Last Chairlift on audio, what a great performance. I’m at the 49% mark and although it is a bit crude at times LOL the story is holding my interest – this will be one I have been taking my time with as well. Hope to read Demon Copperfield – later this month.

    Have a good week.

  2. I’m delighted to hear that your son has found a job that pays even better than his other job. It sounds like it will be a job he will enjoy, too.

    I hate to shop for clothes, and I’m not one to pick things online. I have to wait until I am in just the right mood.

    I hope you get time to do some reading this week.

  3. I am so happy for your son that he found another job so quickly and it sounds like a good fit.

    Sorry about your leg injury; I hope it heals quickly.

  4. I love going to revival’s and miss them. I pray that soon the whole world will break out in a revival!

    Congratulations to your son on getting a better job.

    I loved both HP’s. Tina @ Squirrell Head Manor said she’s never seen either.

    Sorry to hear about your now not so good leg, been there done that.

    1. I am so frustrated about my leg. I am in the office today and just walking from the car to the building was a challenge. I am using the one brace on the newly injured leg but the other leg is now really acting up too. I can’t wear two braces. I feel like Edward Scissorhands lurching around.

  5. Great news about your son’s job offer!
    This week is super busy for me…..conferences at school two nights (which means twelve hour days), and a XC meet….luckily we have Friday off. I’ll need a break by then.

  6. What a win for your son and Rootbeer! 🙂 Congrats! I’m glad you’ll have a slower week of activities. That’s a good thing – you’ll have time to nurse that leg!

  7. I need to get out and buy a few pumpkins & decorate a bit …. I’m behind as usual. And I’m so glad you son got a new job, terrific for him. With even better pay! Have a great week.

    1. Thank you. Many of our decorations need to be swapped out because they are so old but we keep patching them up because many parents have told me that they take their child’s pic in front of our house every year and some of those kids are in college now! It’s not that it’s that amazon, it’s literally because of one Mickey inflatable.

  8. I’m sorry to hear that your other leg is bothering you! So frustrating, I’m sure. But the good news is that your son landed another (and even better!) job. And, he gets to stay in the area, right? Like you, I really dislike shopping for clothes. It seems like a lot of the stores are now so geared toward online purchases, that the brick-and-mortars are disasters and low on merchandise. I went to Target the other day to get some essentials while staying near the hospital and had a very hard time finding anything to buy that I would want to wear more than once! The store was a wreck. But… I hate to shop online for clothes. Guess I’ll continue to live in jeans, tshirts and flannels. 😉 Hope your leg feels better soon, Ti!

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