Sunday Matters: I Will Survive

Sunday Matters

Don’t mind me over here, being all dramatic but it’s hard having two injured knees. All the over-compensating wears me out and leaves me totally exhausted. Hopefully I will see some improvement soon. No fractures but torn everything. Soft tissue injuries are a beast.

Right Now:

A quick bite to eat and I am off to student ministry. Later, a long nap on the couch.

This Week:

I have a few small appointments this week but my evenings are good and wide open. REST and reading. That’s my plan.


I finished My Name is Lucy Barton for book club and it was very good. I need to review it. When I picked it up I didn’t realize there are two other books out with the same character. I’m happy to have a couple more books to read because I really liked it.

Right now I am reading One of the Girls by Lucy Clarke and it’s very good.

One of the Girls


We watched Halloween Ends, the latest in the Halloween franchise. It was not good. If you want to see how Michael Myers can be  turned into a side-kick in his own  movie, then give it a look.

Grateful for:

  • Stōk cold brew coffee in a bottle. Makes a nice late afternoon pick me up without spending a wad of cash.
  • My back patio. I don’t have all the outdoor furniture that I’d like but it’s a pleasant spot to spend some time.

Have a great week!

15 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: I Will Survive”

  1. Oh, Ti. I’m so sorry both of your knees are giving you trouble. Chronic pain like that is exhausting (and depressing!). Rest & reading sound like a very good plan. Glad your weather has cooled off enough for you to enjoy being in your back yard. We’ve had rain for the past two days for which we are very grateful.

    1. Last Sunday around 2am it rained a little for us. It was just enough to give all the plants a nice drink. It’s amazing how fast everything greens up again once it’s given some extra water.

      Oh, the knees. I am so frustrated with myself because I was not careful when I tore around that corner and didn’t see that puddle of melting ice. I just need to slow down. I can do my physical therapy exercises now so hopefully things will improve soon. I am off the cane and braces.

  2. So sorry the knees are problematic. Mine had been good but now that I’ve been off steroids for almost 2 months the pain is back and worse than before. Hope you have soon great books lined up and, that rest helps a bit.

    1. The rest helped a little. I can do my physical therapy exercises now. I am going to add short walks back this weekend. The poor pup is just so sad that we aren’t having adventures right now. My husband takes her but he doesn’t let her do all the sniffing she likes.

  3. Yeah I think I remember that Lucy Barton novel … is that the one where she visits her mother in the hospital? I need to read the new one Lucy by the Sea. Good luck with your knees … I have bad knees too. Anti-inflammatories help.

  4. LUCY BY THE SEA is the best of the series. I loved it. Sorry to hear your knees are so bad right now. Get better soon.

  5. So sorry both your knees have soft tissue injuries…not fun. I hope everything else is going well. I haven’t been reading but we had a 2-day swim meet, so that could be the culprit.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I thought Anything is Possible was an Olive Kitteridge book not a Lucy book but I see that they’ve merged.

  6. I am so sorry to hear that both of your knees are injured, that is a total nightmare. I hope they heal soon and that you find the necessary time to REST.

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