Sunday Matters: Hello, October

Sunday Matters

I am still waiting to hear from some of you who were affected by Ian. I hope and pray that your properties were spared. It HAD to be terrifying to witness. The images coming out of Fort Myers are unbelievable.  Praying that the clean-up can begin soon and that power is restored quickly.

Right Now:

My routine on Sunday is pretty static. Student ministry from 8:30am-1pm but today my husband begins training for his new volunteer position (security for the church). So while I am wandering around with the students, he will be with the main service being trained for that team.

This Week:

This week is a busy one. My church is hosting their very first 3-day revival 10/3-10/5. Basically it’s three nights of teaching and worship but our student group is meeting early for food and then we will attend together.

My daughter’s 19th birthday is this week as well. 19!

On a not so great note, my son is getting laid off from the museum after four months. Their finances are not good. He moved out there for that job and has a lease and bought all that furniture so he is applying in the area hoping to find something soon. Root Beer the cat isn’t concerned at all. She just hops in the stroller and says it will be okay. Prayers and good thoughts appreciated.


Finishing up the new Irving book. When a book is nearly 1000 pages and so good, you can’t blow through it. I need to pick up a shorter book to read alongside it.


Hocus Pocus and its sequel are on my list to watch this weekend. The new season of Cobra Kai not pulling me in, so far. Maybe it will pick up.

Grateful for:

  • Bullet blenders that can whip a handful of spinach and blueberries into a fortifying smoothie. I’m trying to up my nutrition and this is a quick way to do it.
  • Docking stations that allow me to connect my new MacBook to a larger screen and keyboard.

Have a great week!

16 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Hello, October”

  1. I just heard from my friend in FL who was pretty close to Tampa Bay and they were very lucky overall. So sorry to hear about E’s job cut. I hope he can find something else nearby it seems like such a beautiful area. I plan to read The Last Chairlift even though it has taken be forever to finish Fellowship Point (500+ pages) but well written. Have a good month and Happy Birthday to your daughter – hope the kitties are doing well.

    1. My immediate friends keep wondering why it’s taking me so long to finish this Irving book but you can’t zip through 1000 pages when it’s Irving who has written them.

      The kitties are well. Very vocal. My daughter had to move them to a common area in the apt because she can’t sleep with the little tiger kitty screeching for attention. Plus, that little gal starts fights with her siblings and then has to be rescued. I have nicknamed her Fight Club.

  2. Ian has really devastated our area! Our house appears intact on aerial photos, but we are being warned not to get too optimistic because of water damage from the surge. Not sure when we will be allowed to back on the island. We were so happy to hear from our neighbors today… they were did not evacuate and had to be helicoptered out by the Coast Guard.

    I hope your son finds another job soon and happy birthday to your daughter!

    1. DO keep us posted. Having lived in fire country most of my adult years, I know what it feels like to not know how your home is doing. Thank God you are all safe though.

  3. Wow a new Macbook? Nice! Can’t believe your daughter is now 19, wow. She’s grown up. And sorry to hear about your son’s job. That’s surprising about the museum. Hmm gosh if a museum can’t make it – we are in trouble. I look forward to seeing your review of the Irving novel. It really is good?

    1. Well, the museum built this huge expansion but didn’t advertise it and then raised prices so it’s not going over well with its patrons. I don’t see how they can run it now with the amount of people they’ve let go. Plus, my son was doing events so if they plan to have fundraisers I have no idea how that will work without staff. He’s honestly very depressed. He’s reliving his nightmare in Kansas.

      The Irving book is excellent.

      You know how time flies. My daughter is about to be 19 and it still feels like she is 4.

  4. The devastation in Florida is vast. My cousin rode out the storm and was definitely traumatized by the experience; I don’t think she’ll be doing that again. Her house has damage from the surge for the most part. My aunt has been unable to return to check on their home or the damages. So we’re still not sure. She’s staying with my other cousin on the Atlantic coastline, which didn’t get hit as hard.

    I am sorry to hear about your son being laid off. I hope he finds something soon.

  5. Where I live, Ian was bad but Hurricane Irma was a lot worse.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter!
    That’s sad about your son. Praying he finds a great job soon!

    Hocus Pocus 2 is just as good as #1!

    I’ve been thinking about getting a Bullet blender so I’m glad to know you like yours.

  6. I had never used a larger monitor with my laptop until a few months ago and it is a game changer!

    I am so sorry to hear that your son is going to lose his job, he must be so bummed. I hope something comes up soon for him!

  7. I feel sad for your son. He must be very disappointed. I hope he finds something that fits him even better and that it’s in the area where he is living.

    Wow! A 1,000-page book that is great? That’s wonderful.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear that your son is being laid off!! What a shame. I hope he lands a new job soon and that he doesn’t have to move again. Ugh.

    Is the Irving book worth it? That’s such a chunkster and I’ve only read A Prayer for Owen Meany, so I’m not a HUGE fan.

    I think you recently commented on my blog, but it came up as annonymous. Was it you? 🙂

    1. I did comment on your blog recently but was having trouble getting it to post. It was most likely me.

      My son found another job. He starts next week!

      I heard about your Hub. That is very scary but man he was out of the hospital quick!

      1. I’m so glad that he found another job so quickly!

        Yes, Rod’s heart attack was very scary, but they got him to the hospital in record time and once they put the stents in, he felt fine. Normal time in hospital for that procedure is usually 72 hours, but he was doing so well afterward, they let him go home a day early.

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