Whatnot – 04/20/22

Root Beer the cat.Root Beer and my son are headed to Everett, WA this Saturday. He secured a nice, top floor apartment with lots of windows for Root Beer. The building is new and very modern. It’s right across the street from the museum he will be working for so he can visit her at lunch. I think she has gotten really used to having a family around during the day so I hope she transitions okay. The pup is going to miss her terribly, I think. Please send good vibes and/or prayers for a safe trip up. 

It’s a busy week. I have a lot to do for work and then tonight is book club to discuss The School for Good Mothers. Thursday night a farewell dinner for my son, Friday is a special event for Student Ministry, Saturday a toddler’s bday party and my nephew’s graduation get-together. This is the most on my calendar since 2019.

My daughter will most likely return to California for the summer. She auditioned for a lot of summer shows but so far, nothing has come from that. One leaves, the other arrives. It is like Grand Central in here.

I am going to keep this short today since I have so much to do. I am just not used to having things on my calendar again. Have a good rest of the week!

8 thoughts on “Whatnot – 04/20/22”

  1. I know you’ll miss having your son (and Rootbeer) around, but it’s great that he’s only a few hours away by plane. There’s a smaller airport (Paine Field) that might be a good alternative to SeaTac. I think he’ll love living in Everett. If I couldn’t live in Oregon, I’d definitely move to Washington!

    You do have a busy week ahead! I’m enjoying a quiet week before the arrival of our spring/summer visitors. We have family of five arriving in early May for a week. After they leave, we head out in the RV for a week or two. Another family arrives in June for a week. Another in early July, followed by another family (of 11!) the week after. Then we head out on the road again for a couple of weeks. I have a feeling this summer is going to feel super fast! I’m glad your daughter will be home for the summer. Maybe you can take a vacation and go visit your son once he’s settled in.

    Hope your knee is feeling better and that you’ve figured out what you can eat. Take good care, Ti!

    1. Yes. He is aware of that smaller airport. We still have the pup at home so traveling is always a big question mark. I don’t think she’d tolerate a flight too well. Although now she is a champion road-tripper.

      Wow. You have a lot of people visiting you soon. Isn’t it great to get back to normal again. I know we all hang in the balance waiting for the other shoe to drop with this pandemic but for now, it feels good. Last night my book club met at a restaurant and we enjoyed a great meal, good wine and good conversation outside on the patio and it was so nice.

  2. So happy for your son and well RootBeer too, as if it wasn’t for E RootBeer would still be homeless. I do think he’ll miss all of you. Maybe some tv videos for company while E is at work. How far a drive is it? Glad your daughter will be coming home for summer.

    1. Still not sure about my daughter. She applied for a job at a arts camp in Pennsylvania for the summer. I hope to know her plans soon.

      The drive to Everett is about 18 hours. He will split it up in 7 hour trips. That’s as long as Root Beer can handle the car for.

  3. I am so far behind on my blog visits that I am reading this on Saturday and your son is on his way to Washington. I am sure that was a difficult goodbye with him and the cat leaving. What an exciting adventure; I hope he loves it.

  4. I wish your son safe travels with Root Beer. Cats hate car rides, right? He sounds like he has a perfect spot for his job this summer. I think it will be a good. What did your book club think of the Chan novel?

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