Sunday Matters: Happy Mother’s Day and an Explanation of Where I’ve Been

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Some of you noticed the lack of activity here and I just wanted to check-in to let you all know what’s been going on. My daughter is wrapping up her first year of college but she came down with some weird stomach thing which resulted in some internal bleeding. We have good insurance but it’s been a real challenge getting her care out of state. Two ER trips, bloodwork, and a CT scan and they still don’t know what’s wrong so now she has a Gastro appointment here in California for when she returns home. Send good vibes and prayers that she can finish out the semester and manage the move-out process.

Dealing with that kept me occupied and affected my desire to read. Plus, my son is now settled in Everett, WA! His job is going well and he loves his apartment and downtown area. Root Beer the cat has been a little moody. She is loving the floor to ceiling windows and the walks through the botanical gardens. His move and my daughter’s situation just overwhelmed me a little. I seriously cannot handle as much as I used to pre-COVID shutdown.

Right Now:

Student ministry is still meeting today even though it’s Mother’s Day! I suspect it will be a low attendance day as many of the students told me last week that they’d be celebrating Mom, as they should. My kids won’t be here so I will just celebrate myself. LOL! I already bought some books for myself last week (How High We Go in the Dark, and The Swimmers). To all the moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

How High We Go in the Dark  The Swimmers


My current read is Nan Rossiter’s new one, A Good Measure. It came out April 12th and Nan has offered me a copy to giveaway so look for that review soon. I got a little sidetracked with everything going on.

A Good Measure


We finished Ozark Season 2 and we just started Season 3. I have mixed feelings about the show. Without spoilers, I will say that it’s hard to feel empathy for people who are clearly heading into trouble by choice. I
have some favorite characters though.

Grateful for:

  • So grateful that my son is all settled and comfortable. I miss that cat something fierce though.
  • Grateful that my daughter will be getting medical treatment soon.

Have a wonderful Sunday and great week!

17 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Happy Mother’s Day and an Explanation of Where I’ve Been”

  1. 💐Happy Mother’s Day💐. Glad your son is settled and happy. Hope the docs figure out what is wrong with your daughter. It is always so difficult when your child is hurting and far away. We are having a family dinner later today. Happily everyone is able to make it! Not an easy ask. Looking forward to the Rossiter review. Even though it is May the weather here is windy and cold, looks like we will skip spring and go right to summer. I just finished an older Jane Hamilton book called The Excellent Lombards, she is such a good writer and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Next up is Julianna Margulies bio Sunshine Girl. Enjoy your Sunday!!

  2. Sorry the past few weeks have been so challenging, our kids are always on our mind it seems. 🙏 that your daughter gets back feeling better soon. Glad your son is settled and living the job and area.

  3. I am so sorry that your daughter is going through this; it’s so scary as a parent to not be able to make it all ok right away. I hope she finishes out the next few weeks alright and once she gets home they figure out what’s going on.

  4. I’ll echo everyone else here by saying how sorry I am to hear about your daughter’s medical issues. Definitely scary, especially being so far away, and I hope she gets some answers soon. Glad things seem to be working out with your son, too. I know the pandemic has taken a toll on my resilience — most of us, I’d imagine, feel similarly. You’re not along in thinking that.

  5. I’ve missed seeing you here and am sorry life has been so challenging lately. I hope your daughter can finish up the semester and get to bottom of the GI problems… sending prayers. Glad your son is settled! Take care, Ti.

  6. I was wondering where you had disappeared to. I’m sorry your daughter is struggling with health issues and hope her doctors are able to determine the cause and get her feeling back to normal soon. I’ll bet your son is enjoying his new home and job. Take care and enjoy your walks with the pup.

  7. My daughter’s health issue is looking more and more like crohn’s but we shall see. Yes, my son really likes Everett and the cat loves her floor to ceiling windows. This week the window washers come so she will be quite entertained.

  8. Thank you. It’s never a good time to fall ill but at the end of your first year of college and with move out around the corner, it’s really ill-timed. Soon she will be home though.

  9. Thank you. We are all trying to exist and some days are harder than others but she will be home soon and my son will fall into a routine again. He loves working right across from where he lives. Lunch visits with the cat.

  10. Our weather was strange yesterday. Started off really nice with sun and warm temps and by noon it was dark skies and possible rain. Never panned out but it was weird. Today, sunny but only 55. That is cold for us.

  11. I would have been out of my mind. I hope your daughter’s issue gets resolved soon. That’s just plain scary. I can see why you didn’t want to read or blog. Too much to worry about. I’m sure Root Beer will adjust nicely, esp. with those tall windows. 🙂 Hugs!

  12. Glad your son is settled and that Root Beer is loving the windows, both of my cats love looking out the windows. Sorry your daughter is going through that, I hope the issue is resolved soon. I’ll keep your daughter and you in my prayers. I know how terrible it is for a mother to know her child is having health issues, especially when she is far away.

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