Whatnot – 03/09/22

Root Beer the cat, looking cuteHappy Wednesday. It’s at this point in the week where I start to pine for the weekend. Just the idea of the weekend is comforting to me. This weekend we have some less than fun things to take care of but still, time off is time off. 

As you can see, Root Beer the cat has fit in quite well. The pic is a little blurry because she insists on getting so close to my phone. She and The Otter Pup are still “frens” but there was an incident where the pup got too close and got swatted at. In typically dramatic fashion, The Otter Pup fell off the couch, landed on her face, and lost a tooth. That tooth was loose anyway as she is getting older but man did she yelp. Root Beer was concerned and now the pup is more mindful of Root Beer’s whereabouts.

On Instagram the other day I saw something about Jack Kerouac. I’ve never read his work before. I’d like to but I have to catch-up on my reviews first. Perhaps that will motivate me to get through my list. Have you read his work before?

This Sunday my daughter arrives for a quick visit. She is exhausted and so homesick. She just wants to chill in her room. She is going to love Root Beer.

I am still reading The School for Good Mothers and Memorial Drive for book club. Still taking the pup and cat for walkies albeit slow. Starting to cook again but finding foods to eat after surgery has been rough.

The weather, though! So nice here!

7 thoughts on “Whatnot – 03/09/22”

  1. Poor Chloe!

    I know how happy you must be to see your daughter, I remember when my son was in the Marines and would come home for a visit! Made my year every single time, even though I saw him every few months.

  2. That kitty looks like she has quite the personality!

    I tried to read Jack Kerouc (On the Road) a few years ago, but gave up.

    I hope you have a good visit with your daughter and that her flights are delayed. Traveling over the weekend of Daylight Savings Time is always a pain, especially with different time zones.

  3. That was bound to happen between RB and OtterPup. Now they will have more concrete boundaries, but I am sorry OP lost a tooth. 😦

    I haven’t loved Kerouac, but I’ve only read some poems.

    I did love Memorial Drive!

  4. Ah, I am sorry your daughter is homesick, that’s no fun. But, coming home will give her a big dose of love to take back to school with her. I get to see my daughter at the end of next week when I head east!

    1. Classes just got cancelled for weather so I was frantically looking for an earlier flight for her. Got one. She now comes in Friday.

  5. Poor Otter Pup. I hope she & Root Beer can be better friends. I have read Jack Kerouac’s On the Road twice. His writing in several of his books is stream of consciousness — so people either love him or not. It can take a bit to adjust to his style. I wouldn’t mind trying his book The Town & the City sometime.

    1. The pup and cat are pretty good friends. They nap together, etc. It was just when the pup jumped up suddenly the cat got spooked. She didn’t even make contact with her paw but the pup was very dramatic and took that swan dive. Now she just knows not to startle the cat.

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