Whatnot – 10/06/21

Ventura HarborHello, hello! We’ve had some weather. Rain, lightning and thunder. Which is why I am glad we got to the harbor last weekend. It was a lovely trip. The pup had her cod and chip (one chip). Haha. We were so happy to get a little rain on Monday night. So far I am loving October. It’s cool in the morning and evenings and warm during the day. Makes for good reading weather. 

Speaking of reading, I finished My Heart is a Chainsaw and the review should be up this Friday. That, was different. Not at all what I was expecting.

I am currently reading my book club’s pick for October, Piranesi. Not sure what I was expecting but this one is fascinating. I fell right into it.


Have you read it?

I am trying to figure out the logistics for winter break. My daughter’s campus is not close to a large airport which makes travel a challenge. Our preferred airline flies out of Wichita but that is four hours away and she has no way to get there. The number of available flights are limited no matter where she flies out of. Plus, I am trying to coordinate with my son too. It has to happen soon though because what is available is booking fast. Wish us luck. 

Nothing else going on. I keep feeling the need to purge. I know it’s mostly because I am home all day long and see nothing but stuff that could be tossed. I don’t know how we accumulate so many things. I am fairly choosy about purchases or really, bringing anything into the house so I am always amazed at what we have lying around.

Halloween decor should be going up this weekend. Houses here and there have been adding things. I think we will have a lot of trick or treaters after last year’s dud of a holiday.

What’s new with you?

10 thoughts on “Whatnot – 10/06/21”

  1. We need to get decorating for Halloween too, but the weather this week and weekend is unlikely to cooperate, so it may have to wait another week. So much rain this week!

    I am happy to hear you got and read your book that’s been a long time coming from the library. can’t wait to see what you thought of it.

    I hope you get those flights booked and they can come home for break. Is there a airport service that can pick her up? Not sure how far those services drive…also probably costly for a four-hour drive.

    I hope you have a great rest of the week.

  2. I’m in the middle of Piranesi and am pleasantly surprised how much I’ve gotten pulled into this story. In the very beginning I was like, what the hell IS THIS, and now I just want to know all the answers. I’ve heard it’s the kind of book one should go into not knowing much about the story and I agree with that.

  3. It’s difficult to figure out how to get somewhere when an airport is not close. For years we drove to see my grandma since she wasn’t even close to an airport. It was a long trip. Of course you could fly in and then rent something. If you book early!

  4. Piranesi sounds really good. I know another blogger who loved it as well. I shall try it at some point. That is terrible that the University is so far from the airport and that flights seem a bit problematic as well. Hope you work it all out.

  5. I am with you on the how do you fly your kid home issue. Poughkeepsie is a 2-hour train ride to NYC then another 45 minutes to an hour by bus/car to the airport. Poor thing, she then has a 2 hours drive home and this end. Such a long trip! You make me realize I need to book her flight home.

    I think we will have trick or treaters for the first time in 40 years in our neighborhood!

  6. SoCal really did get a huge storm, didn’t it? I saw video and pics of the lightning strikes in San Diego (including palm trees on fire!!), which were pretty amazing. We’ve been on the road for over two weeks and today (our last day) was the worst for weather. It’s been pouring since about 8 am, so we’ve been inside the rv ALL day. Fingers crossed we’ll get a break in the rain in time for our drive home. We need the rain, but I hate driving in it.

    I’ve added Piranesi to my audio queue and can’t wait to give it a listen. It sounds like a great book. Thanks for the heads-up!

    Good luck with getting flights for your kids. It’s going to be a busy travel season, I’m sure.

    1. The storm we had was all lightning and thunder. Lots of it. Little rain. At least where we are. But they are saying an atmospheric river is hitting this Monday and flooding will occur. Hard to believe but these past two years have been so odd anywhere. Flooding? Ok.

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