Whatnot – 09/22/21

MyGood morning! How are you doing? I am noticing a  change in the quality of light and it really feels like fall is here. Fall, in Southern California is subtle. Last year the months between September and December were glorious. I hope we experience the same weather this year. I snapped this photo from my back yard in the early morning hours. It’s a view that I never tire of. 

I am still waiting for My Heart is a Chainsaw to come in from the library. I am on three different library hold lists and #6 in line for two of them but it’s taking forever. So, I picked up Damnation Spring. If I wait too long to read something I will hit a slump so DS it is. 

Damnation Spring

I haven’t pulled out any fall decor yet but my neighbors have. Makes me want to do that this weekend. There are a few who put their Halloween stuff up too. Last year, we set up a table to hand out candy and it was a sad affair. We had very few kids so this year I think it’s going to be crazy! Even with it being on a Sunday the kids will be out and about making up for last year. Looking forward to it. 

We have no plans for the weekend but we are always trying to get out and go somewhere. With me being at home all day long, I need to see a different view on the weekend. I did pick up timed tickets for a local museum for Saturday so perhaps that will be a nice trip. I am craving art. 

Have a good week!




16 thoughts on “Whatnot – 09/22/21”

      1. It’s reminding me of The Overstory with the tree/climate thing but the opposite, the cutting down and clearing of land. Not preservation.

  1. I hope you get some nice weather. We’re in for another stretch of rain, which likely means flooding in some places…hopefully not at my house. I know, complaining about rain….ridiculous. The climate is so messed up. I do look forward to the 70-degree weather, down from the 90s of the previous weeks.

  2. I’ve always loved your view. Hope you get the pleasant weather you desire. We actually got our first cool front, today! So exciting. We often don’t cool off till late October or early November. The cats were excited to sit in the window before their morning naps.

    Damnation Spring has an awfully pretty cover considering the title! Bit of a contrast, there.

  3. That view is amazing. You’re so lucky to have it. It’s definitely seeming like fall here in Alberta already. It’s dark by 8pm now and it doesn’t start getting light out till about 7 or so. I’m not fond of this time of year with less light and sun. My moods definitely change with the weather.

    Last year Halloween was very quiet. I think this year may be the same. Sadly we’re in a state of public emergency with COVID being really bad and I doubt there will be many letting their kids out again unless we get a handle on it.

    I am trying to make my way through The Fall of Giants by Ken Follett. The audio is really long and while it’s ok for me it’s not great. My slumps tend to come with paper books. I think I’ve gotten too used to audios.

    Hope the rest of your week goes well Ti.

  4. Those are the San Gabriel Mtns, right? So pretty with the clear morning sky! We are finally getting some summer-like temps, which is kind of crazy since it’s now fall. We had some showers this morning, but tomorrow it’s going to be in the upper 70s. That’s warm for us. 🙂 Hope you have a fun time at the museum. Where are you going?

    1. That mountain ridge is the Santa Susanas. Porter Ranch and Chatsworth are behind them.

      We are hitting the Getty Center. I still haven’t hit the Getty Villa but Malibu is always too crowded.

      1. OK, now I see, I think. Were you looking southwest? I get so turned around in that area. My husband lived in Northridge and Van Nuys, which I think I mentioned to you a while back. We haven’t been there in quite a while, other than just passing thru with the RV on our way to Riverside/San Diego. I’ve never been to the Getty. Enjoy!

        1. South, and a touch to the west. Correct. If they carved a path through those mountains I would have a much easier time getting to work in Northridge.

  5. I went to the library to pick up a book and stopped into the little used bookstore there, and, oh my goodness, I came home with enough Halloween books for children to fill up my Little Free Library for the event.

    Love fall!

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