Sunday Matters: Father’s Day Happenings

Sunday Matters

It is Father’s Day in these here parts. Sometimes, I speak in a strange way. Right now is one of those times.

My husband is very easy to please. A nice meal out and maybe someplace fun to visit or see is all he wants. The meal out took place last night but the place to visit or see is up in the air because California is wide open now and there are people everywhere. It feels like there are more people now, than ever. Outdoor adventures are nice but not in this heat.

Right Now:

We attended church on Thursday and it was glorious. Thursday services have been gone for a year and it’s really the only service that works well for me since Sunday is also a volunteer day, normally. Still trying to decide what path to take now that my group has graduated.

This Week:

Not much happening this week and I am fine with it. I will be picking up my daughter’s yearbook tomorrow as she will be working. I honestly have no idea what will be in it. She wasn’t able to take photos for theatre or choir. Sure, her senior pic will be in there but no football games, no prom, no grad bash, nothing.

She had a dental appointment scheduled for this Wednesday but can’t get the day off so I’ve decided to move her to our dentist so she can get a visit in before she leaves. They have Saturday appointments. If she takes off during the week now the counselor to student ratio is affected so she needs the flexibility of Saturday appointments. I wasn’t ready to do it but we have to do it for my son too so they will both move over so they can be seen before they leave. Geesh! All these things you have to think about.


I finished Go Tell It On The Mountain for book club and the review posts tomorrow. I also finished The Last Thing He Told Me. I should have that review up soon. That leaves me with my current read, Before She Disappeared which I am reading for 10 Books of Summer.


I haven’t picked up anything new and because of all the anxiety I keep having I’ve resorted to tried and true shows like Hoarding: Buried Alive to take me out of my head a little.

Grateful for:

  • This short time I have with both kids under this roof. Trying to stretch it out but it’s going by fast.

Have a wonderful week!

12 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Father’s Day Happenings”

  1. I’m right there with you in being grateful for this time of having both kids under one roof. Our son goes to college in August (he studied remotely all last year) and it will be the first time without any kids at home. We’re also in the throes of all the necessary appointments before they leave.

  2. I do feel bad for the young people who missed out on so many things in 2020/2021. There’s no do-over or extra eligibility. Hope the yearbook staff managed to put together something cool.

  3. Enjoy the time with both of your kids home… it seems to happen less and less frequently the older they get. That was actually our unexpected blessing during the pandemic – all of us together under one roof for nearly 5 months. Every moment is precious!

  4. Our school’s yearbooks won’t be out until July or August since they didn’t finish them until after graduation. It was quite a scramble to pack in as much as possible once the schools opened in April.

    1. The yearbook is actually chock full of content but mostly selfies from students. Seems like they pulled from their Instagram accounts although I don’t recall the high school ever asking for them to submit anything. Someone submitted pics of my daughter and some are not to her liking!

  5. Maybe you need the coolness of the beach? I look forward to your reviews …. I had the Laura Dave book on my summer list so I hope you liked it ?? Have a good week.

  6. It’s honestly good to hear about places opening but for some of us, it’s still challenging to embrace all that. Even though Ohio has been mostly open for a few months now and wide open for much much longer than that, I am still not sure I want to be around people much.

    Enjoy the time you have before your kids move on to their new lives! Hopefully it doesn’t race by.

  7. We had our first family gathering in over a year. An unvaccinated family member was furious that he was asked to wear a mask, and he refused to show up. We had a fantastic time. Everyone was vaccinated. No controversy.

    I know you see that soon your kids will be off, and I know that is sad for you. But I know you are also delighted in the grownups your kids have become and that you look forward to seeing what adventures they experience next, Ti.

    I’ve had a very stressful week. I turned to Bryan’s Chill Tent today to get out of my own head. I must say that I feel Quite Chill.

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