Sunday Matters: Long Weekends Never Get Old

Sunday Matters

Good Sunday morning to you! Are you enjoying your weekend? I really love a long weekend even when I have nothing planned. Just the idea of an extra day off, for those of us who are lucky enough to get one, perks me right up.

Right Now:

My Sundays look a little different now that youth group has come to a close for my seniors. I am still pondering my next step. My plan at the moment is to get my daughter up so we can head to breakfast. Breakfast out, is my favorite thing.

This Week:

The only thing that  matters this week is high school graduation on Tuesday, June 1st! It’s in-person! It’s an evening ceremony and then we plan to have dinner with my daughter’s friend’s family. It will be late, after 9:30pm probably but who cares? Let’s celebrate!


I loaded up my Kindle to begin 10 Books of Summer 2021. There’s also #VentureForth which reminds us of the summer reading programs that we all loved growing up! I just love the idea of summer reading. When I was a kid, one of the libraries I visited regularly had reading tunnels in the children’s section. The tunnels had glass on one side looking out into a tree lined green space as as you sat in the tunnel to read, you had this lovely natural light to keep you company. I spent so many hours in the tunnel with my stack of Nancy Drew books.

Venture Forth Summer Reading

I finished People We Meet On Vacation this past Friday but didn’t finish it in time to get the review posted. It was one of those books that I wasn’t sure about until about 25% in. However, I did enjoy it quite a bit. Full review soon.

This weekend I am spending time with Summer Darlings.

Summer Darlings


Not a thing.

Grateful for:

  • Short road trips. Being at home for work is so nice but I often feel cooped up by the end of the week. Sometimes we don’t even have a plan we just get in the car.
  • You know me, I do not like to rush anything but I am glad that high school is behind us, or will be after Tuesday. It was a rough two years for my daughter and her friends. Just getting up was a chore. Being online for hours on end was a total drag and caused all sorts of issues like migraines, neck strain, etc. Missouri State will be fully open come fall. She is very excited.

No matter what you have planned, I hope you enjoy it.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Long Weekends Never Get Old”

  1. Weather-wise, this is the worst Memorial Day Weekend I can ever recall (and that says it all). 3-straight days of rain (heavy at times and cold (50 degrees), the heat is back on indoors. Our outdoor plans at my son’s has been postponed indefinitely as it looks like we are in store for even more rain through next weekend, Only good for reading, playing cards and movies. Haven’t even taken the car out in 2 days.

    Hope graduation goes perfectly for your daughter and the family. Enjoy the summer books!

    1. Oh no!! I’ve heard from a few that the weather is not cooperating where they are so you are not alone. We took a toad trip and it’s about 100 degrees, well will be in a little bit. My daughter has been working on her tan. I tried to read by the pool but the other guests here have been so friendly we just keep chatting. They are older and have been sharing their empty nest thoughts. I’m so emotional this weekend.

  2. One more day until graduation! Amazing how time flies, isn’t it?

    I need to figure out a weekend road trip for mid-June and am just absolutely blocked. Any suggestions?

    1. San Luis Obispo, Cambria, Avila Beach!

      My daughter has to be at the college for grad rehearsal tomorrow by 6:45am. She is not happy about it!

  3. In-person graduation… so exciting! Congratulations to your daughter and I’m sure you will all enjoy the celebration.

    I’m looking forward to The People We Meet on Vacation. I know what you mean though about it taking a long time to get invested in the story and characters, I read Early Morning Rise and felt the same way. Could it be us??

    We’re enjoying a gorgeous long weekend here in FL, but all of my family and friends are having miserable weather in the northeast – so cold and rainy! What a disappointment for them…

    1. Some books just take a long time to get into. I had mixed feelings about People We Meet On Vacation. Review posts tomorrow.

  4. I hope Graduation Night will be terrific and you all have a lot of fun! I’m so happy for your daughter … and I will be rooting for her at Missouri State! Summer reading should be fun this year. I can’t believe it’s June 1 tomorrow! I better get started …. have a great time.

    1. Because of COVID, all the restaurants close so early during the week so the ceremony probably won’t end until after 9pm and then it will take awhile to get out of the parking lot. We plan to meet at a restaurant with some friends but they close so early. It’s kind of late to eat too. We will see. We did a lot of celebratory eating in Palm Springs this past weekend too.

  5. I hope graduation is going to be awesome and that she has a great time at Missouri State! Enjoy your summer reading. I have zero plans that do not involve swim team. With summer swim team back this year, my daughter is over the moon, but this eats up at least 2 months of my free time in the summer.
    We had tons of rain and cold weather Friday and Saturday, which quieted the cicadas and gave my head a break from the noise. Sunday only had passing shower so we held out cookout anyway, though we spent much of the time inside. Monday was the nicest, sunniest day, but it was still 68-73, which is a little chilly for me and going to the pool. My daughter, however, was in the pool regardless of the cold. I stayed in the sun with the sunscreen to be warm; normally, I stick to the shade in warmer weather to avoid the sunburn.

    1. We hit the desert, Palm Springs, and it was not that hot there, 101 but too hot for me to sit by the pool in full sun. My daughter was working on her graduation tan so I sat with her with my Kindle but after an hour and me being a puddle of sweat, I took my chair into the shade where I had the most loveliest conversations with all of the retired folks sitting there. I am excited about graduation tonight but feel a little anxiety too. Just having it all go by so quickly.

  6. I’m crazy about the idea of summer reading, too. When I was a school librarian, I would challenge kids to read a book a day during the summer. It was pretty easy for kids to do that with picture books, and if they read chapter books, each chapter counted.

    I’m so glad that your daughter got to finish up with an in-person graduation. It’s been a crazy couple of years.

    1. When our city library was taken over by a chain of library organizers we all balked and complained but that group was fabulous and they had ADULT summer reading programs which were super fun. Then years later the city took it back over and now the library is filled with people who appear to hate reading and people in general. Makes me very sad.

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