Whatnot – Week 26

The Otter Pup strolling through the neighborhood.

The last Wednesday in May. Incredible. As we were tooling around the neighborhood I was reminded that we have a holiday weekend coming up. Flags popping up here and there. Memorial Day, especially where I am, kicks off summer for us. It has been very warm mid-day but wonderfully cool in the mornings. I wish our summers were like this. In a few weeks it will get very warm. On today’s walk Chloe, The Otter Pup, made friends with a Golden Retriever. Historically speaking, Chloe does not like Goldens. She feels that they are too happy and the ones who carry their own leashes? Please! She wants nothing to do with them but today, she found one, behind a fence who wanted to greet her so I allowed it and Chloe liked her. A first! 

This past Monday I reviewed The Invisible Husband of Frick Island and it was lovely. If you missed the review, check it out when you have time. I loved the story so much. I want everyone to read it this summer. My current read is People We Meet On Vacation. It wasn’t originally in my line-up of books but so many of you are reading it now and it was available from the library so I grabbed it. So far, so good. 

Ah, Memorial Day. BBQs, a long lazy weekend and a big blockbuster movie. Uh, well, okay. No big blockbuster movie this year. Baby steps. It will be good to have an extra day. My husband’s work has been extremely busy. He needs an extra day to relax and I will NEVER pass up extra reading time. My daughter is officially done with her classes and the musical so she needs some downtime too before graduation on June 1st!

Just now I looked over at a box of donations I have for Goodwill. I think I will try to add to it this week. My daughter’s closets and drawers and heck, my son’s too, have a lot of stuff that does not fit anymore. That, along with the garage purge I never got to last week ought to keep me busy. 

Hope you are all well and reading something really good. Also, tell me your plans for Memorial Day weekend even if it’s just a long nap, and movies at home. 


19 thoughts on “Whatnot – Week 26”

    1. What happened? Why don’t you get it off like you have in the past? I am forgetting to TAKE time off since I am home all the time. My vacation hours will be way, way over this year. I need to start using them.

  1. I cannot wait for the long weekend, but the opening day at the pool on Saturday looks to be insane with the new check-in system. I think we’re going to have a mess on our hands.

    I will look forward to our small cookout on Sunday with friends. Monday will be a nice relaxing day.

    1. The check-in might be a little crazy with it being a new procedure but I bet most will be in a really good mood and patient. When we had to implement COVID screenings for youth group the students were amazingly supportive, just wanting to get in again.

    1. Much of your plans is what I am doing this week. I’ve been purging all morning. I don’t have a produce box to go through although I am weeding through my pantry trying to use up stuff.

  2. I love how spicy the Otter Pup is, I’m mean seriously, who doesn’t love an over-extroverted Golden Retriever LOL

    Planning on a cookout at my son’s on Sunday, other-wise after some cemetery visits, a quiet weekend (hopefully, with a great book).

    1. Exactly! All the Goldens here are so sweet too. But she lovesssss Pit Bulls.

      Your plans sound very nice for this weekend.

    2. I also have to call out “cookout” because out here everyone says BBQ but I always say cookout. I also say “y’all” a lot as does my son. I was born on the East Coast so it makes no sense.

  3. We’re planning to spend most of Memorial Day weekend getting the RV packed and loaded for our road trip. If the weather’s nice, we’ll probably grill something and sit out on the deck and have margaritas.

    Your daughter must be very excited to graduate. When is move-in day for college? Have you decided if you’ll fly or drive?

    I’m in the “clean & purge” mode right now, too. I tried on a bunch of clothes this morning and made a few piles for donations. I tend to hang on to clothes far too long, always hopeful that I’ll be able to wear them again. Not necessarily because they don’t fit, but because we just don’t get dressed up much anymore. The garage definitely needs to be cleaned out this summer. Why is it that attics, basements and garages become such dumping grounds?!

    Have a safe and enjoyable weekend, Ti!

    1. Hmmm. I thought I had responded to this. My daughter and her roommate got their housing assignment but it’s the last choice, no bathroom or sink, just community everything. She, and the roommate plan to request a change on Tuesday so that means they cannot get the move-in date yet! So, I wait. I don’t think they will be successful in changing buildings.

  4. The Invisible Husband of Frick Island and People We Meet On Vacation are both on my 20 Books of Summer list. I think I’m going to listen to Frick Island first.

    No plans yet for Memorial Day other than going to put flowers on my husband’s grave. Maybe a cookout, maybe just read and watch tv, maybe a drive to the beach.

    1. All good plans. If you do a cookout I can’t wait to hear what you have. You always have the best food posts.

      We may drive to the desert but right now the pup is not feeling well. Not sure what is wrong with her. She is slowly coming out of it. Went to bed with her being weird and this morning she wasn’t moving or eating but I just made her some bone broth and brown rice and she ate it up. She also agreed to a short walk. A good sign.

  5. Hmmm. A long nap and movies at home. That sounds about right. Kim’s working this weekend and then is off for almost two weeks, overlapping with my vacationing that begins the weekend of June 5 and goes through the next week, with us celebrating my birthday (June 9) with an overnight trip to NY wine country. Soooo looking forward to the time off.

  6. I plan to pop into a couple of graduation parties this weekend, and, sadly, we have a funeral of a wonderful almost-family member tomorrow.

    It seems impossible that it’s the end of May. But, then again, so many things feel impossible…the T-p election…the pandemic…that I’m 64.

    1. Thank you for not spelling out his name. I avoid his name and photo every chance I can get.

      Yes, so many things happening that are hard to believe. The fact that time seemed to stop and now it’s cranked-up at top speed. Let’s not discuss age. I was mistaken for one of my students the other day and I thank the mask for that. There are some benefits to mask wearing, for sure.

  7. Clearing out the closets always feels good so I hope you are successful. I am also really looking forward to an extra day off this weekend as it has been one crazy week up here!

  8. LOL – if the Goldens could speak, they’d probably tell you they were confused about why Chloe doesn’t like them. “Doesn’t everybody like me? Why ever not?” 😉

    Our nearest “Goodwill” store is an hour’s drive away – and you need an appointment (made about 3 weeks in advance) to leave your donation. The boxes, they stack up. And up.

    1. Every Golden that has encountered Chloe’s wrath always cocks their head at her. Who is this strange little creature with her loud barky voice? The one she got along with the other day did not act like a Golden. Probably why Chloe liked him.

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