Whatnot – Week 25

The Otter Pup ChloeHappy Wednesday! I hope this finds you well. As soon as I hit the mid-week mark, I feel as if the rest of the week is doable. As you can see, my pup has no issues with any day of the week. She spends it just like this. Snoozing in the sun, staring at me, until I pick my book up for our lunch time reading session. 

This week we’ve been walking a little more. I feel best when I am a bit tuckered out from walking and lately, it’s gotten much easier and that may be why I’ve been a little anxious. Adding some distance and possibly a second walk with an audio book. 

Tonight my daughter has Senior Recognition Night which is scheduled to be outside on the football field. I’m just glad that she’s getting something. No prom. Grad night is not hosted through the school at all. They sent a link for Universal Studios who is hosting grad night for several of the high schools and offered students a deal if they wanted to go. She will be doing that with a friend next week. Although the tickets sold out before all her friends could buy theirs which is kind of a bummer. 

My review for Dear Edward posted yesterday in case you missed it. I am currently about half way through The Invisible Husband of Frick Island which I am liking a lot. My next read is undecided but I am wanting a thriller, I think. 

This week has been taken up with TB testing, fingerprinting, a drug test and loads of paperwork for my daughter’s new job as a camp counselor. None of this is done in the same location, of course and the TB test took a little bit of coordinating since it had to be read a couple of days later and she has all these end of the year activities on the calendar. I think we have a handle on it now. She is very excited to have this opportunity. She just loves to work with kids. 

My house is needing a little TLC and I am needing to keep my hands busy so I think I will start purging again. The garage is always such a disaster. I may start tomorrow. I do love it when it’s all organized. 

Tell me what you are doing this week or if you have any plans for the weekend. I do not know what we are doing this weekend yet. 

20 thoughts on “Whatnot – Week 25”

  1. Oooh, purging the garage sounds immensely satisfying. I love love love throwing things away (freeing myself, as I say!), and it’s the best feeling when you have a lovely clean space where there used to be chaos.

    1. I am one of those sentimental keepers. I hold onto some things for the sentimental value but give me a little bit of time and then it gets tossed. I try to purge that garage out twice a year but my son is parking his belongings here before Kansas so I really need to make space for it.

  2. I need you to take a trip here to help me purge. I’m bad at that! 🙂

    I read one fiction book as you know, but my reviews of poetry books read for the festival are posting, and a wonderful interview with another local poet is coming Friday. I have her book and it is so good! I will definitely be reviewing that next week! The love of Prince is strong in this collection.

    I am gearing up for the community pool opening and there’s a lot of cleanup and arranging with restrictions, etc. It is exhausting but it will be good to see it open and families return. My daughter is super excited because summer swim team is back on this summer!

    1. Just the idea of summer swimming makes me smile. I am so glad she can participate again.

      And the purging and organizing? I love it so.

  3. That pic of your loyal otter pup is adorable. Glad the two of you enjoy your walks so much (I love a good audio when walking). For just the 2 of us our garage always looks cluttered – every time the kids come over I try to get them to take something: lawn chairs, bird feeders, gardening tools, etc.

    Our weather has been beautiful high 70s low 80s and sunny. Not sure what the weekend holds just yet. Enjoy.

    1. My son will be coming back soon for a bit before Kansas and he will park much of his belongings here since the house they are giving him to live in will be furnished. Right now there is no room. Also, everytime someone “cleans” a closet or room, it ends up in the garage.

      Yesterday was 90 degrees but the morning was cool so we got our walk in early. The Otter Pup found a snake and alerted me! I am calling her the snake hunter today. We have a lot of rattlesnakes when it gets warm so now my entire walking routine will have to be different since they are out already. This wasn’t a rattlesnake, I don’t think if it was it was a baby because the tail was questionable.

  4. This week, I hope to finish up a stack of snail mail letters for some special people in my life. Not sure about the weekend – may tidy up the gardens. The tulips have started to bloom and I think I can plant some peas this early.

    I hope you accomplish what you want to do and enjoy your weekend too!

    1. Snail mail. Are you on a letter writing campaign? My other blogging friend Care sends me letters all the time! I am not as good at sending some back but I try!

      1. I’m not on a campaign but I’ve left my letter writing for several months and it has backlogged. I’m not nearly as good at sending them as I was when I was younger – but then, back then if you didn’t write, you didn’t get news. Long-distance calls were too expensive, and the internet was still a sparkle in the eye in some giant mainframe at some university, and completely unimagined – and unimaginable- by 99.99% of humans.

        1. I was totally into letter writing when I was in junior high. I used to buy pretty stationary with the matching envelopes. SO 80s.

  5. Our garage definitely needs a huge purge. It seems whenever we get rid of stuff we accumulate more. An overwhelming and never ending battle. I am listening to a thriller now to satisfy a challenge, it is not a genre of choice. It’s The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins, so far so good.

    1. The Invisible Husband of Frick Island is wonderful. I haven’t written the review yet but it’s everything I need in a book right now.

  6. I was just thinking this morning that our garage has gotten a little out of control and that I should do something with it. I think I’ll wait until school is out in a couple weeks when I have more time.

    Coordinating all the end of school stuff with a senior is no joke. Our schools did outdoor proms on campus and graduations are also in person, but reduced capacity with testing required of all participants and guests. What a time we’re living in!

    1. Tonight is the musical. Last night we saw the play which she helped direct but was not in. Outside, there were ants everywhere. We will be spraying things down tonight.

  7. I like to see Otter Pup. She looks very peaceful. I’m glad you are enjoying the walks. I have been walking right around 5 p.m. for an hour. It’s a nice break. take care.

    1. Our walks lately have been very early, 7:30am. For one, it’s nice and cool then but the pup wakes with me at 5am but naps on the couch until she heads up to her sunny spot. Before she heads up, she has been asking for her walk now. When I return to work, she will have to wait for me to get home which will be around 5pm so our walks will become evening walks.

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