Whatnot – Week 24

Roses on top of a wall.Good morning!  Look at these beautiful roses! On one on my walks this week, my head was filled with too many things and I was looking down at the ground the entire way. I saw these beautiful rose petals on the ground and thought, there aren’t any roses here. Then, I looked up. My neighbor’s roses were peeking out over her high wall. I love these little reminders. Always look up. That beautiful coral color against that blue sky instantly cheered me up. 

The school year is quickly winding down. Two graduations to look forward to, a musical production of Sweeney Todd which we all really hope can be performed live, a wedding anniversary coming up, not to mention Memorial Day weekend at the end of the month. These are all things we are looking forward to. After having nothing on the calendar for so long, it seems a little overwhelming but also exciting. 

On the reading front, I am still reading or plan to read these titles:

Last week was lost due to not feeling great but it reminded me how easy it is to fall behind with my reading goals so a little more effort will be spent this week to get back on track. A little more planning, a little more organizing. I’m a mood reader too so I need many titles as back-ups just in case my current read isn’t working for me. 

I posted my 10 Books of Summer list yesterday. Stop by if you missed it!

We had a little surprise yesterday. I was in a Zoom work meeting and the pup started to go off but like she knew who it was coming towards the door. In walks THE BOY. He surprised us all. He came down to finalize his car loan and to hopefully get a car today. He needs another for Kansas. His beloved Honda Pilot has 300K miles on it. Cross your fingers, think good thoughts, pray, toss salt over your shoulder. Thank you. After that he needs to go back to San Luis Obispo to finish his school year and work a bit more, then he will be here for a little bit before he leaves for Kansas. 

Oh! My daughter was selected to be a summer camp counselor so thank you for the good thoughts! It’s the perfect first job for her!

Off to see what work has in store for me. Have a good day!


13 thoughts on “Whatnot – Week 24”

  1. You sound busy! Wow, what a nice surprise from your son! I hope he gets the loan and has a new car for his trip to Kansas.

    Sounds like you have reading plans on track. I wish I could say the same. 🙂

  2. Lots of wonderful things happening – keep them coming! Looks like this is going to be a very busy May and hope it all goes well.

  3. I’m feeling overwhelmed by the busy-ness of normal life returning, too. And, I don’t particularly like it when my husband says, “We’re going X.” I liked having the excuse that there was a pandemic on if I didn’t want to go somewhere he wanted to go! LOL. Ah, well. I’m glad the virus isn’t as bad, now. I do wish people wouldn’t act like it’s totally gone, though, till people stop dying.

    So cool that your son dropped by! Hope he finds the perfect vehicle for his needs. So, when he leaves he’ll be driving to KS?

    1. Yes. His AmeriCorps assignment is in a small town in Kansas, Saint John. They have a grocery store but everything else is 30 minutes away including his team meetings. He will need a car there so he plans to drive.

  4. Gorgeous roses!! I miss having them, but we don’t get enough sunlight in our yard.

    Our calendar is filling up, too, and it does feel a little overwhelming, doesn’t it? Your events are big, though! Two graduations would be enough to wear me out.

    I’m looking forward to reading Dear Edward later this summer. I hear it’s quite good!

    I’ll have my 20 books of summer post up tomorrow morning. I love making lists and this will help keep me on track for the next three months.

    How wonderful to have a surprise visit by your son! Lucky you! And how great that your daughter got a job as a camp counselor. I have a few cousins who were counselors at Camp Stevens (an Episcopal church camp) for many years and loved it.

    1. I am glad our son was able to visit. The timing of this car purchase is a bit of a challenge. Between the lender having weird hours and the fact that my son has to return to San Luis Obispo tonight and the dealer only being open until 8pm., well, I am feeling the need to day drink and that’s not something I do. There have been a few “almost” deals but the timing for those were not ideal either and him being three hours away doesn’t help. Hopefully it will work but if not we will need to deal with it and look for another car when he returns after graduation for that short period before Kansas.

      I look forward to your list. I’ve been seeing so many good ones these past few days.

    1. Thank you. Unsettled is a good way to put it. I used to be able to handle so many things at once but with the shut down and being so isolated I feel as if I have lost that skill.

  5. Changes like the ones coming up in your family are hard on moms and dads, but mostly moms. I’ve been there, it’s rough, but so rewarding for the kids and makes you so proud!

    1. Thank you. I know it’s all great stuff I am just not all that used to change since the shut down. I had no idea how isolated I had become and how too much change is getting to me right now.

  6. How fun that your son surprised you with a visit! That’s the best. And your daughter getting a job. I’d say it’s a banner week.

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