Whatnot – Week 23

Sunflower.Another Wednesday and here I am. If it weren’t for these regular posts I would not know what day it is. Are you good? Most of you are fully vaccinated by now including myself! I just got my second yesterday so I will hold off on how I feel but if you got the first shot, DO get the second. With everything ramping up in India I think we will need to hit that herd immunity mark and right now they are saying it’s not going to happen since people are skipping the second shot.  

I am in limbo here. Still waiting for move-in info for my daughter. Still trying to find a car for my son before he leaves for Kansas. That is enough to occupy my head.

But in other news, two separate women in my neighborhood have been allowing their dogs to do their business on my lawn without cleaning up after them. They are not new. I have a funny sign posted asking them to avoid the area but they do not and have on two occasions let their dog do the deed while I was standing right there. I am kind of thinking they are not 100% there so I don’t think there is anything I can do about it but it’s frustrating. If I try to talk to them one runs away, which is weird and the other looks at me like I am a crazy person. 

You might laugh but we feed our dog premium dog food and the output is not at all bad but their dogs! Ugh! I am a gagger and it’s not pretty watching me go at it AND the other day my bag broke. Another neighbor down the street provided a poop bag station to deal with their own issues and someone stole it! Definitely not them. 

Anyway, enough about poop. Well, I got flagged on Barnes and Noble for profanity and the word in question was POOP. I was reviewing Broken by Jenny Lawson. Clearly, way too much poop talk in my life these days. 

After all this frustration I took a walk with the pup and encountered that sunflower you see above. That neighbor’s strip is completely bare and has no water source and yet that flower exists. That’s kind of how I feel lately. Everything around me is less than ideal and yet, each day I try. I really try to see the good in everything and I try to relax. Being wound-up like this is not the norm for me. 

What are your plans for Mother’s Day? Youth group is meeting on Mother’s Day. I think attendance will be very low but I didn’t plan to celebrate it ON the day anyway. Too crowded. I really have no plans. A long nap sounds pretty good right now. 

My reading schedule got thrown off due to the Hub’s birthday celebration last weekend. I missed a review for Monday but so what? It will just post on Friday instead. It wasn’t a review copy and I was enjoying it too much to rush through it. Rules of Civility is quite enjoyable. Next up:


Tell me what you are reading! 

11 thoughts on “Whatnot – Week 23”

  1. Sounds like your neighbors need a lesson in courtesy. That is just awful and inconsiderate. I wonder if you have a Neighborhood app that they belong to and you could post about poop on the lawn generically and maybe they would take a hint?

    I am still reading poetry, but that’s about it.

  2. How frustrating to have such inconsiderate neighbors. They sounds a little odd, so you might be facing a never-ending battle with them. It used to drive me crazy when one of our neighbors would let her dog run (on one of those extendable leashes) through my flower beds. We also had people put their doggie poop bags in our yard waste containers on trash day. So rude! Good luck with this, Ti. And congrats on your second vaccination. I hope you don’t have any side effects and if you do, that they’re mild and short-lived.

  3. Poop. Great topic! It drives me crazy when people in our neighborhood leave poop bags lying in the street. What? Are you going to come back and pick it up? Very strange.

    1. It’s the entitlement thing again. They don’t pick up poop or YOU didn’t provide them with a trash can so they can’t possibly carry it around with them.

      These people are the same people who refuse to wear masks. There is a type.

  4. I am sure all will work out with the kids. I have a motto – faith and patience. It has gotten me through a lot. Mother’s Day morning will be breakfast with our kids and then a two hour drive to have dinner with my mother. I am currently reading Hidden Valley Road by Robert Kolker.
    Have a very Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. I just got my second shot yesterday too. Feeling arm-sore and run-down today, but otherwise okay. My parents are getting their first this week, so Mother’s Day festivities are postponed for a while longer.

    No house/lawn, but my husband and I go to a park nearby for exercise and there is so much doggie doodie on the soccer field. It’s depressing.

  6. Your neighbors! I can’t really talk about frustrating neighbors as three people on my street are still hanging T flags from their porch.

    I still remember when I thought it would be fun to post reviews on Amazon, and I had a barrage of people angry at me for a negative review. I backed away from all of that.

    1. We have some with the new T flags. Seriously.

      I gave a negative review for Wild on Amazon and was harassed for a long time. Probably still am being harassed but I turned notifications off. Her family jumped on. It was crazy.

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