Sunday Matters: The Week Got Away From Me

Sunday Matters

Good morning and Happy Mother’s Day to those who celebrate it. It’s so early this year and as each year passes, it become less of a thing for me. Once you hit a certain age, a nice meal, a trip to the bookstore and maybe even a nap constitutes an excellent day. We did that yesterday because I have church activities today.

Right Now:

I have to start the day with a strong cup of coffee. I don’t drink much coffee but that first cup is always good. Not sure if I will actually attend the big service today at church. It will be crowded. I may opt to watch online but I will head in for youth group after it.

This Week:

My daughter gets shot #2 tomorrow!

I don’t have much else going on. There is a fall preview with one of the publishing houses which I plan to attend on Wednesday. I made up my summer book list which I will post soon. It’s for 20 Books of Summer although I am doing the 10 book option.


My reading hit a wall after my second shot. I thought I’d rest and read but that splitting headache prevented that from happening. The same books I mentioned last week are still waiting for me. I will get to them eventually. Those are Dear Edward and The Invisible Husband of Frick Island. I still have to review Rules of Civility too!


Couldn’t watch much either. I don’t experience headaches too often so when they hit I can’t read or watch anything. Just sit in a dark room. The pup stayed with me and even skipped her meals for me. She is just too sweet. She even checked my temp at one point, the same way I check hers, by booping her nose. She had a very concerned look on her face after booping mine.

Grateful for:

  • It’s goes without saying but I will say it anyway. So grateful to be done with shot #2. I heard that Moderna is testing their booster now.

Keeping this short. Have a wonderful day!

10 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: The Week Got Away From Me”

    1. Don’t be nervous! I did have a bit of a reaction but most of it was contained to one-two days. I felt like my body was doing what it was supposed to do with my immune system responding accordingly. SO much better than COVID and the possible long term effects associated with it.

  1. I’m glad you & your daughter are about done with your vaccine shots. Very lucky as many countries don’t have the supply. We won’t be able to get our 2nd shot for months, ugh. I look forward to your summer book list. Have you finished Dear Edward? Should I read it? Have a great week. And Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. I am sorry to hear you felt bad after your second shot, but it’s done and you’re on the way to full vaccination! That is worth celebrating.

    We don’t do much for Mother’s Day either. I did go for a walk with 2 long time friends, which felt really great!

  3. I hope you will get back into the reading groove. I finally read half a fiction book. Amazing. Wendy Wax, but this seems a bit heavier than her previous books, and I can see why given all that she has experienced (losing her husband to COVID while writing this book). I am still reading poetry, so there is that.

    I finally watched the new EMMA, but I’ve got mixed emotions about it. It is equal parts boring and good. It takes about half the movie to get me interested…I’m not sure why I even stuck with watching it.

  4. I’m sorry you had a strong negative reaction to the shot. It is, nevertheless, such a relief to have the second shot done. I went into three stores without fear on Friday. I feel like a recovering agoraphobiac.

    I’m very curious about Dear Edward and Invisible Husband. Let us know what you think.

  5. It sounds like you had a nice early Mother’s Day. I am sorry you were hit hard after the second dose. That one is a doozy. My just texted me to say he is on his way home after his second Pfizer shot. I had Moderna so we are going to compare side effects. He took tomorrow off of work to be on the safe side.

    I am looking forward to reading The Invisible Husband of Frick Island. I hope you enjoy it and your other books.

    Have a great week, Ti!

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