Sunday Matters: The Month Go-Eth

Sunday Matters

It goes without saying that time is flying. I’m not sure where it began to speed up but the school year is nearly over. After a year on pause, here we go. Are you ready? The one thing that this pandemic has done is carve out for me what is NOT important in my life. I’ve always wanted to live simply. I tend to not need much. I like it that way. I think that mindset bothers my kids though.

Right Now:

My Sundays are pretty set. Church, youth group, a walk with the Hub and pup and then maybe some takeout later or dinner out.

This Week:

It’s time for cap and gown pick-up for my high school senior. She will drive down to get that and some other grad items on Monday.

Thursday, The Hub gets shot #2 (Moderna).

I have a couple of items for work but doable. No biggies.

I will be spending some time this week trying to find another hair stylist. After not hearing from her for ages, and my hair being totally out of control, I contacted her and she is out of business. I am kind of hurt that she didn’t tell me. I have been going to her for about 12 years now. I knew all about her kids and she knew about mine. I know her situation cannot be fully known by me but man, it made me sad.


Because of that wave of sadness that hit me, I gave up on Good Neighbors. Those opening pages took a lot of work to get through and I was not feeling it. Maybe I will pick it up again some other time because it’s pretty well-reviewed.

Instead, I picked up Broken by Jenny Lawson. I received a review copy and although I am not a huge fan of funny books or memoir type books, I opened it up to the first story and it immediately pulled me out of my pathetic (I lost my hair dresser) funk.


Also, you have today and tomorrow to enter my giveaway for a chance to win a copy of Promises to Keep!


I thought we had watched Marcella on Netflix but then I realized we had not so we have been watching season one and it’s very good. A serial killer returns, it’s British, it’s good.

Will you all be watching the Oscars tonight? I’ve not seen any of the movies but it is usually a fun event to watch. I’ll give it a go and if it doesn’t do it for me I will watch Fear the Walking Dead which I still hope redeems itself.

Grateful for:

  • Service opportunities. More on that later.
  • So grateful that the pup is not allergic to bees. She stepped on a bee again on one of her walks and instantly thought I did something to her which is so weird. She has since forgiven me.
  • Antibacterial anything. Something bit my hand after some yard work. It got infected. I am self-treating it but it’s turning a corner. Thankfully.

What are you doing today? What do you have going on this week?

19 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: The Month Go-Eth”

  1. Garden bites are not fun. You’re never sure what bit you, if you should be worried, and exactly the best course of treatment, so I’m glad it’s getting better.

    1. Must have been a spider bite of some sort. It took a turn for the worst and then got better so I am just keeping on top of it. It’s going to leave quite a mark though.

  2. I think I have a copy of Good Neighbors – not positive but curious now to check it out. I don’t need a lot to make me happy either. I use to love to travel and shop, shop, shop but, not important that much any more. I still like nice clothes but but fewer things these days. I don’t plan to watch the Oscars as I haven’t seen any of the movies. Hope your week goes well.

    1. OH MY, Ii just checked out Good Neighbors and realized I had read about 10% and STOPPED! I didn’t write it off as a DNF, but I wasn’t invested enough to continue at the time.

      1. Interesting! I have never given up on a book so quickly. It just seemed so chaotic in those first few pages and I was feeling blue and was definitely not in the mood to piece things together. The character list and neighborhood map should have tipped me off that there would be a lot going on.

  3. 12 years is a long time for the same haircutter! It seems sad she is done with her business & did not say. I will be watching the Academy Awards. I hope it has some entertainment to it. I’ve seen like only 2 films of the main Best Pic category. Oh well. Enjoy your week.

    1. Twelve years is a long time. That’s why I was so surprised that she had zero intention of ever telling me that she was done with the business. I waited because openings have been rough here but after months and months and my hair being a good four inches longer than it was the last time she saw me, I contacted her. It was a very strange interaction to be honest.

      What did you think of the Oscar upset that rocked the Internet?

  4. Your poor poochie…that must have hurt. I hope she is ok.
    I haven’t read anything this weekend. But I did make my video for the Literary Hill BookFest! It’s live on their website already. I hope I look and sound OK

    1. I found your video because I wanted to check it out. You sound fine! You looked a little nervous. Were you? I tend to be very self conscious if I can see my own screen. LOL.

  5. It’s funny you mention that your hair stylist ghosted you. A friend and I went to the same stylist, and she ghosted both of us. My friend had gone over 20 years, but I had only gone to her for 3.No text, call, nothing. So weird.
    I found another quickly, but just knowing we had a little bond kind of hurts. I can’t imagine going to her for 12 years and no call tho.
    Life has truly changed us all thru this!

    1. It is very strange to say the least and yes, if I admit it it made me a little sad. I was in a funk all day because of it. The last time I saw her for a cut was right before the second shutdown and we were both so worried about catching COVID because we both have some health issues. I had no idea I’d never hear from her again.

  6. Farewells have been so weird during the pandemic season. Not the same thing as what you experienced, but any time a colleague leaves our time (and we had a fair share of that during the pandemic season), saying bye just feels different. Almost like nothing is really changing. I wonder how the people who are leaving feel.

    I’ve not read anything by Jenny Lawson yet and have heard mixed reviews of her book. Still, would like to sample one of her works.

    1. In regards to Lawson’s books. I think her writing is best taken in small doses. She is very blunt and if you tire of self-deprecating humor then you will not want to blow through her writing. However, I needed to get on with my reading so I did just that and was happy to have read something by her and that it did make me laugh when I was feeling blue about other things.

  7. I agree with you that time is flying again… March seemed to last forever and it seems like April only had two weeks! I’m also right there with you on the pandemic teaching me what is NOT important in my life. Now, as we get back to “normal”, is the perfect time to act. There are some things that just won’t be returning to my regular routine.

    We didn’t watch any of the awards last night. Nomadland was the only one of the movies we have seen!

    1. I watched a little of the Oscars here and there. I was curious how they were going to use Union Station as the venue. It was beautiful. However, the ending was quite the talk of the town when the best actor award went to Hopkins and the show just ended since he wasn’t there. They usually end with best picture but they changed it and it was just weird.

  8. I had to spurn my hairdresser, and that was very hard. She walked me into my natural gray hair, and that was a blessing. But she didn’t take any safety precautions and I just couldn’t risk that.

    It’s hard for me to think that your daughter is graduating from high school. I think of your kids as being so young, but somehow they are almost grownup.

    I am completely in the mood for something light and funny. We read I Feel Bad About My Neck, and that book was enjoyed by all in my book club.

    1. When I last visited my stylist, it was just the two of us and she did remove or pull down her mask a couple of times thinking it’s just to the two of us. I sense that the retreat from business has to do with the restrictions and her not wanting to deal with them.

  9. It’s a shame about your hair stylist. I wonder if she was grieving for the end of her business or if she was embarrassed to call her clients and tell them she was closing shop. I’ve only been to one in Oregon a few times since we moved here, but when I recently called to make an appointment, I was told she had moved to a different salon. I didn’t mind too much since she talked WAY too much. She even talked to her clients who were waiting (pre-pandemic) in nearby chairs while cutting my hair. Very awkward! So now I go to one of the other stylists and am very happy with her. Hope you find someone you’re happy with.

    1. She was renting a chair from this one salon. She has changed salons before and I’ve just followed her. I did ask if she went to another salon and that is when she said she is not in business anymore. It was a strange conversation.

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