Whatnot – Week 19

My reading buddy.
My reading buddy!

Hello, friends! How are you all doing? It’s time for a mid-week check-in. I can’t believe I have been doing these What-Not posts for nearly five months. In the early days of the shut down, I started to write COVID quarantine posts but never published any of them because they seemed so depressing and we all had plenty to worry about as it was. What we needed was hope and something to look forward to. Later, as a means to just stay connected, since my reading tanked in 2020, I came up with these What-Not posts and now they are my favorite!

This morning I come to you vaccinated! Yes! I received my first dose of the Moderna vaccine yesterday. They did keep me longer at the hospital than most people because of my history with allergies but that is also why I chose to go to my medical provider instead of Rite-Aid like my husband did. If I was going to have an allergic reaction I wanted it to happen where medical professionals could deal with it. No worries at all. My next appointment is scheduled and now I am just waiting for my daughter’s group to become eligible. It feels so good to have things going in the right direction.

As you know I’ve been working from home but when it comes time for lunch, I set an alarm and then head to the couch for some reading time. The Otter Pup joins me every time and in fact, gets the couch all warmed up for me so that we are good to go when I get there. I read, she stares. I think she just loves the fact that I am in one place for a good chunk of time. Do your pets join you for reading time? I’ve always wanted to own my own bookstore and she would make a great bookstore pup.

In other news, I have been feeling that need to purge. Call it spring cleaning but it’s honestly been like summer here, 85-90 degrees. Very early for this weather but it has me clearing out a drawer here and there and I’ve been repotting a lot of plants too. For once, I have allowed plants to thrive to the point that they’ve grown and require new pots! Before the pandemic I was a horrible plant killer. I have been looking for really nice pots, either concrete or stone or some fun colors. Apparently a lot of people are planting now too because the pots I can find in-store are picked over and sad looking.

As for reading, I just started Promises to Keep by Nan Rossiter which comes out 4/27. I’ve reviewed all of her books on my blog and she is a joy to read. This new one is actually a follow-up to Promises of the Heart but prepare now by finding a copy of it because I will be hosting a giveaway for her new book soon.

Any weekend plans? I feel like going somewhere but not sure where yet. I’ve been a little stir crazy this past week.

18 thoughts on “Whatnot – Week 19”

    1. Six hours in I felt a wave of nausea and had to nap for a short time. That happened after I scheduled my post but that was it. Very short lived.

  1. First dose and no reaction — I call that a win. I hope your second dose is as low key. I’ve heard the second one is the one most are getting the reaction with (at least my friends who’ve had Moderna). I pre-registered as we’re opening vaccines to all adults next week. I hope I can get an appointment sooner rather than later, but that leaves my young daughter without one. I wonder when vaccines will be available for younger kids.

    1. The 16-17 age group can only get Pfizer so I am not sure there is a vaccine for younger yet. Moderna and JJ are 18+.

  2. One day, I will lounge in my favorite chair and read without interruption. But since I do most of my reading in bed or at lunch hour while actually eating, boo, I don’t look like I’m having fun when reading. It doesn’t help that the moment I lounge somewhere, my kids like to trounce all around me, so I have to give them the impression that I am not comfortable :eyeroll:

    Congratulations on your vaccine, now just a few more weeks for the second shot and also for the young adults to get in line. I wish there was some way to keep the under-16s safe as well, but it looks like it’s going to be just masks for now for them.

    1. I can’t wait for my daughter to get the shot because she is back in school. For her age, 17 she will only be allowed to get Pfizer when it becomes available to her group. I hope she can get an appt soon.

  3. I felt nothing. I’m beginning to think I got a placebo, or saline, or something! But regardless, I am grateful. In Arizona we had to defy governor’s age restrictions to get one.

    1. My husband said the same especially when he didn’t even feel the shot go in. Six hours later I was poopy but it was very short lived.

  4. Glad you are doing well after vaccine. My cat, Lucy is my constant book companion which means I can only do Kindle or audio with her on my lap LOL I’ve been purging closets -3 donated bags of winter clothes from me alone as well as many spring/summer shoes I know I won’t be wearing (a couple pairs were brand new:( It’s in the 60s here this week – love it and I was inspired to clean and fill the bird bath from winter even. Can’t wait to get some plants but, here we do that around Memorial Day.

    1. I just looked into my yard and noticed a gopher hole. This time of year, we go to war with those darn things. The destruction is unreal. It’s upsetting to get all your plants situated and then have those critters go to town on the lawn. We can’t use poisons here plus I never would just because I’d worry about someone’s dog getting hold of one.

      I forgot I had a lunch work meeting so my actual lunch will be delayed which means the pup is already on the couch waiting for me.

  5. My dog and cats love to sit by me when I’m reading, on the computer, or anywhere they can sit or lay beside me. Sometimes when I’m on the computer they get a little close to the keyboard and start typing for me. Sometimes they even hit enter 🙂

    1. My pup prefers it when I read on my Kindle. No page turns to jostle her. Once she gets settled there is no budging her so I have to make sure I am well hydrated and not hungry before I sit down.

  6. To answer your first question, my pets do join me for reading, usually Seamus, our older cat, but sometimes Alexandra, our younger one. And in answer to your other question, my plan for the first part of the weekend is to work (Saturday) and the second part of the weekend, I’m not sure yet but Kim is off this weekend so we’ll be spending more time together. So that’ll be good.

    1. Not sure what we will do this weekend. Things are opening including movie theatres but I am not fully vaccinated. I’d like to hit a museum but since capacity is capped it’s hard to make that work. I’m always okay with a nice drive and then picking up food somewhere but my daughter has had enough of that.

  7. Congrats on the vaccine! I felt the same way and was pleased to get my shot at a clinic run by our hospital so I felt in capable hands. My daughter gets her shot this month, which will feel really good.

    My dog loved it when I read on the coach. I think they like it when we just sit with them and they have their pack in one place.

  8. So glad you got vaccinated! And you feel okay. Did you have any reaction? My husband got the Pfizer shot on Friday, woohoo. But I’m still waiting for my first. Otter Pup looks like she gave you good support. Nice to have the pup close by.

    1. I received the Moderna vaccine. After the first shot, I felt great. Not even a sore arm. Six hours in I was so relaxed I nodded off. Woke with a bout of nausea that lasted 20 min maybe. That’s it. A few days later I was a little warm but felt fine. Hope #2 is uneventful in May.

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