Sunday Matters: Results

Sunday Matters

This week!! What a week it was. The blue wave that was predicted kind of happened but took its sweet time didn’t it? The demand for recounts, the calls for action, and the like, all predicted but still unsettling to say the least.

But the end result? Golden!! I spent all of Saturday smiling from ear to ear. It poured down rain and rainbows appeared. Plus, what a speech! It was so uplifting.

Right Now:

I have a coffee meet-up at 2pm with some friends (spaced out and masked). In the evening, youth group. Somewhere in between, maybe some reading. What I’ll read is unknown. Nothing seems to be grabbing me.

This Week:

I have that ultrasound on Tuesday but the pain is gone now. Of course it is. Wednesday is a holiday and then I am taking Thursday and Friday off to use up some vacation days. It will be a nice long weekend for me.

I’ve been working in the yard. Pulling out trees that keep blowing in. I love trees but trees in certain areas of my yard would block the view so when they blow in, I try to yank them early because once they take root it’s so hard to get them out. I’ve been expanding my succulent collection and added a few more cactus plants too.


I have no idea what to read lately. It’s all so boring. Haha.


I finished The Haunting of Bly Manor and it was a really good story.

I have my Hallmark Christmas show list by the TV and I’ve been recording the ones I don’t want to miss. Those shows are just so enjoyable and are good for the soul.

Grateful for:

  • Clean windows. I have a pretty nice view from my home workstation but the windows were covered in hard water spots. Out of sheer boredom and to get rid of my election angst, I cleaned them!
  • A quick trip to Santa Barbara to see my son! It’s the halfway point between San Luis Obispo and home so he met us there. It was a rare day because my daughter was also available and we even took the pup she she could see him!
  • Need I mention the election results? Yes. Yes, I do. I feel like a weight has been lifted.

I just feel so good. So hopeful. Hope you have an amazing week.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Results”

  1. Another way to look at it is that the votes already were there. They just hadn’t been counted…and are still being counted. Maybe we shouldn’t have been in doubt to begin with. It’s easy to say, though, in hindsight. Today, I’m staying (mostly) off social media and blogs (obviously, not all) and off (all off) news. I can’t focus either on reading still but I am going to try this afternoon. It’s actually supposed to get in the mid-70s here, which I know for you is freezing, but here that’s warm, unseasonably warm. So I plan on getting out for a short drive (not too long because still have the danger of hitting deer) or go to a park and read.

  2. Hope and relief is precisely what we are feeling here too. Finally, such good good news. I’m like I don’t even care about the next three months. A wonderful period to look forward to from Jan 20. Woohoo!

    I didn’t read anything this past week but now picked up some good books.

    1. I am a tiny bit concerned about the legal battles he is attempting to wage. Doesn’t seem like there has been evidence of wide spread anything but I’ll be happy once Biden is firmly in place as Pres.

  3. So happy about #46 and yes OMG I loved what Biden/Harris had to say last night.

    I’ve purchased been washing Windows as well and purchased some new curtains which are making me so happy. My reading has been off a bit but, it’s been in the 70s for 5 days and that makes me want to open windows and be outdoors.

    Enjoy the week! Good luck with ultrasound!

    1. We listened to the speech while driving back from Santa Barbara and we just could not stop grinning.

      My reading. I can probably focus now so I shall pick a book today.

  4. I had some great weather this weekend and was attending the Jane Austen Fan Fiction Get Together of writers and readers. Odd without the tea and scones and other social fun, but Zoom was better than nothing. But I missed a lot of Saturday when we had to take Kat to her first swim meet — virtual one in which her teammates and her raced each other, while the other team raced their own teammates in a different pool. The results will be tallied and we’ll see what the team results are later. It will be a long scoring process but it was quick for our swimmer because her races were shorter with fewer people.

    Sufficed to say, no reading here this weekend and not much writing either.

  5. The election results are fantastic! What a relief. Now we just have to survive the next 2 months until he is really gone.

  6. I am SO relieved! The speeches last night were a breath of fresh air… Biden/Harris will inherit a mess for sure, but I feel hopeful. Haven’t read a thing all week… maybe that will change soon. Gearing up for a tropical storm tonight (so late in the season!) – all furniture, grill moved indoors… ready for wind and rain from Eta. Fingers crossed.

    1. How did you fare with Era’s wrath? This week is infinitely better mood wise but I still can’t concentrate. I keep seeing flashes of headlines and they are bothersome.

  7. I am so glad we finally got the results — the waiting was killing me. I haven’t quite FELT IT yet, maybe because I’m so much in the habit of finding all the news terrifying and demoralizing. But what a huge relief.

    1. The fact that the results are being challenged doesn’t help. I just want to feel normal again. Is that possible? I had one full Saturday of smiling and now I find myself wanting to pace the room again.

  8. Glad you all got to meet up and I love that you also too the Otter Pup!

    I’ve been in a reading slump most of the year. Right now I’m listening to Channel Kindness: Stories of Kindness and Community by Lady Gaga and it’s keeping my attention. I’m loving the stories.

    Praying your ultrasound gives you good results!

  9. Saturday was a happy day. 🙂 I think we all needed that bit of good news. I felt such a sense of warmth listening to Biden and Harris speak Saturday night. For years now we have only had 45’s words of hate and division, and to hear our new leaders speak of coming together . . . I know it won’t be that simple. I’ve read and seen the conspiracy theories and vitriol out there. It won’t be easy. But it does give me hope.

    I hope the ultrasound goes well for you tomorrow!

    Have a great week, Ti. Enjoy your time off!

  10. Ti, I agree completely. I feel like a great weight has been lifted. I feel like I have been starving for words of hope…and now, finally, I am being fed.

    Hope the ultrasound goes well for you. I hope your time off is enjoyable.

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