Review: You Can’t Catch Me

You Can't Catch Me

You Can’t Catch Me
By Catherine McKenzie
Lake Union Publishing, 9781542019033, June 2020, 335pp.

The Short of It:

If you enjoy cat and mouse type games, then this might be a good one for you. Not sure I was in the right mood to read it.

The Rest of It:

Jessica Williams escaped a cult more than a decade ago. She attributes her rescue to a detective with whom she still keeps in contact with. This is convenient because at an airport bar, while waiting for her flight, a young woman sits next to Jessica and asks her if she wants to play a game. Why not? Enjoy a few drinks, a little bit of banter. Whatever helps the time pass.

Except, this young woman is also named Jessica Williams and shares the same birth date as Jessica #1. Weird, right? Once they finish their drinks and part ways, Jessica #1 quickly learns that all her money has been taken from her bank accounts. That game that they played pretty much told Jessica #2, everything she needed to know to go online and wipe her out.

When Jessica #1 shares this information with her long-time detective friend, they decide to go after her and find that she’s left other victims in her wake.

This story was just too convenient all around. No one would be that gullible. Okay, Jessica #1 was in a cult once so perhaps she was the level of gullible needed to play a 20 questions like game that pretty much tells the world who you are. But it seemed all together too easy.

There is a lot of chasing fake Jessica around. I quickly tired of this because I just didn’t buy the story as a whole. It wasn’t suspenseful in the way I expected it to be. Overall, it was disappointing. Instead, I recommend her other book, Fractured.

Source: Review copy provided by the publisher.
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