Fall Tracking – Week 4

In Southern California, you could say that the change in seasons has everything to do with the quality of light. It’s hard to capture with my phone but there is this golden quality to it that is so inviting. I love it in the early morning, when this photo was taken and right before dusk.

If you look closely, that tree that blew in, is beginning to change color. Last year it just appeared out of nowhere and was on fire with its reds. I have no idea what kind of tree it is but it will turn a very startling shade of red for about three days and then poof… it will disappear again when the leaves fall off.

Today the Otter Pup and I took an extra long walk around the neighborhood and it felt so good. A nice, walkable 60 degree morning.

Are you starting to plan for Thanksgiving? My son applied for a new job at a museum so I am not sure what Thanksgiving looks like yet. Obviously, they won’t be open that day but the days leading up to it and the ones afterward, could pose a problem.

I hope you all have a good weekend.

5 thoughts on “Fall Tracking – Week 4”

  1. Can you take a close up photo of the leaves on the tree? Maybe one of us can identify it for you. I love the light in autumn, especially that golden hour before sunset. No plans for Thanksgiving this year due to COVID and my husband’s surgery that week. Not knowing how he’ll be feeling and if he’ll even be home from the hospital, I can’t plan on a traditional meal. Maybe I’ll do a turkey the following week. We’ll just wait and see.

    Have a good weekend, Ti!

    1. I took a photo and used Google Lens and it told me an Ash tree but the leaves don’t look quite right. I will take a close up and share soon.

  2. Nice light this time of year! & love your backyard too. We had Thanksgiving here in early October and my husband cooked a turkey which was very good. Hope you can all be together there.

  3. It would be cool to see the leaves up close.

    I love the tree colors of fall, but I prefer milder weather or even summer weather. 🙂

    We have those of us in the house that we have Thanksgiving with, but I usually invite Anna’s family too. Not sure if they will feel like joining us given the COVID. I will leave that up to them.

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