Sunday Matters: Back to School (Not Really)

Sunday Matters

The high schools in my city start school this Tuesday. They will be online for the first five weeks and then the district will determine if they can return to campus in a limited capacity. We haven’t gotten too much information yet and no textbooks but as of today schedules are still being finalized so that probably makes sense.

This year “back to school” feels so different, doesn’t it? I was at Walmart the other day and the aisles of back to school supplies are usually packed with parents but those aisles were empty. Totally empty. I’m glad they are starting online though because they weren’t ready to head back to campus.

Right Now:

Not much going on at the moment. We will watch church online and just relax I think. I’d like to grill something later. Grilling always sounds good but then I never know what to make.

This Week:

I took last Friday off to visit the botanical garden and I have this Monday off too. Nothing exciting planned because my daughter has her last driving lesson scheduled for Monday afternoon. I will be very glad to have those lessons done with. We are behind because the driving school closed for nearly two months but they extended us, thankfully and so we are cramming it all in.

School begins on Tuesday. She is a senior. Wow. Some of you remember when she was pretty little.

The rest of the week is filled with virtual dance classes and just random stuff.


I read and reviewed The Boy from the Woods. It didn’t work for me. Sadly. I am a huge fan of Coben’s TV shows on Netflix but I don’t know if it was just this book or what but the style didn’t appeal to me.

My next book will be In a Dark, Dark Wood. I lost my library copy on my Kindle because I accidentally turned WiFi on but I found a used copy at the bookstore. Both the Coben book and this one are on my summer reading list so I am doing well this summer with that! I only have two more books to read on that list and although it’s August it still feels very much like summer so I have time.

Is anyone thinking about the R.I.P. Challenge yet? September is coming. I hope it happens.


I’ve been watching reruns of things like Seinfeld and Roseanne but I saw a teaser for Ratched and it looks so good. Remember Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest? American Horror Story’s Ryan Murphy is the creator. It comes out 9/18.

Grateful for:

  • I’ve tasked my husband with cooking at least one meal a week because I am so tired of planning and cooking meals. He cooked his first one and it was really good. BBQd chicken, corn, asparagus. Extremely grateful for the break. He will make Taco Spaghetti next!
  • My daughter was offered direct admittance into Rider University’s BFA for Musical Theatre. This happened right after the intensive. She is still considering many schools but it’s nice that she is already accepted somewhere without an audition!

I am trying to focus on losing (sadly) the fifteen pounds I’ve gained since March. Trying to eat more whole foods and less wine. Ugh. Anyone else with this problem?

12 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Back to School (Not Really)”

  1. My youngest granddaughter is a senior this year (OMG). Time goes by so fast!

    I watched the the first Taken movie a few days ago and LOVED it so I’ll be watching the other two soon.

    We really liked the Taco Spaghetti I made last week, I hope you like your’s too.

    Have a great week and stay safe!

    1. The taco spaghetti was a bust for us but only because we had to use gluten free pasta. If we made it again, because the taste was good, we would cook the pasta first and just add it to the meat mixture. We did the one pot thing and it just became gluey. My husband was kind of upset about it but we even adjusted the water to allow for the GF pasta and it still came out like oatmeal. LOL.

  2. Can’t believe your daughter will begin her senior year? Who said all these kids could grow up? Ha! Glad she got an acceptance – more to come I’d expect. Hope you enjoy In A Dark Dark Wood. I liked it a lot. Enjoy your time off tomorrow. As to the 15 lbs. – baby steps, one at a time, it’s all good, remember it’s a lifestyle….yada yada…ha! Seriously, I totally understand and the lifestyle part above is totally true.

  3. One of my friends went to a clothes store. The store doesn’t let you try on the clothes, so she picked out some and brought them home. Nothing fit! She said she didn’t even realize she’d gained weight.

    Congratulations to your daughter. Yes, I remember when she was little. In fact, I still think of her as such.

    Glad you’ve gotten your husband to join in with the cooking without too much trouble. There’s such a lot to do.

    Have a good week, Ti.

  4. Congratulations to Emma on her direct admittance to Rider University’s BFA Musical Theatre program. Way to go Emma, this is awesome news 👏👏👏

  5. I can’t believe your daughter is a senior and she has her first college acceptance! Congratulations, it feels so good to know someone wants her and she has somewhere to go next year. Whew!

  6. The high schools in my city (Charlotte) are not going to do the school year the same. Difference between public and private schools. Some schools in Charlotte are K-12 schools. CMS is going all virtual. But small schools like Fletcher have a better chance of bringing back all their students.

  7. This morning we did the whole stand-outside-for-first-day-pictures and put up a banner welcoming my daughter to 4th grade. My husband even made her a little name tag so she’d know where she would sit (as if she didn’t know already). Trying to make it fun and keep some of the traditions. I think her first day today has mostly gone well. We had some technical difficulties with her chromebook and she ended up having to use my computer. One of the assignments the teacher gave the kids doesn’t have the necessary approvals yet, so no one could access it. Minor things in the scheme of things–and expected. I hope your daughter’s first day (and week) goes well!

    I hope you have a great week, T! Enjoy In the Dark, Dark Wood.

    1. I see a lot of first day of school photos, even at the high school level. I tried to take one of my daughter since it’s her senior year and all and she flat out refused. I tried. She only has electives today and then she and her friends are going to the beach. Niice.

  8. Wow she’s a senior! Hope she has a good start to school (despite it being online). And oh my, Nurse Ratched! Looks like a fun & crazy show.
    I’m not sure I’ve gained anything … but there’s enough anxiety around that I can see it happening … and worry about when I have to go back into quarantine after I fly back. Trying to manage my parent’s care at the moment which is anxiety packed …. and it sure is hot in Redlands. But I’ve liked being here too. Have a great week.

  9. Hard to believe she’s a senior! I’m so glad the intensive worked for her and she got an automatic acceptance. What a wonderful thing. I hope you had a great week. I was off for staycation and stayed off blogs for about a week.

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