Sunday Matters: Nearing the Finish Line

Sunday Matters

I know that “I” am not the one taking summer school classes but every day I am reminded that these classes are in progress and it just doesn’t feel like summer at all right now. THREE more days for one class. A few more weeks for the other and fall registration is August 2nd so there will just be a couple of weeks to decompress.

Right Now:

We attended church on Thursday so maybe a trip to the bookstore is in order and then a trip to find some cool wine glasses.

This Week:

I decided to sandwich my July 4th holiday with a day off before, and a day off after, therefore making my one day off a glorious five days off. I want to do all the things. We don’t head anywhere for fireworks because of our pup. She is fine with them as long as we are home but my daughter is going to the beach with a friend. Not sure what my son is doing. We will just hang here and cook something good.

For those other days, I plan to use at least one of them to declutter my house. I know! I am a freak but this calms me and I can’t relax when my house is in a disarray. For the other days, no big plans but I just want to get out and do things.


Earlier this week I posted my plans for summer reading. If I read those books this summer I will be happy. Plus, I am reading The Scent Keeper right now. It’s slow-going but not because of the book. Just a little sidetracked with home stuff and yes, that school stuff and keeping my daughter on track.


What will you be watching on July 4th? Movies? I will for sure be watching Stranger Things! I am so excited to finally have some good TV to sink my teeth into.

Unfortunately, the Bachelorette was on the other day and I made the mistake of watching an episode. I’m not hooked, and will not watch again but that one episode was like a crazy train.

Fear the Walking Dead is a snooze fest.

New Things I’ve Tried:

I’ve never used facial moisturizers religiously because of naturally oily skin but the elasticity of my skin is just not there anymore. I’ve been trying new things here and there and this moisturizer is one of them. Weleda’s Skin Food has quite a following. Go ahead. Google it.

It has made my skin so dewy. Plus, it smells fresh like herbs and yes, maybe it’s a smidge medicinal but let me tell you, a tiny dab makes my skin feel so good and my hands… like new. Can be used all over. Have you heard of it?

Grateful for:

I had a dental appointment yesterday and I am grateful for the clean bill of health. I’ve been spending more time on my teeth and it’s a good thing.

What are you up to today? What summery thing will you be doing this week? Concerts in the Park opens on Saturday with a Spice Girls tribute band but we are going to a BBQ at my in-law’s house.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Nearing the Finish Line”

  1. I will have to check out that Skin Food.

    Our nephew’s in town so we’re taking in a baseball game today. I’m not sure what the rest of the week will bring. We won’t go see fireworks but there will be plenty around us . . . for days. Honestly, it gets annoying after a while.

  2. I don’t think I have heard of that cream. But it sounds good. I don’t want to go anywhere. I am totally fatigued from this drug. If I lay down I fall asleep.

  3. I’ve never heard of Weleda’s Skin Food but I clicked the link and it sounds worth a try.

    I’m going with my daughter Tuesday to St. Petersburg for her job interview and well , I can’t go there without going to the beach.

    The 4th will be a cookout with my youngest son, my daughter and her family. Oldest son and his family are out of town.

  4. Enjoy your extra time off. Make sure you have burgers on the Fourth. At least, to me, that’s traditional Fourth of July food. And hot dogs. On the grill. We’ll be having with neighbors at picnic. That’s the summery thing we’ll be doing this week. Today? Reading blogs, including yours. Napping, done. Reading a book, next up.

  5. On July 4th we’ll by flying to Europe! I am really looking forward to it. Funny that you mentioned dental health. Once I committed to flossing every day, my dentist visits have been WAY better!

  6. Lately makeup and moisturizers seem to be making my eyes burn in the afternoon especially when it is hot out. I’m looking for a tear-free product – does this work for sensitivity like that?

    I got tons of reading done in June as I was in a bit of a funk and just felt like being home for much of the month.

    1. This cream. Well, my makeup ends up in my eyes and burns too but for some reason, this cream keeps the makeup from doing that. It’s a very strange consistency. Thick. A little dab goes a long way. There is also a lighter version. Users in humid clients say to use the light version in the summer.

      If you can get to a Whole Foods there is usually a tube open to use as a sample.

  7. Extra time of is always a good thing. I’m not sure what we’ll be doing since we have swim team events back to back for about 2 weeks as the end of that season is near. There’s also extra activities, like the 4th of July parade the team walks in and hands out candy and the fun cookie meet where all kids who finish get a cookie at the end.

    I am hoping to hear some of the free concerts in a nearby town, but we’ll see if we get there.

    1. I really don’t mind the cleaning but I just wish it could stay that way for me to enjoy it. Like today, I am at work and I am sure the house is a wreck while my youngest is home tooling around in it.

  8. Hi Ti, I hope you have a great 4th! Hope you are okay after the big Earthquake; my brother in L.A. informed us about it. Poor people in Ridgecrest, thinking of them. Hold on to Otter pup during the fireworks.

    1. My poor pup! Her Bday, the fireworks and the earthquakes were all too much for her. She doesn’t get crazy but she gets lethargic and sad. She was very nervous after the last earthquake. We were in Burbank when that one hit so it took us an hour to get home to her. She jumped into our arms and stayed there all night.

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