Sunday Matters: House Stuff

Sunday Matters

When I find myself with a little time, I typically use it to work on some aspect of the house. With two of us working full-time and so much of our time spent driving my daughter all over town, the house gets neglected. I sometimes wonder if this only happens to me. I have no trouble doing the laundry because that can be done in-between things but the little piles of junk that magically appear really drive me nuts. So, the rest of this month is going to be dedicated to taking care of that and getting things in order.

Right Now:

We are just making the most of our time off and soaking up this last day before we head back to work tomorrow. No big plans. Just rest.

This Week:

Since I took a few days off last week, I imagine my work week will be full. Maybe not. I don’t have anything else going on this week. Just running my daughter to rehearsal for Little Shop and really, that’s about it.


I really need to finish my current book so I can begin my next book, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark.


Stranger Things! I am not all the way through the season yet so no spoilers but finally there is something good to watch.

Fear the Walking Dead. It’s not great but I guess I am a loyal viewer because I keep watching.

New Things I’ve Tried:

At my local grocery store they were selling these pineapple chicken sausages and I used them to make a stir fry and just served it with rice. Super easy and delicious. What I really liked is that each sausage came in its own perforated package which made it easy to take just a couple out. I don’t know if you have them near you but they were great.

Grateful for:

Extra days off. Just a couple of extra days and I feel so refreshed.

What’s your plan for the week?

15 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: House Stuff”

  1. Other than looking to see if our local grocery store has those chicken sausages, I plan on working this week…six days in a row, but half of the days are 6 hours or under, so can’t really complain. Oh, Kim and I also plan on finishing up Stranger Things. We made it through Episode 5 last night and still hooked.

    1. I managed to watched episode 7 last night. I can’t watch the last one tonight though. It will have to wait until tomorrow. Very good and I have decided that the season is too short.

      1. I don’t think I will mind. Sometimes they just stretch to 13 because that is what Netflix series started with. But we’ll see. We’ll probably finish tonight. Game of Thrones, Season 8, though, was too short.

  2. I haven;t tried that brand of sausage but I have used Aidells brand from Publix a few times and they are yummy. I haven’t had a day to do anything I wanted in so long. I worked 16 days in a row and every day I’ve had off since then has been busy with stuff. I’m finally off again tomorrow but have to take a trip with my daughter and will hopefully get a few minutesat least to spend at the beach. I’ve been watching some really good movies and a sitcom that is hilarious. Glad you’re feeling rested!

      1. It’s a Canadian show that ran from 2004-2009 and was their #1 comedy during that time. It’s called Corner Gas and I’m watching it on the Amazon Prime tv channel.

  3. You are definitely not the only one, Ti. I really need to focus on trying to get stuff done in my free time. More stuff anyway. As you said, laundry is the easiest to keep up with. It’s everything else. . . Having extra days off is nice-and helps some, doesn’t it?

    I look forward to seeing the third season of Stranger Things too.

    The new dance calendar came out for the new season, which starts in mid-August. I wish they’d keep the schedule more or less the same year after year. I don’t know if this is normal or not for a dance studio. I just know finding classes I can get my daughter to with my work schedule can be a challenge. One thing I’ve appreciated about our studio is that I’ve been able to swing it–up until now. Mouse really wants to do The Nutcracker again, which requires certain classes. Only one of those classes is available at a time I can take her to on my current work schedule. I can see about switching my days off and continue with a 4/10. Switch to a 9/80 or 5/40. Anyway. I have two weeks to decide–and even see if a schedule change is a possibility. I’m also trying to think of the future because when the schedule changes yet again, I won’t have the option to change my work schedule again. You didn’t want to read all that. It’s been weighing on my mind though. It’ll all work out in the end. Somehow. 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful week, Ti!

    1. I can certainly relate to your scheduling issue. I have to juggle my work times to accommodate rehearsals. Most of the time they are set to two days a week but with this latest show she has rehearsal three days a week (at times) which has me constantly checking the schedule. And even when I think I have time to get her there, there’s a brush fire or an accident so then of course with traffic I get stressed out. This company is strict. Miss critical rehearsals and you can be out. Have you tried talking to your dance studio about more options after hours? Maybe there are enough parents who would be interested in a later schedule?

  4. I’m going to look for that sausage when I go grocery shopping this week! No big plans this week. Fingers crossed we can get the new bedroom carpeting installed… that’ll be a big win if it happens. Also hoping to finish City of Girls.

    1. New bedroom carpeting is pretty exciting! And yes, look for that sausage it’s so good. I am very picky about sausage.

  5. With two households now in one here, I’m constantly irritated by all the junk. There’s duplicate junk and an unwillingness to get rid of it. Drives me crazy. I wish I had time off last week, but I have a day off mid-week this week, so I plan to get a bunch of stuff done.

    1. I’m sure the additional household really puts you over the edge when it comes to junk. My daughter being home in the summer has shaken the household up because even though the house is somewhat put away when I leave, by the time I get home it’s like I came home to a different house. The pup is glad to have someone home though.

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