Sunday Matters: Easter Sunday and Rest

Sunday Matters

Happy Easter! How was your week? Mine was a struggle. Physically I appear to be falling apart. Strange joint pain. Kind of like the pain I had when they diagnosed me with lupus. But I have been negative for lupus for so long now. I really feel for anyone who has to deal with chronic pain because just a couple of weeks of this and I am totally wiped out.

Last week was prom so for those of you who want to see my daughter’s prom dress, here you go. She’s a sophomore but went with friends and had a total blast.

Right Now:

We attended Easter service last night so that we could all go together. Competing schedules are always a challenge in this house. That means my morning is wide open. Also, no high school ministry tonight so I can enjoy the evening as well. I wasn’t feeling “hammy” this week so instead of the traditional Easter ham, we are having steak and seafood. I am going to rest and watch TV and just hang around like a limp noodle.

This Week:

My daughter will be adding another show to her theatre resume this week (Little Shop of Horrors). Registration is Monday night. Auditions haven’t happened yet but I’ll let you know what she ends up with. Rehearsals begin AFTER Footloose so I’m happy about that.

The show my son is in, Bright Star opens this weekend. We have tickets for opening night. Can’t wait.


I am still reading Daisy Jones & The Six but also added the new O’Nan book, Henry, Himself.


I am working my way through Jesus: His Life on the History channel.  I meant to finish it by the time Easter rolled around but you know, life. It got in the way. The good thing is that The Hub is watching it with me. He really enjoys the historical aspect of what’s being presented. We are about halfway through it.

New Things I’ve Tried:

Vegan butter. I am not vegan but sometimes I just naturally move towards a plant based diet and when that happens I just go with it. I figure my body is trying to tell me something. Anyway, this brand of vegan butter is fantastic. It tastes like butter, spreads like butter and melts. Miyokos Vegan Butter is very impressive. I got mine at Trader Joe’s.

Grateful for:

My son was awarded a scholarship for college the other day. He has applied for several but we were happy to see one come through. Every bit helps!

If you celebrate Easter with a special meal, what will you be serving?

27 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Easter Sunday and Rest”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your pain. I don’t have chronic pain, but as you know (from my constant Instagram updates, especially yesterday) I am working on getting rid of pain in my left knee. This week was semi-rough for me, but is getting better. Hopefully it gets better for both of us.

    So you are having the steak and seafood! Awesome. I’m having ribs myself and resting and reading and just hanging around today too…like a limp noodle stretched out on my recliner, where I’m responding from right now with laptop appropriately in my lap.

    1. Because of the bees that came in through our fireplace on Easter, I got completely sidetracked and forgot the seafood! I served up the steak and immediately realized I had forgotten the seafood part. We will probably have it for dinner tonight! Other than the bees and my daughter having a stomach bug, it was a really nice day.

      I hope your knee improves. Part of my pain involved a knee popping in and out but that has stopped. It’s the rest of me that is still struggling. It has to be systemic. I really hope the lupus is not back. I don’t want to hit the doc yet because I am trying to increase my life insurance and the lupus from 8 years ago keeps getting me declined for an increase.

  2. Sounds like things for your kids are going well! Theater certainly does keep your whole clan busy, doesn’t it?! I am spending the weekend on the couch blowing my nose. Where does it all come from?! Happy Easter.

    1. You aren’t feeling well? I’m sorry or is it allergies? They are bad this year. My daughter got sick mid day and is home from school today so I hope whatever she has is brief because she can’t miss much without falling behind.

  3. We stopped celebrating Easter a while ago. Connor never got into it, Holly thinks the Easter bunny is creepy, and outside of Jim, no one is Christian. So it will be a regular day for us, relaxing and enjoying the weather and the fact that it is not a blizzard like last week!

    1. A regular day to rest and relax is no regular day at all. It’s an amazing occurrence. My day was going well but then the daughter started puking and a bee swarm entered our home through the fireplace…again.

  4. My hope is that you have a restful day…feel better and have a lovely dinner! You are probably exhausted just from your schedules! I could not imagine leaving my house on a Sunday night…and yet you do so often! We are having filets, mustardy roasted potatoes and asparagus for dinner. I made a key lime pie which is chilling in the refrigerator. We just tried a vegan almond whipped cream which was amazing! Happy Blessed Easter!

    1. We also had a key lime pie. Dinner would have been great had the bees not infested our house again from the chimney. I was so rattled from it that I forgot to make the other half of our dinner, the seafood half.

  5. Hope you feel better soon. My husband’s having some pain issues today, too — in his case, sciatica (I think) on top of his fibromyalgia. We’re not really celebrating Easter either. No special dinner tonight. Congrats on your son’s scholarship!

    1. I always wonder about fibromyalgia because besides inflammation markers, there really isn’t a test for it. My lupus doc used to bring it up now and then for pain that could not be diagnosed but they’ve never called it that. They tried to give me meds for it once to see if it helped but it didn’t so I guess they ruled it out.

  6. I’m looking forward to the new Stewart O’Nan book… am already on the library hold list. Think I’m pretty close to the top. Loved Emily, Alone and I think this one is connected to it. So sorry to hear about your pain issues and I hope they can be resolved before much longer. Our Easter dinner is small (just us and my FIL) but we’re still having the traditional ham. Hopefully you can enjoy a peaceful afternoon 🙂

    1. Our Easter day was lovely up until the bee infestation in our chimney which entered the house right at dinner time. BEES everywhere. The second time this has happened. My poor dog is so traumatized. I smoked them out but I am worried about them coming back today while I am at work. My daughter is home sick and won’t be able to handle it.

  7. Sorry to hear about your pain! I went to see Captain Marvel with my two sons and daughter in law. We all really liked it. Then we went to eat at Smokey Bones, we all love the food there. Congratulations to your son and I hope your daughter gets the role she wants!

  8. Oh no to a new pain! Doctors just seem to help much with chronic pain either. We had a horrible week and are glad it’s over with.

    Your daughter is lovely, as always.

    Happy Easter!

  9. I love your daughter’s dress. I am glad she had a good time at the prom. That must bring some relief that the new show will start after Footloose ends. I wish your daughter the best with auditions! Congratulations to your son on the scholarship!

    I hope you find some relief for the pain soon, Ti. Take care and have a good week.

    1. Thank you, Wendy. I sometimes have this pain after a bad food reaction but I haven’t had a reaction recently. I have more energy today but still limping around.

    1. Same. That is why I always recommend they buy the ebook and when they do, I am first on the hold list. LOL. This one I was lucky with because I got a review copy but I recommend a lot of books to the library and they buy nearly all of them.

  10. That’s wonderful about your son’s scholarship! Congrats. Your daughter looks so pretty going to prom, wow those were the days. How is the Bright Star show? All the best to you & your family.

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