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Sunday Matters: Easter Happiness

Sunday Matters

Do you remember Easter 2020? What a dark time that was! Andrea Bocelli had that concert which was live from the Duomo di Milano. It was so beautiful but it was eerie how deserted the streets were there, as they were here. I’ve included the link for it above. I remember watching it and thinking how he didn’t look well and many weeks later it was revealed that he sang while battling COVID. What a time that was.

Right Now:

Everyone is back at church now and can enjoy Easter services in person! We actually attended Easter service last night because I feared that the crowds would be too large today.

Today, we just want to take a long walk, put the food on to cook and have a nice dinner. It should be very relaxing.

This Week:

Nothing else matters this week except my first COVID vaccine appointment for this Tuesday! Finally!! I plan to go there, running and waving my arms all around in anticipation. I can’t tell you how happy I am that the day is finally here. My husband received shot #1 last Thursday. No reactions at all. In fact, his arm wasn’t even sore.

If some of you are having trouble finding an appointment, select Walmarts and Sam’s Clubs are now offering appointments as well. This is good since most everyone will be eligible come 4/15.


I finished We Begin At The End. What a book! My review posts tomorrow. Don’t miss it. The book is just too good.

I am currently reading Vera by Carol Edgarian. If I want to stay on track with my reading and posting, I need to finish this baby by Tuesday.



While browsing Netflix I came across a series called The Sinner. It’s a detective show featuring Bill Pullman. The first season is way out there and contains a lot of sex and triggering violence. About halfway through we were going to give it up because some of the scenes are very disturbing but at the same time, the story is so twisty and strange that you cannot for the life of you figure out why this young mother hauls off and kills someone on a public beach. Maybe the other seasons are less intense but we stuck with it and the ending was very good.

I heard on the news that Knives Out will have sequels, at least two and Netflix has picked up the rights to them. I really enjoyed the first movie and Daniel Craig has agreed to stay on.

Grateful for:

  • Bug repellent. Last year we had a horrible time with baby mosquitoes. This year, we’ve had hardly any rain but they are already out and already attacking.
  • Science. Need I say more?

What are your plans today?

Sunday Matters: Still Here

Sunday Matters

Like all of you, I am still here trying to maintain a sense of routine. The routine part hasn’t been all that difficult. Work takes up most of my day, then there’s the meal prepping. I have gotten really good at not wasting anything but my creative spark is fading now.

It’s Easter! Maybe not an Easter you’ve ever celebrated before but it’s kind of special, really. All of the commercial stuff has been left by the wayside and we are left to focus on the actual day. I’ve spent more time in the Bible the past 45 days that I ever have. It feels good.

Easter 2020

Right Now:

Our church has their Easter service online at the top of each hour, all day long. Our youth group is not formally meeting online so we can spend time with our families. However, I am very excited that Andrea Bocelli is streaming a concert from Italy on his YouTube channel at 10am PT. I can’t wait to tune in.

Later, a ham dinner courtesy of Honeybaked Ham. I tried to order online and all the meals were sold out so I visited the webpage for the closest store to me and they shipped me a meal!

This Week:

Work and book club (Zoom). I may attack a closet this week. My closet is just full of stuff I never wear. If it would stop raining, I’d tackle the outside sitting areas but it just keeps raining.


I am reading Just Mercy for a discussion. I should have read it last week to prepare but I was having a hard time getting into the mood to read it.

After that, who knows what I’ll read. I want fast, riveting, suspenseful reads. Maybe, The Lying Game by Ruth Ware.


For those who loved Tiger King, a new episode is being added soon. I have to say it was rather dull. I know a lot of people have been chatting it up and it’s a strange show for strange times. For sure. I was so bored by half of it though.

My husband has me watching car shows. Shows like Rust to Riches. It’s SO not me but I enjoy them. The craftsmanship that goes into each car, how they come to find the frames, and the business aspect of up-trading.

New Things I’ve Tried:

I can’t say I’ve tried any new products but I have tried every combination of food this past week that you can imagine. Getting creative with meals is a must in this new world we live in.

Grateful for:

  • Friends I’ve made through blogging and how they continue to reach out to me during this time.
  • As weird as some of our meals have been, we are eating. This pandemic has really bought to light how many in this country go without food daily.
  • As dreary as the rain is, it’s keeping people inside so that’s the silver lining there.

I’ve had a few friends this week share that they have loved ones who have been hit with the virus. I pray for them daily. I pray that their symptoms are mild. And even if you don’t believe in prayer, please let me know if you have anyone you are concerned about and I will still pray on my end. It can’t hurt, right?

I love you all and I hope you all stay healthy. Try not to let this get to you too much and if you need to talk, let me know.